Wednesday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

GoBlueWolverine's Tom Beaver and Kyle Bogenschutz talk fall camp rumblings, positional expectations, freshmen that could see the field, 2014 and 2015 football recruiting, as well as some critical questions in Michigan basketball recruiting.


<offskooring> so what up with green kyle?

<parishcrew6> what he said...

<DSims34> injured

<kn212003> Kyle - On the BB front - class of 2015 - Jalen Coleman a done deal?

<DSims34> waiting for best guess list that is color coded

<tvc7511> Thanks Lindal! Back to Michigan, yeah what's up with Derrick?

<tvc7511> Jalen Coleman, I watched a ton of highlights on him this weekend.  I love his potential

<unforsaken> I guess Kyle is researching the answer to the Green question.

<KyleBogie> Nothing is confirmed right now.

<KyleBogie> Won't speculate

<tvc7511> I really want Chatman and Bluilett

<Dizzo> That's odd Kyle, it's not like Hoke and his staff to not comment on injuries.

<tvc7511> Kyle, what position overall do you see Kameron playing?

<parishcrew6> Hoke = "Derrock has a little booboo"

<tvc7511> I thought I saw Sam saying he could play some 1.

<Dameespacio2> RE:  Derrick Green, my understanding is Bopnoph10 is running some tests, very scientific, we probably wouldn't understand...

<KyleBogie> kn212003. I think Mihchigan gets Jalen Coleman based on more than my own opinion.

<kn212003> Anybody going to Fan Day on Sunday should get the 411 on Green

<KyleBogie> Dizzo. Come back from vacation and BOOM rumor running wild LOL. Hadn't even looked at my phone.

<BlueBMOC> Has the team started in pads yet?

<KyleBogie> tvc7511. Chatman is a 3 that could split some time at the off guard or even at the point if necessary.

<unforsaken> How has the secondary been looking thus far at camp, Kyle? Do you see any true freshman besides Dymonte Thomas playing back there this season?

<tvc7511> Thanks Kyle!

<KyleBogie> BlueBMOC. Believe full pads are thrown on later this week.

<DSims34> Friday is pads

TomBeaver is now a Room Moderator in michigan

<lindal2341> Hi, Tom

<kn212003> Kyle - Any chance Michigan gets any of the '15 Cali QB's or are they likely to stay out west?

<TomBeaver> HI GUYS

<tvc7511> Lord Beaver, what's up?

<offskooring> science, flove it

<TomBeaver> I think odds on U-M getting a 'West Coast QB are small ... they better have a big 'season this fall

<KyleBogie> unforsaken. I think the secondary is of little concern. One guy who is a wait and see type is Jarrod Wilson. Last line of defense, have to have confidence hin him. Based on numbers and how coach Mallory raved about Hollowell in the spring I don't see anyone other than Dymonte getting back there. Still early though

<tvc7511> The force is strong with you Lord Beaver!

<TomBeaver> I saw the tweet on Green too ... no particular reason to doubt it I'd say - but you can be sure Brady'll be asked at the next presser

<KyleBogie> kn212003. I had a chance to talk with and shoot a video with Brandon Huffman out in LA on Monday and he had some good things to say

about the 2015 QB's. Look for that tomorrow

<TomBeaver> IMO it's Fitz's job to lose anyway

<unforsaken> Thanks, Kyle. The secondary is the biggest concern for me this season.

<TomBeaver> anyway, 2 weeks is no biggie IMO, if that's the case. He could sit and learn

<KyleBogie> unforsaken. If I may ask, why?

<tvc7511> Mods, quick question, What are the exact measurables on Drake Harris? I've seen so many weights and heights on the young fella.

<TomBeaver> Drake -- I'd say a little over 6-2, and he's 180-190 ... he'll get alot stronger and up to 200+ eventually

<BlueBMOC> thanks Kyle

<kn212003> Tom - Was Malzone a "raw" prospect at camp when taking into account fundamentals, etc?

<tvc7511> Dang Beavs, a little over 6'2?

<TomBeaver> I'm not worried about anything on the D ... actually not that worried about O either. There are enuff pieces in place now, if they avoid TOs then they'll do well

<tvc7511> I want to see Kalis more than anyone

<tvc7511> He's been my favorite recruit since we snagged him from Ohio, Kyle your thoughts?

<unforsaken> Well Kyle, 1.Blake(best corner) is coming back from injury and we don't know how he will response. 2. Although we had a top rated pass defense, we play in conference who doesn't pass the ball much and was exposed against teams like NW and SC. Man to man coverage is a concern of mine.

<unforsaken> repond*

<tvc7511> Kalis will be a future All American in two years IMO

<unforsaken> respond*

<tvc7511> 6'5 302, nasty streak.

<tvc7511> such a big pick up two years ago

<TomBeaver> Haven't seen the Kalis nasty streak yet ... looking forward to it ... he's such a sweet kid

<BELLO> Is Wangler s player and is he committing soon?

<TomBeaver> Blake will be fine IMO, not worried ... IMO he took the year to watch and learn - there's value in that as well

<KyleBogie> unforsaken. Great points. I guess how I would look at it is you have a veteran in Grordon back there, without knowing for certan Countess

could be even better than when he was as a freshman

<thatdudefromkzoo> did the big news come out of state today like it was hyped up too by the sparties

<thatdudefromkzoo> ?

<TomBeaver> Wangler - IMO he'll commit soon ... he's not that big, he's a semi-smallish MIKE IMO ... he's a Desmond Morgan type I'd say

<Dizzo> Not sure if I read it here or elsewhere (or both), but Wangler is supposed to be visiting as early as tomorrow... don't see him visiting and not committing

<KyleBogie> Plus Raymon Taylor received valuable experience. I think Avery is limited in athleticism and speed but knows how to play the position and has

done it alot. Only concern from me is Wilson.

<tvc7511> This Curtis Blackwell stuff is getting out of hand, MSU fans are acting like they've just won the NC

<tvc7511> All of my MSU buddies are bragging out of control.

<TomBeaver> U-M wasn't interested in either of those kids, so matters not to me

<slush5> twitter makes it sound like Michigan will never get an in state recruit with Blackwell at msu now

<thatdudefromkzoo> did they get commits

<KyleBogie> BELLO. Jared can PLAY. Love the kid and always thought if he waited it out he could be in line for a Michian offer. Makes sense on and off the

field. He's gotten much bigger since last season too.

<TomBeaver> MSU got a coupla kids U-M wasn't after

<TomBeaver> *yawn*

<thatdudefromkzoo> nice

<tvc7511> Stallworth, wasn't he going to be a decent recruit down the line Beavs?  I saw his film and was impressed from being a '15 kid

<TomBeaver> could be, but U-M wasn't on him

<tvc7511> gotcha, thanks Tom

<unforsaken> I hope you're right Kyle. I know most people's concern is with the O-line, but our interior O-line(for the run) was not that great last season and I

think we should be better or at very least on par with last season o-line.

<TomBeaver> MSU NEEDS to get Detroit kids, and should scoop up all the ones U-M doesn't want ... that's their "National Recruiting"  always has been

<tvc7511> I thought Alabi had Tennessee as his leader after that article recently, but then I heard chatter about him going to MSU soon, confusing.

<KyleBogie> unforsaken. We'll all see ina few weeks! LOL. I don't think the OL can get any worse. Last year was a disaster inside.

<BELLO> So with Wangler, and potentially Hand and McDowell who is the final DB?

<unforsaken> Indeed, Kyle. lol

<TomBeaver> IMO the OL will be fine ... those young pups inside have a lot of talent

<tvc7511> Beavs, can you shed some light on the Alabi situation?

<KyleBogie> Agree, Tom. Should be good fits for what this team wants to do offensively too

<TomBeaver> BELLO -- thats a good question ... if Nicholson takes a pass, then IMO westphal

<TomBeaver> that's just a guess

<TomBeaver> Alabi -- well he's a guy U-M wants ... I don't think U-M has had a lead or anything

<tvc7511> I haven't seen Alabi play at all in person nor film..MODS can you guys talk about his game?

<TomBeaver> If U-M gets Hand and McDowell, that could discourage a '15 kid

<tvc7511> Hand, Mcdowell, and Taco!!!

<tvc7511> I love it!

<BELLO> I can live with that

<tvc7511> I want to see Strobel more though

<tvc7511> Strobel, with his size, I've been very interested in how his game develops

<TomBeaver> Alabi is good - IMO he's more an SDE than Rush ...

<KyleBogie> tbvc7511. Still a raw prospecct IMO. I'm looking forward to seeing him on the field this fall. In camps/non-padded rdrills, there's a lot to like about his potential. Good combo of sixze and speed.

<TomBeaver> Strobel has been moved inside, to 3-tech

<BlueFan31> On the injury front, OSU starting LG Andrew Norwell was carted off the field this morning with a leg injury.

<tvc7511> Ehh that sucks.

<unforsaken> I believe the difference between wins and losses will be the ability for our D-line to put a rush on the QB this season and the speed of our secondary.

<tvc7511> We need a pure pass rush.

<BELLO> I cant wait for a few years because I think POggi is gonna be good!

<tvc7511> I agree unforsaken

<tvc7511> Do you guys think Frank Clark will take a big jump?  I know Devin was talking about it.

<TomBeaver> Poggi -- I'm a wait and see guy there ... he has to get alot bigger and stronger

<tvc7511> I can't believe how much weight the dude has packed on in such a short time

<Dizzo> Hand + McDowell + '15 Jashon Cornell ==== no Alabi interest

<TomBeaver> Clark? Yes. All he needed was maturity and experience

<parishcrew6> I like what we have been hearing about Darboh...

<tvc7511> I LOVE that hit on Braxton Miller! I get pumped watching it with the band playing, while the defensive is running off the field

<TomBeaver> I'm not holding my breath on Cornell ... but Hand and McDowell satisfy me (and Taco - of coures)

<BELLO> He was good in the USA Game

<mattyc33> Kyle and Tom, if you had to guess, which freshmen will play this year on offense and defense? Not counting special teams... Obviously it's just a guess

<guthrie> The guy I think is going to surprise people is Godin.  I think he's going to contributte more than people would expect.

<tvc7511> Godin has great size

<TomBeaver> BELLO -- he had quickness IMO, but was small

<tvc7511> remeinds me of Van Bergen

<KyleBogie> I'm definitely a Poggi believer. He struggled in the game I saw him in last fall agaist Moeller but simply dominated at the Under Armour game. I think he'll have a productive career.

<TomBeaver> VanBergen is a good comparison for Godin -- good one

<TomBeaver> that'd be a goal for him

<Dizzo> I hope Poggi has a good career.. otherwise it's just not worth having a guy in the stadium named Biff.

<tvc7511> Love his passion and seems to play angry, (Godin)

<TomBeaver> Dzzo - o yes it is ... thee'll be a Biff Plaza at the Big House someday... That's a big time guy to have associated with the program

<tvc7511> Jeremy Clark, not this year, but in a year or two...I can't wait to see him develop

<tvc7511> 6'4 safety, love it;

gerrygarner has left the room

<guthrie> The thing that stood out to me about Godin from spring videos was how quick he is.  At his size, he was the first guy up at the snap of the ball on

multiple occasions.  Impressive.

<KyleBogie> Offensively: Green, Smith, Jones , Kugler, if healthy, Butt, Hill, Morris

<tvc7511> Godin was under recruited IMO...So many people look for potential and all.. 6-6 280

<tvc7511> Kugler will be a all american as a junior

<tvc7511> Im calling it

<tvc7511> My FAVORITE recruit

<tvc7511> many not all american, but if he pans out, all big ten.

<tvc7511> maybe*

<TomBeaver> If Miller earns the OC job, then we may see Kugler at OG first

<guthrie> kind of concerning that Miller hasn't locked down the starting job

<KyleBogie> Defensively: Thomas, Lewis, Charlton, Gedeon, Hill, Dawson (some of this could be special teams btw)

<tvc7511> Dude is nasty, having his dad being a NFL coach..great pedigree

<thatdudefromkzoo> who slides down

<guthrie> it could mean glasgow is just that good but my negative side doesn't see it that way

<mattyc33> Nice, thanks Kyle

<BlueFan31> Imho, Kugler has the most upside of any of our interior linemen that we've recruited in the last couple of classes.

<tvc7511> MODS, with Glasgow's size, what was his status coming out of HS?

<unforsaken> Just please don't put Countess back on Special Team, Hoke.

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31/. Kugler is a special player. Far advanced than most coming out of high school. I wouldn't be surprised to see him hit the field this

fall and lock down the center spot next year

<BlueFan31> unforsaken, EVERY TEAM plays their startes on special teams.

<guthrie> every GOOD team

<TomBeaver> Glasgow -- well I remember the twins in HS ... I don't remember what schools were after them

<Denali00> Kyle - out of Johnson, Grantham and Bolden..any preference as to which guy you'd like UM to sign?

<thatdudefromkzoo> Kyle what about booker, any news lately?

<tvc7511> The young Glasgow, just with him in the conversation to play and his size, it's hard to imagine him just not being recruited at a higher level.

<guthrie> i understand the concern about starters on special teams.  but special teams is so huge in detetrming the outcome of games that you need to have difference makers

<BlueFan31> Graham's brother had offers from Wyoming and a MAC school I think

<unforsaken> Not always Blue Fan, especially not your best players. (unless it is crucial situation)

<TomBeaver> guthrie - I agree with that 100% ... U-M just hasn't had good special teams in so long that we kind've discount them

<KyleBogie> Denali00. All different players. Grantham might provide the greatest blend of both skill sets. Bolden is a slasher/shooting/perimter oriented guy, Johnson is a rebounding, tough, hustele type that is developing his perimeter / shooting skills

<TomBeaver> (besides the punter and place kicker ... I mean the defensive special teams, and kickoff and punt returns)

<BlueFan31> Unforsaken, Bama, OSU, ND, all play their startes on special teams

<BlueBMOC> Hopefully Northfleet takes the reins and doesn't look back

<guthrie> our last game changer in special teams was Breaston.  That's a long damn time.

<KyleBogie> that dudefromkzoo. Nothing new and not surprising. One domino has to drop and then it'll get interesting. I still expect him to end up at


<thatdudefromkzoo> when was bulliet deciding

<TomBeaver> guthrie - yep ... and even he had just one good season at it IIRC

<tvc7511> Beaver, Chatman or Bluilett?

<TomBeaver> tvc -- Kyles the hoops experts, not me ... but I'd take either

<thatdudefromkzoo> welcome higbe!

<unforsaken> Not all the time, BlueFan. The only reason why Countess was out there against Bama is because we did not have "quality" depth to put someone else out there.

<guthrie> higbe, maybe you can be our inside source.  heard anything about Derrick Green getting hurt?

<KyleBogie> Bluiett is a more polished player right now. Will be able to score wherever he goes. Chatman is as versatile as they come with great length but

right here, right now, Bluiett is on another level.

<thatdudefromkzoo> when was his date to decide?"

<guthrie> Kyle, when do you think the big season this year will pay id   dividends in basketball recruiting

<thatdudefromkzoo> bye higbe!

<mazenblue21> sorry im late but any news on green?

<guthrie> is it realistic to think we could get Diamond Stone or zimmerman? seems like a pipe dream.

<Denali00> Kyle - PJ you think we have any shot at this kid? Thanks

<KyleBogie> thatdudefromkzoo. My attention is focused directly on Bluiett's next visit to Michigan. Could be the first or second game. There'll be so many

bball guys at the ND game that it might be best for Bluiett to come up the 31st and get as much 1-on-1 attention as possible.

<thatdudefromkzoo> Kyle do you have an idea of how many bball recruits are coming in for UTL2

<KyleBogie> Close the edeal

<TomBeaver> I'm told they have a shot at Zimmerman, that the family likes U-M ... we'll see of course

<BlueFan31> Guthrie chased higbe away!

<guthrie> i have that effect

<BlueFan31> lol

<thatdudefromkzoo> wow answered before I finished typing Kyle

<KyleBogie> guthrie. I think it already is. I think the extension Beilein signed is going to pay dividends as well. The kids they're after now have high er profiles than a few years ago at the same time, more options, more confusion, not bad for them to take their time.

<unforsaken> Hey Kyle/Tom, what is the scoop on Dillman from CA. Is there interest from Dillman in MI?

<TomBeaver> that the Zimmerman family likes U-M

<unforsaken> on MI?*

<mazenblue21> hard to believe football practice has already started...i still think we could be this yrs nd

<TomBeaver> Dillman - so far -U-M isn't on him hard ... they're thinking about it

<KyleBogie> Denali00. Ya know I think Michigan does have a shot at that young man. He is a special, special player. Look for Michigan to make his top 10 this month

<mazenblue21> tom am i crazy to think that anything less than 10 wins is a bad season (assuming gardner is healthy)

<guthrie> Kyle, is there any way you can impress upon some of the recruits that I'm growing impatient?  I'm pretty sure that will prompt them to commit.

<Denali00> Awesome!

<TomBeaver> mazenblue21 - it always depends on injuries, etc ... but it the key guys stay on the field, then I agree with you

<KyleBogie> thatdudefromkzoo. Tons have mentioned it to me. At least four, maybe more, top kids in the 2016 class from all over the country. All of the

priority in-state kids. The top 2015 targets, Coleman, Zimmerman trying to. Carlton Bragg wants to visit that weekend.

<guthrie> personally, i'm going to be VERY disappointed if UM loses more than one of ND/MSU/OSU.

<TomBeaver> heck they play 13-14 games now, so 10 wins ain't like it used to be

<thatdudefromkzoo> wow

<KyleBogie> unforsaken. Talked with Brandon Huffman. There is interest on both sides, believes Michigan wants to see more film as a lot of schools do

because he was hurt last year.

<mazenblue21> guth- i agree

<tvc7511> Beavs, with Funchess excelling in the receiving game, what do you see A.J williams doing this year?'

<Denali00> If Zimmerman and/or Bragg can make it in that would be huge.

<KyleBogie> guthrie. Texting their parents now! LOL.

<guthrie> then you can expect big news tonight, I imagine

<unforsaken> Tom/Kyle, if you can pick three QB's in the 15 class you like to see MI recruit the hardest, who would that be? And out of those three, who would you hope land at MI?

<TomBeaver> AJ -- well U-M'll use 2 TEs alot IMO, so he'll see action ... I bet Butt does too at some point

<KyleBogie> Denali00. Bragg is almost a definite. Harder for Zimmerman

<mazenblue21> rees at qb does not scare me with nd...especially since they lost eifert, reddick, and wood

<guthrie> Is Messiah deWeaver a '15 kid or '1 6=?

<BlueFan31> I know people don't like to hear it but we're still a year away from being a top 5 team. We will have more underclassmen in the two deep than any other team in the Big ten

<TomBeaver> '15 QBs ... well all we can do is follow Borges on that ... and he goes at a snail's pace ... very deliberate

<BlueBMOC> only thing that scares me about ND is their run D

<guthrie> I agree BlueFan

<TomBeaver> deWeaver is '16

<guthrie> and next year will be tough breaking in two new tackles

<MichiganNumber1> Who are top 5 in Michgian for 2015?

<mazenblue21> 31= not with our reason we should not be undefeated going into EL

<BlueFan31> the '10 and '11 recruiting classes were decimated by attrition

<TomBeaver> guthrie - Braden will move out IMO, to tackle

<KyleBogie> unforsaken. I think Malzone deserves a look, ins-state kid with good arm, Michigan family/fans. Josh Rosen is a tough pull but it sounds like he wants to leave the state of California which is good new s for Michigan. Haven't had a chance to watch extensive film on Kyle Kearns but I really like the intangibls he brings to the table.

<BlueFan31> Young players make mistakes unfortunately

<guthrie> hadn't heard that Rosen wants to leave Cali.  That's pretty big since everyone seemed to have him ticketed to Stanford.

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<TomBeaver> If U-M moves on Malzone, it'll probably be late IMO, in the fall after some games

<BlueFan31> Stanford may have angered Rosen by offering Ricky Town first

<kn212003> Malzone looked good in the State Champ game

<snotzzz> good evening everyone

<Denali00> Rosen wants to leave CA..thought he was lock, stock and barrel headed to Stanford or maybe Cal.

<TomBeaver> kn212003 - I agree

<unforsaken> Ricky Town committed to Alabama right?

<TomBeaver> I believe so, yep

<guthrie> Tom, have you heard any reason that UM doesn't seem to be going national for a '15 QB?  Or am I just not paying enough attention?

<thatdudefromkzoo> I am excited to Avery on the other corner this year, i like his experience and he has made some big plays for us.  not sure why he is not getting a ton of love.

<mazenblue21> if devin blows up like we think he will and with drake and campbell coming...we will look awfully attractive to top qbs

<guthrie> Or is Malzone that good?

<snotzzz> tom, sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but what is the injury to Green?

<BlueFan31> Sheriron Jones is another '15 QB who has mentioned hearing from michigan coaches

<TomBeaver> githrie - Borges simply moves very deliberately

<rounds> Unless we have some attrition, I don't see more that 10-12 scholarships for 2015.

<KyleBogie> guthrie. That's what I was hearing too, conversations I had on the west coast seemed to indicate that might be a bit overblown. WE'll see in

time, watch the kid will commit to Stanford tomorrwo LOL.

<guthrie> Well, there's always some atrtrition.  but yeah, it's gonna be a small class.  and personally, i like that.

<TomBeaver> Malzone - U-M isn't likely to consider offering him until after the season - or most of the way through it anyway

<tvc7511> Tom, I've talked to a lot of people about the comparisons between DeVeon Smith and Green.  Several people think later on in their careers, that Deveon might be the better back, what do you think?

<guthrie> when you have big class after big class after big class, that means you have too much attrition.

<unforsaken> I just hope we don't got back to the statues at QB.

<BlueFan31> Really wish Hoke would warm up to the idea of taking two QBs in '15

<Denali00> didn't Rosen kinda, sorta already have a top 5 or 6 that didn't include UM?

<BlueBMOC> agree guth, i think it's a good sign the 15 class is smallish

<TomBeaver> tvc - gosh, that's such a hypothetical debate ... Green is awefully talented

<mazenblue21> i never like signing 2 qbs in the same class...9 out of 10 ends up leaving and u r in worse shape

<guthrie> nobody has a top 5 that doesn't include UM.  It's impossilble!!!!

<thatdudefromkzoo> I hope they both are first rounders

<kn212003> Whatever a recruit tells Kyle, just think the opposite, we'll call it "The Fournette"

<BlueBMOC> hopefully green and smith end up like gurley and Marshall from UGA

<rounds> How is Chris Bryant doing?

<KyleBogie> Denali00. I was asked who Michigan should pursue or I would like themm to pursue! Still not over, they offered him.

<KyleBogie> LOL

<guthrie> I just hope both Green and Smith both stay.  I'm paranoid about one transferring if the other becomes the feature big back.

<Denali00> Do you think Darboh starts the season?

<tvc7511> Thanks Beavs, just wanted your opinion!

<rounds> Kyle, who will be our next bb commit?

<mazenblue21> i like what im hearing from would be nice if he returned to his 2011 form

<Denali00> Gotcha  :)

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Can't wait for a situation like that to happen again.

<tvc7511> Im getting so drunk for the opening game, seriously everyone don't be lame, how excited are you guys!?!?!

<KyleBogie> rounds. Trevon Bluiett.

<mattyc33> Lol tvc

<snotzzz> tvc, i got my tickets today and it was better than christmas morning!!!

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