Taylor Plans to Make More Noise in 2013

After a breakout sophomore season followed by a so-so spring, Raymon Taylor plans to step up his game and his leadership in 2013.

Raymon Taylor is by nature a man of few words.  Now in his third year with the Michigan football program his coaches are attempting to nurture a more vocal side.

“They want me to be more [of a] leader [and] communicate with the younger guys because they feel like I’m a quiet guy, but when I speak it’s speaks a lot to the other guys,” said Taylor. “It says a lot to the other guys. So when I do say something they won’t be surprised and they really take action to what I’m saying. So they want me [to be] more of a communicator and a leader to the younger guys and just help out because I’m a junior this year and that’s my job when you become a junior of a senior.”

After a spring that saw Courtney Avery and Delonte Hollowell really push Taylor for playing time the former Highland Park star responded with a stronger work ethic during the offseason and more aggression thus far this fall.

“Last year, I played not to mess up… not to do nothing wrong,” he admitted.  “But this year I know all the plays (and) I know all the checks, so I’m more relaxed and I’m just ready to play. Can’t wait until the 31st and play Central Michigan and start the season.”

Should he maintain his strong play the former Talor will be an extremely safe bet to be in the starting lineup when the opener rolls around, especially since Avery will quite possibly be the starter at free safety.  The aim of the coaching staff is to put the four best defensive backs on the field… and that may well mean putting both Avery and Taylor with first string.  One thing is for sure… Taylor’s presence gives the Wolverines a speed element that none of his cohorts can match.  During the offseason he wowed his teammates and training staff alike by running a blistering sub-4.4 forty.

“I don’t remember (the exact time) but they said that was the fastest time they had in a couple years here,” Taylor recalled.  I was very shocked because I knew I was fast but I didn’t know I was that fast… so it was very surprising for me. But that’s what they said. I ran a (4.3)-something.”

If all goes according to plan Taylor plans to be heard from much more this year… both with his play and with his leadership.

“(My goal is to) just communicate and work with the secondary in my defensive room and just come out there and play aggressive each and every game,” he said.  “Just help my teammate any way possible to come out with the win. That’s my goal this year; just be a great corner and be a great teammate this year with my team.”


Question: We know what makes Jeremy Gallon tough to guard. What makes Amara Darboh tough to guard?

Raymon Taylor: “Darboh? He’s very strong and, like I said before, he runs great routes. So we don’t know what he’s going to run until he really come out his break. And he’s also fast. Very great things about him.”

Question: What make Jehu Chesson tough to cover?

Raymon Taylor: “He’s like a speed guy, a speedster out there. He get up on you real fast and when he come out his break, it’s really very explosive.”

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