Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

Monday's GoBlueWolverine chat transcript features plenty of info coming out of the Michigan football camp and Sunday's media day, FOXSportsNEXT Ohio Recruiting Analyst Dave Berk drops by to discuss Tyree Kinnel, Michigan commitments Michael Ferns, Noah Furbush, and more, and a few questions on Michigan basketball's top 2014 targets.

Monday's GoBlueWolverine chat transcript delves into plenty of talk coming out of Michigan football camp, FOXSportsNEXT's Dave Berk offers his thoughts on several Ohio products including Tyree Kinnel, Michael Ferns, Noah Furbush, and others:

<KyleBogie> One day closer to football season! Hello everyone, Happy Monday

<kn212003> Alright Kyle, let's hear it, is Derrick Green out of shape?

<kn212003> Kyle, get your eyes off Carrie Underwood on the CMA's and focus here

<KyleBogie> kn212003. LOL! Coming out swinging tonight! Saw him briefly during pictures yesterday. Look test, DeVeon Smith looks cut/more fit but they have different body types. He looks to be a few more pounds than he wants, but if he can move, doesn't matter

<KyleBogie> Doesn't Carrie look good! LOL. I also said from the get go, and coach Jackson reiterated it yesterday, he'll drop weight in camp (we'll see if the injury prevents that) and he'll drop some as season goes on so I think he'll end up around 230, 233.

<kn212003> She looks great

<BlueBMOC> agree Kyle, as long as he has vision and balance he will be more than fine

<KyleBogie> Come Big Ten season, and thinking about the way tis offense is going to do things, that extra weight, if still there in October, is OK, in my

opinion, too

<KyleBogie> Don't need guys going in there and getting hurt. EAspecially as a freshman.

<gerrygarner> any more hoops recruiting notes in regards to the upcoming visits of blueitt, booker and coleman? Still feeling like a commitment is likely from Coleman

<kn212003> Kyle - Do you think Maurice Hurst plays this year based on Hoke kind of pointing him out?

<JayMo4> So who is going to be the odd man (men?) out when it comes to RB snaps?

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. No definitive dates are set as of yet. Just had some conversations today regarding Bluiett, talking to certain people it does seem

UCLA is making a big time push to he and his dad. Will it make a difference? Time will tell. If he visits that first or second game, I'm still optimistic something

could happen.

<BlueBMOC> when is the "big" scrimmage, I know they have one every year, just can't remember when it is

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Good catch, I caught that too . I think they'd like to get at least one of the freshman in there for a few snaps, if ready, because

they lose Black and Washington. AND the guy I thought could play early, Henry Poggi, looked smaller than the linebackers yesterday so Hurst has a shot, in

my opinion.

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. On coleman, no reason to think otherwise right now...

<BlueBMOC> i can see Willie Henry getting some PT

<KyleBogie> Tom Strobel was another guy that Hoke really discussed and taked about highly yesterday. Seem's like he might be ready

<BlueFan31> Poggi looks like a definite redshirt. I can see why Bama wanted him as an H-Back

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. The talent is there, no question. I think Poggi will redshirt and add tons of muscle, come back next year looking like a different person.

<kn212003> Strobel seems like a small 3-Tech, but could definately see him on passing downs

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Strobel does need to add more weight, like him in passing situations too. If Q can eat up two blockers, could be nice in there.

<tvc7511> Ahh, I miss you guys!  I've been covering South Florida on their site with the internship, How have you guys been!?

<kn212003> I think the 1's when BTN was there (grain of salt) were Clark, Q, Strobel and Wormley

<tvc7511> I feel your busy schedule Kyle!

<BlueFan31> Miggy with another homer!

<KyleBogie> tvc7511. LOL! Prioritizing time is key. Don't know how our friend Sam Webb does it!

<BlueBMOC> miggy is on a tear!

<kn212003> Kyle - Sounds like you can go to the the Stadium Street bridge and get us some practice video ....

<BlueFan31> Before he was fired, Tressel was recruiting Strobel as a 3-tech.

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Yeah, I don't really read too much into the BTN stuff. If you rmember they said a walk-on (name escapes me) on DL was going to  be a breakthrough newcomerl last year or year before...LOL.

<kn212003> Strobel strikes me as the Rob Renes effort type of kid, probably more talent though

<KyleBogie> never played

<kn212003> How could you forget Chris Eddins

<tvc7511> I saw about Strobel, with his size and potential, if not this year, I expect him to blossom.

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Right! I forgot, nothing against him, but uhhh, that one didn't work out tfor the guys at BTN

<kn212003> Nor did the Frosh to watch Terry Richardson last year

<BlueFan31> TRich was having a pretty good camp last year. BTN guys weren't the only ones saying it. I just think Mattison is a little upset/disappointed that he hasn't added much weight in the last year

<BlueBMOC> can t rich return punts and kicks?

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. Have to hope a guy like Terry, a kid that can cover, can mature physically and keep hitting the weights to add enough next


<gerrygarner> Any feel on Jaylen Johnson?

<tvc7511> I think T-RIch will eventually transfer IMO

<tvc7511> He has a lot stacked against him.

<KyleBogie> BlueBMOC. My opinion, just too skinny right now to hit the field in a serious capacity.

<KyleBogie> tvc7511. Too ealy to say that.

<KyleBogie> early*

<tvc7511> He's a sophmore right?  They didn't redshirt him?

<tvc7511> I'm just making sure

<Wuhanwolverines> any word or update on D Green injury

DaveBerk has entered the room (hostname: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX)

<kn212003> I think Freddy J slipped and said it was an ankle on D Green

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. I think Jaylen and his mom like Michigan. If they didn't, and didn't want to hear more about what Michigan has to say, Johnson

would've committed to MSU by now...

<rounds> Johnson doesn't seem like a Beilein type of 4 to me.  Am I wrong?

<gerrygarner> He's got the versatility though, not a great shooter, but looks to have a lot of upside

<tvc7511> Johnson oozes with potential.

<tvc7511> Doyle is a 4 year guy, who will grind in the post, extremely long arms, where Johnson might not be done growing, hes still 16!  So athletic.

<KyleBogie> rounds. I think from a fundamental standpoint and footwork standpoint, he'll be behind when he arrives at whatever college he goes too. His mind knows what he wants to do, feet and hands need to be taught to catch up. Can't teach his rebounding ability though, his toughness, his work ethic.

<tvc7511> Johnson has put together a very impressive offer list.

<KyleBogie> lOOK at what Beilein did with Mitch. I could see the same type of progress working closely with Johnson.

<tvc7511> Pitino told Johnson that he's their number #1 they're going after right now.

<KyleBogie> tvc7511. Grain of salt. A lot of coaches say that to SEVERAL kids...

<gerrygarner> I saw that article too TVC, hard time believing that with Trey Lyles at the same position.

<tvc7511> Kyle, didn't he give Zimmerman a run for his money when they matched up?

<tvc7511> I guess it's the recruiting pitch these days, Lol!

<kn212003> Dave - Any news on the Justin Hilliard front?

<KyleBogie> tvc7511. Johnson held his own but didn't dominate or win the match-up out right, in my opinion.

<tvc7511> Cool, thanks Kyle!

<DaveBerk> Hello everyone, I don't see Hilliard being in any rush. Last time I spoke with his father, he said they will be looking at many programs

<gerrygarner> Do you think Beilein would take Jalen Coleman who is somewhat of a combo guard and possibly pass on a PG in 2015?

<KyleBogie> Dave!! Welcome!

<DaveBerk> Hello Kyle, thought I would stop to see if anyone had any Ohio questions

<BlueBMOC> do you see the kids from glenville making an officialvisit to UM

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. I think if they bring cOLEMAN into the fold that becomes a real possibility. My biggest cocnern, and it might be the same for the coaches ast some point, is that a truly ELITE PG in 2016 would look at others if they take on in 2015

<rmf21218> Dave when do you expect Tyree Kinnel to make a decision?

<KyleBogie> And that is not just my opinion on the PG istuation, I have asked parents that question , flat out.

<kn212003> Dave - I see Damien Harris is recruiting George Brown on Twitter, any Michigan interest there?

<DaveBerk> You never known with Glenville kids, but right now I would not be surprised if one does

<rounds> Dave, can you remind us who UM is strong with as it pertains to 2015 kids?

<tvc7511> Back to work, have to call a few guys on the recruiting front here in FL, thanks again Kyle!  I'll direct message you later, wanted to ask you a few things!

<BlueBMOC> I forgot, does glenville allow kids to take visits during the season?

<gerrygarner> Thanks again Kyle. In your talks with Jaylen Johnson, did you ever get the impression he grew up a Michigan fan being so close to Ann Arbor?

<DaveBerk> Kinnel and his family very high on Michigan, would not be surprised if Kinnel makes an early decision

<KyleBogie> Dave, you would appreciate this, at team pictures yesterday they split the team up by state, all of the Ohio kids, and Michigan kids. We all know how much Michigan is emphasizing Ohio, but to see all of the talent together, pretty remarkable.

<DaveBerk> I'm not sold on George Brown

<bluemoonrising> Dave-next yr we're light on schollies. How many--about-- for Ohio?

<BlueFan31> Dave, in your opinion, is Kinnel is a corner or safety at the next level?

<rgarg1> Dave..which 3 Ohio kids this year are 'steals'.  Is Furbush one of them?

<SonofJorEl> Dave, latest on Shaun Crawford?

<DaveBerk> Michigan had done a great job in getting Ohio kids, lots of talent there.  They took a stinker here and there, but over all did very well

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. Off the cuff, asked him that in LA, said "they're the hometwon team."

<KyleBogie> I got the impression that yes, he did

<DaveBerk> Right now I see Kinnel as a safety, he's thick

<rgarg1> Dave...Is it true Ohio HS coaches really like Hoke...even the ones with Pro OSu feelings?

<DaveBerk> Furbush will be interseting to see at the next level.  Level of competition will be a change, but the kid is a hard worked and tough

<KyleBogie> For what it's worth, Dave has seen Kinnel a lot more than I, but I agree that he looks like a safety.

<rmf21218> Will Kinnel be a 4 star guy in the 2015 rankings?

<DaveBerk> bluemoonrising, asking how many UM looks at taking from Ohio?

<DaveBerk> I don't have a latest on Crawford at this time.  sorry

<bluemoonrising> Dave-No, next yr for oSu--how many schollies will they have?

<DaveBerk> rgarg1, yes, Hoke is from Ohio and many do like him a lot from what I've been told

<DaveBerk>   Have a feeling Kinnel could be a 4-star guy, everyone will know soon

<kn212003> Dave - Does the QB from Trotwood favor Michigan at all?

<DaveBerk> kn212003, kid has heard a lot about Michigan with several T-Wood kids having gone there.  I would say he has high interest.

<DaveBerk> Right now it looks like OSU and Mich both will have smaller classes

<rounds> Kyle, what are you hearing about the first few days of camp?

<KyleBogie> rounds. Some things I've gathered. The OL is moving people in the run game, as anticipated/hooped. A.J. Williams and Devin Funchess are a

special duo. Williams didn't drop a pass until yesterday (7 practices in).

<DaveBerk> rgarg1, I really like Tegray Scales out of Colerain, Jon Bezney out of Mariemont, Ohio and Ryan Stout out of Sylvania Southview as an offensive

tackle not a DT or DE

<BlueFan31> It will really be interesting to see how Braden fits in at guard. He's been a tackle all his life and tall kids like that usually struggle playing inside.

<DaveBerk> Bezney may not go BCS because of his academics. Ivy calling him hard as he scored a 34 on his ACT

<guthrie> Dave, what is OSU's depth looking like on the O-line.  I haven't looked in depth but my perception is that it's razor thin.  Also, seeems like the one

position they have had trouble recruiting.  Accurate or not?

<DaveBerk> couple of other kids I like are Chance Sorrell, he'll move from TE to OT in college and the biggest steal will be Kaleb Harris out of Norwayne HS

<DaveBerk> OSU o-line depth is thin IMO

<DaveBerk> IMO they have had issues recruiting OL

<DaveBerk> I really like OSU first five along the OL

<kn212003> Imagine the issues they'd have on OL had Urban not flipped Taylor Decker & Kyle Dodson

<DaveBerk> Decker is a stud, Dodson looks like a player but needs to step up his game

<guthrie> what ever happened on the Dodson legal situation.?  Not trying to flame you but I never herd what the resolution was.

<kn212003> Kyle - Any word on how DeVeon Smith has looked at RB?

<DaveBerk> Would not be surprised if true freshman Evan Lisle is a back-up as a true freshman

<DaveBerk> No flame, all I know is he reported

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Fred had nice things to say and I really can't emphyasize how good he looked just walking around. Hoke even said he's kind of the

forgotten man, but they're not gforgetting him. I expect him to play too.

<zs05wc> So will Darboh push J Jackson to the bench?

<KyleBogie> Next week or so will be imporatant for the running backs.

<skuzzim> dave, who are the stinkers from ohio, and which players for next year might be most open to michigan

<KyleBogie> zs05wc. i think in some instances, maybe. Jackson has proven himself as a blocker though and has a lot of experience. The way they want to

pound the rock, I still expect to see a lot of Jeremy out there.

<guthrie> Kyle, do you get the sense tht we'll actually hear from the coaches who has separated himself at OG and RB spots or will it just kind of trickle to you u guys?

<zs05wc> As long as they don't throw him the ball...

<BlueFan31> Dave, has Michigan been in contact with Chance Sorrell recently?

<KyleBogie> guthrie. Personally, I'd be surprised to hear anything definitive PUBLICALLY. Just their style. Expect we'll have an idea though...

<DaveBerk> Was not high at all on Ringer or Pace, Mich got lucky with Caleb Stacy because that was a disater in the making

<guthrie> Jeremy can catch just fine.  He can't relly run much after the catch and he has trouble getting open.

<KyleBogie> guthrie, Agree with both points,

<BlueFan31> Did Stacy quit football alltogether?

<kn212003> Kyle - Did you hear the caller on WTKA this morning talk about how he watched practice from the Stadium Street bridge and UM sent a Student Mgr to tell him to move along?

<guthrie> why was stacy a disaster in the making?

<DaveBerk> I have not heard much about Sorrell and Michigan, I'll be seeing him soon

<DaveBerk> Yes, he did

<guthrie> well, that explains it

<kn212003> Did Mich get lucky w/ Caleb Stacy or did they nicely ask him to go to Cincy?

<DaveBerk> Stacy was not good enough to play at Michigan and IMO would have had issues in the Mid American Conference

<KyleBogie> kn212003. I did not hear that caller LOL. Not surprising though.

<KyleBogie> If true...

<BlueFan31> Yikes, Dave...

<DaveBerk> Doesn't matter how it played out, they offered and never should have

<kn212003> He sounded legit, said that there were a few there, had Glasgow at OG w/ the 1's and DG looking great.  Shane good on the short stuff, not so much on the downfield

<BlueFan31> I heard that caller. He said Fitz looked great too

<DaveBerk> I'm glad to hear Taco is doing well early, feel that kid can be a stud

<skuzzim> dave, will michigan be able to get anything from glenville but leftovers

<zs05wc> I havne't heard much about Norfleet from practice.  Do you think they might try at PR?

<zs05wc> or play it safe with Gallon?

<BlueFan31> Hecklinski had some praise for Norfleet yesterday

<Dizzo> zs - I think they'll put whoever catches it the most in practice out there on punt returns.

<kn212003> I actually like Dileo best at PR, not the top end speed but he get North/South in a hurry

<skuzzim> and, dave do you have much feel for nicholson and his plans

<BlueFan31> Just don't think there's much playimng time for 'Fleet this year with Dileo here

<guthrie> completely agree on Dileo, kn

<DaveBerk> I don't feel Glenville kids are as strong to OSU as in the past. But I feel the two left on the board right now will be at OSU.  Let OSU get the Jones kid because I'm not sold on him

<rgarg1> Dave Berk..Why was Caleb Stacey a disaster?

<zs05wc> Gallon was shaky back there early in his career but has been reliable to catch just don't many returns from him

<BlueFan31> Does OSU even want Erik Smith?

<BlueFan31> rgarg, Stacy quit football.

<guthrie> Dileo is great punt returner because 1.  great hands  2.  great quickness  no top end speed but he's dangerous

<DaveBerk> Stacy was not even the best OL on his team IMO

<kn212003> Dileo is also fearless, and that's a big plus on PR

<DaveBerk> Was not a Big Ten level OL IMO. Watched him play three times during his high school career.  Great kid, just not the type of player you win a NC with

<Dizzo> rgarg - Stacey realized Michigan wasn't for him, then quit UC like a day into summer workouts.

<zbforged> Dave, what kind of talent did AJ Williams have at OT?

<DaveBerk> I liked AJ a lot, wish he would have played more OT in high school to better his skill set.

<zs05wc> So is Fleet the fastest guy on the team?

<rgarg1> Kyle and Dave...hearing Butt is the real deal and

<kn212003> Dave - What's your take on the Ferns and his potential?

<KyleBogie> I would love to see more of a playmaker at PR but playing in safe in those siutations is understandable.

<DaveBerk>   I love Butt, don't everyone take it the wrong way now

<guthrie> personal opinion, Williams is going to burn ND big time because they won't be prepared for him in the passing game.  thinks he's gonna have a very nice year catching the ball

<KyleBogie> ragarg1. I've known w that!! LOL. I think Jake is special. See how he picks up the offense.

<DaveBerk> Hope to see Ferns this fall because when I saw him last year he was hurt

<guthrie> Dave, do you see redshirt in the future for Ferns and Furbush given their level of competition?

<BlueFan31> Still think Furbush ends up at defensive end

<DaveBerk> I would hope both would redshirt, had no problem with Bolden playing as a true freshman because he was extremly tested each week

<DaveBerk> I see Furbush as a DE, he's not IMO a LB

<zs05wc> Do you think Gedeon might see the field?

<skuzzim> dave, which lb from ohio do you like best

<zs05wc> Like actually play?  Hopefully he sees the field even if he's not.

<DaveBerk> Gedeon is going to be a strange one becasue I only saw him in an all-star game.  He's tough as nails and a real throwback type of guy.  So you never count those guys out

<DaveBerk> which class on the LB

<skuzzim> last three years

<skuzzim> dave, how many ohio recruits do you expect urban to take on an average year

<DaveBerk> I loved Bolden, Shane Jones, Ifeadi Odenigbo is still learning the game but has some skills, Trey DePriest

<zbforged> Dave, can you sense that Ohio State feels Michigan is closing the gap?

<MBlue> Big Ten Network guys said there is no gap right now

<DaveBerk> I get the feeling the magic number is 10 for urban at OSU

<DaveBerk> They would never admit it

<rgarg1> Dave...surprised UM didn't take more Ohio kids in this class?

<DaveBerk> Ohio not as talented in this class IMO

<rgarg1> Kyle..Butt plays a lot this year?

<DaveBerk> I would not be surprised if he plays a lot this season if given the chance

<MBlue> Butt reminds me of Kyle Rudolph

<mattyc33> Dave, how do your rankings differ from Scouts rankings? I know you have a say, but who do you like a lot more and a lot less than what their ranking says in the 2014 class?

<rgarg1> Dave and Kyle...Is OSU talent wise that much better than everyone in conference?  People point out Michigan is strong in its younger talent

<DaveBerk> Butt is not Kyle Rudolph, trust me.  very good player but Rudolph really special

<kn212003> Is Butt as good as Eifert, potentially?

<MBlue> Meant playing style

<skuzzim> kyle and dave, how many recruits do you see osu and michigan pulling out of Ill and Indianna

<KyleBogie> garg1. Still early. I think there's so little depth still that he will anyway. I think he'll be ready though

<DaveBerk> sorry to say again, Eifert was such a great pass catching TE, I like Butt but would not have him over Eifert as the same stage of their careers

<MBlue> Eifert was only a 3 tar

<DaveBerk> MBlue, having seen both play at the high school level, they are different

<DaveBerk> Eifert was not a 3-star in my book. I had no say in the rankings for the state but he was special

<zs05wc> WOuld Bunting be more comparable?

<rgarg1> Kyle...which guys have surprised in a good way in fall practice

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. I think Michigan is getting there. I think a lot of the reason people like OSU so much is because they have the perfect quarterback for

their system. If Devin is doing similar things from a number s standpoint midway through this season I think people will be like "omg, Michigan has closed the gap!!"

<DaveBerk> talent level in both Ill and Ind have improved, but I don't look at both of them as close as I do Ohio

<KyleBogie> Just my opinion

<skuzzim> odog, burn our ears

<kn212003> Odog - Any practice knowledge from the weekend?

<DaveBerk> I feel Michigan has improved their talent level, they took too many tweener guys under Rich Rod

<Tdawg2> haha bring it Odog.   we waiting for your blog!!!

bluemoonrising Quit (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken))

<DaveBerk> I have not seen Bunting in a game so I really can't say on that one to be honest

<kn212003> Dave - Seemed like Rich Rod never got comfortable that he was recruiting at Michigan and not WVU

<guthrie> Odog, I want to nknow if Wyatt Shallman is the universe destroy8ing big back we've all been craving.

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. Keith Heitzman was mentioned as someone that has really done well,.

<DaveBerk> I agree, kn212003, he could have taken some of the kids he did, but he took too many, IMO didn't have as good a support staff around him especiall at the DC spot

<MBlue> Urban seems like a star gazer

<KyleBogie> Gotta run in  a sec here, guys. Any quick ones?!?!

<skuzzim> the contest between osu and michigan will be more interesting with the contrast between the two styles

<kn212003> Kyle - Any chance a Frosh makes 2-Deep on the OL?

<DaveBerk> MBlue, there are a lot of coaches we can say that about right now

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Eek. I don't envision it happening right now, no. Could always change.

<Odog1> KNI212003- a lot of things have to be sorted out by next weekend

<BlueBMOC> why did the OSU DB get kicked off the team?

<Odog1> nearly everything

<Tdawg2> how has P Kugler been looking??

<DaveBerk> no clue to be honest

<guthrie> urban has always been a star gazer.  remember the recruitment of Jerimy Finch?

<MBlue> He's great at winning with other people's players but when it comes totime to assemble his own team it goes south

<guthrie> it was actually pretty damn funny

<KyleBogie> Right now, the freshmen OL are freshmen OL.

<skuzzim> ok, odog. how does te look to be shaping up

<kn212003> OK guys, Kyle has to get back to the CMA's

<DaveBerk> So hard for freshmen to come in along the OL and play early

<KyleBogie> kn212003. HAHA. Wanna get a coupple things posted included (ing) this transcript!

<BlueBMOC> is UM recruiting Smithfrom Glennville as a safety?

<Odog1> just as it was stated in pressers....competition is fierce.    were deep, but so young

<guthrie> BMOC, story is he was caught smoking weed in the stairwell at midnight and set off the fire alrm

<Tdawg2> unreal how big some of the oline guys are.. good to see

<guthrie> who knows if its true

<Odog1> lot of guys will be playing, our guys will be fresh

<DaveBerk> Thanks everyone for having me, hope I was able to answer some of your ? have a great night

<skuzzim> kyle how is the ol from coldwater 6'7"

<BlueBMOC> crazy if true guth!

<Odog1> i still think Miller wins the Center spot

<guthrie> thanks, dave

<Tdawg2> come in more often Dave,   thanks for everything

<BlueBMOC> what a hard nose disciplanarian

<Odog1> i think it was his from jump, but he's got to be pushed like everybody

<KyleBogie> Thanks so much for dropping by Dave!

<guthrie> if you aren't a starter and you break a rule, you're ****** at osu

<rgarg1> Thanks Dave...appreciate you man

<BlueBMOC> exactly, bogus policy by st urb

<BlueBMOC> not surprised in the least, guy is all SEC

<Odog1> i agree

<Avisail> is all POS ou mean

<BlueBMOC> i stand corrected!

<KyleBogie> Thank you everyone!

<skuzzim> odog, will the ol live up to earthmover expectations

<guthrie> urban could strangle puppies on the sidelines during games.  if he wins, all is forgiven

<KyleBogie> Have a good night and enjoy the rest of the CMA's! LOL.

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