Borges Likes Competition on O-Line

U-M Off Coordinator Al Borges talks offensive line competition, Fitzgerald Toussaint's Heath, freshman RB Derrick Green's added weight and more.***With Video***

ANN ARBOR -- Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges said there is a "good battle" for starting the center position early on in fall camp.

The co-favorites to win the job are redshirt sophomore's Jack Miller and Graham Glascow. While Borges wouldn't name a favorite, he noted that both are definitely in the mix.

"You got a good battle," Borges said. "Jack and Graham and Joe Burzynski too, has kind of jumped into the mix. So in two days who knows? We really haven't done anything yet that would warrant a hard evaluation. But both guys, particularly those two have shown up to play. And it's fun to watch."

The Wolverines will have to replace their starting guards this season too. Borges said he's not too worried about the athleticism of expected starters Kyle Kalis and Ben Braden, who are both entering their redshirt freshman seasons. He said getting them the experience this fall is his main objective.

"Yeah, we have two very athletic guards," Borges said. "Our biggest issue is experience, it's not athleticism. Those kids are powerful kids. And you throw Graham (Glascow) is in the mix too. Because Graham is playing some guard too. You got some big strapping dudes who can move. Their deal is going to be getting into some games. And maybe getting some turns and messing up here and there. But in terms of their ability to pull, and in terms of their ability to zone block and all that stuff …Physically they don't have any issues that way."

As far as a possible rotation on the offensive front, Borges said it's a possibility but highly unlikely.

"We try to avoid rotation on the line," Borges said. "but we never rule that out. Cause if there is a guy who shows up and deserves to play -- there is always that possibility. But our knee jerk (reaction) is to find five and get some chemistry and not mess with that."

Fitzgerald Toussaint's Health

"Fitz has fire in his eyes. Looks – I see no sign of injury. He is very hungry. Just out here, one thing about running backs it is not like the line – you get to see them cut even if it's not live or with pads on. And his stop and go ability looks to be right where it was. He has always been tough, that's not changing anything. His understanding of our scheme is obviously quite better than anyone else's cause he has run the ball more."

Derrick Green and his Weight

"We kind of watch and see if he is efficient at that weight," Borges said. "And if he is efficient at that weight – you don't need to drop weight. But if see he can be more efficient at a lesser weight – will ask him to drop weight. Derrick is a big guy. He's going to be a big guy, you know. But you know will find out if that is good weight or not within the next week or so."

Wide Receivers are looking Good

"Good, yeah, good so far," Borges said. "It's another position you evaluate better than the other ones. You know you are catching balls, running routes, you're not getting hit. But at least you can access – A: their ball skills. B: Their explosion, speed, you know, competiveness. That all shows up in what we've been doing to a degree. Our receivers have kind of picked up a little bit where they did in the spring. In the spring we were a little concerned about. We had a couple guys show up. So will see how they do in the lights. But so far, so good."

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