Drew Dileo Ready to "excel" at Slot in 2013

Michigan senior wide receiver Drew Dileo came up big in crucial situations in 2012. Now 2013, Dileo believes he can do the same and more in the passing game with Devin Gardner taking over under center (VIDEO included).

ANN ARBOR—Recording career highs in receptions (20), yards (331), and yards per catch (16.6) in 2012, Michigan senior wide receiver Drew Dileo believes the Wolverines passing attack could be even better in 2013

Junior quarterback Devin Gardner now takes the reins of the offense, looking to build on the five starts he was afforded to end last season, tweaking and adding to offensive coordinator Al Borges pro style attack.

“You all keep saying a new scheme, it’s not really a new scheme,” Dileo said Wednesday. “Like I’ve said two or three times before, it’s a little less Denard left and Denard right running. I guess a little more pro style to begin with, Denard just had his own little addition.”

A full off-season to continue to grow within the offense and work on timing between Gardner and his group of receivers, Dileo, who reeled in a 66-yard touchdown reception in Gardner’s first career start at quarterback at Minnesota in 2012, already see’s it paying dividends through 12 practices of fall camp.

“I would hope so because he’s our starting quarterback and he’s the one throwing us the ball,” Dileo said. “Just running routes with him, getting that comfort level, and knowing that he’ll put it where you’re breaking or you’re going to break where he’s throwing it.

“He’s gotten a lot more comfortable. He did a really good job this summer, just throwing 7-on-7 with us.”

Making catches in 2012 that were as “impactful” as any according to Michigan wide receivers coach Jeff Hecklinski, Dileo is looking for that to continue in 2013, as disciplined as ever in his routes out of the slot, a spot he believes he excels at.

“Hopefully,” Dileo said. “You can’t really predict that based on how the games going. We could run the ball 50 times on somebody and hey, if we’re getting first downs, that’s fine with me.”

“My philosophy (is) if I’m open and I’m in Devin’s vision, he’s going to throw me the ball. I’m not going to stress, ‘hey I need this amount of catches,’ because I don’t. I’m trying to catch the ball when I’m open and get us wins.”

Downplaying the importance of Saturday’s first full scrimmage, mentioning the team essentially scrimmages in various ways everyday in practice, the senior from down south still admits he’s looking forward to it.

“I think if I didn’t get excited I would probably stop this interview, get in my truck, and drive back to Louisiana.”

To watch video of Dileo from Wednesday, press play below.

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