U-M Players talk Social Media usage

Michigan football players discuss how they use social media to connect with fans or not.

CHICAGO -- Like many star athletes, Michigan starting quarterback Devin Gardner uses social media to connect with his fans. He uses Twitter and Instagram mostly to talk with his fans and in some cases to help them.

"I enjoy social media," said Gardner, who is heading into his redshirt junior season. "It such a great tool to help others. Some people are having bad days you can put something out there, you know, you can talk someone off the ledge maybe."

But sometimes Gardner gets weird requests from fans – specifically males.

"They always ask for my phone number," Gardner said. "I just don't know why they always do that. …I do not give it to them.

"It's usually guys, it's weird. I am all for meeting new girls and things like that. But it's usually guys. It's weird to me and I rather it be more girls or something. You would think the quarterback would have a lot girls asking him, right? Grown men, young men, kids, it's crazy."

Despite some of the weird requests, Gardner said he is still soaking in the celebrity that comes with being the starting QB at Michigan and the fan following that comes with it.

"It's kind of crazy – but I'm the Michigan quarterback," Gardner said. "So I guess I am supposed to have that many. It is weird that 35,000 people follow everything you say. Then you say 35,000 people are at least or going to see it."

All-American Michigan left tackle Taylor Lewan said he uses Twitter to connect with friends for the most part.

"I got a Twitter @TaylorLewan77 if you want to throw that in there," said Lewan, who is heading into his senior season at U-M. "But I don't like ah—I'm not big into social media. I go the Twitter (cause) all my friends got it."

With media members and fans alike watching every post on social media sites, Lewan said he is careful before posting anything on his Twitter feed.

"It's a tough deal," Lewan said. "I don't really say anything that needs to be critiqued or anything. I am more of, I don't really put passionate things up there. I kind of say what I am doing or I don't know, if I think something is really funny I'll say that."

Plus, Lewan noted that Michigan coach Brady Hoke always has a watchful eye on what his players post.

"He'll keep us in check," Lewan said.

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