Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

GoBlueWolverine's Tom Beaver and Kyle Bogenschutz discuss several position battles following Michigan's first scrimmage Saturday, the final spots in the 2014 class, looking ahead to the 2015 class, and a few basketball recruiting updates as well.

Tons of Michigan football and Michigan football recruiting talk from Monday's chat:

<outcastinohio> Alright it's 8! Where are ya lol!

<KyleBogie> Good evening one and all!

<KyleBogie> We are 12 days from kickoff!

<outcastinohio> Kyle, have you heard anything about Shane being held out of the scrimmage saturday?

<rounds> Any guess who the starting LG will be? It seems to be all over the place.

<TomBeaver> HI GUYS

<KyleBogie> outcastinohio. Brady alluding to it this morning on the show was the first anyone had heard of it. Didn't sound like anything serious but it makes the next scrimmage that much more important for the No. 2 quarterback job

<TomBeaver> I t looks like Shane and Bryant were held out of the scrimmage, but Hoke'll be asked that at the presser tomorrow

<KyleBogie> rounds. The Glasgow hype isclearly deserved BUT with all the talk of Chris Bryant I wouldn't rule that out.

<TomBeaver> But it could be why there's another scrimmage next Thurs, and the 2-deep not being named until after that? Dunno, just guessing.

<outcastinohio> Did Braden just flat out get beat out?

<zbforged> Any  word on Jabrel Black?

<TomBeaver> Braden - sure, looks like it. He's not really an OG

<TomBeaver> He's not really an OG

<TomBeaver> Bkack too I guess, and Gallon - tho NONE of the vet starters played beyond the first few snaps

<TomBeaver> the importance is for the guys fighting for spots in the 2-deep, not the veteran starters

<outcastinohio> Speaking of any word on how he is doing?

<TomBeaver> Green -- IMO the ankle is holding him back ... but my pure-guess is that Fitz has won the starting spot, and #2 will be in flux through the preseason

<KyleBogie> outcastinohio. Concern level is being downplayed across the board. i'm personally not worried. Fitz looking strong has something to do with that too.

<snic2u> How did the guys bowl?  Any 300 games?

<snic2u> thats what we really need to know lol

<tonyles> Not sure why so many are depending on a true freshmean (Green) to be a legend this season

<KyleBogie> tonyles. Difficult part of recruiting rankings and guys having so much hype around them. No one ever really knows until they arrive on campus

<outcastinohio> It seems like we havent heard much about Ojemudia lately? It's been mentioned though that Taco has all the makings of a future all american?

<rounds> Henry looked good in the scrimmage.

<tonyles> I don't ever, ever rely on freshmen to be impact players

<TomBeaver> Bowling - IMO Brady decided the kids had been working hard and could use a day off to heal the bumps and bruises ... and then have one more scrimmage on Thursday to let guys like Shane and Bryant show their stuff ... my guess (Just a guess)

<kcpros> I Know there won't be an official two deep but do the playes get an official two deep?

<snic2u> could be a great team building move.

<BlueFan31> Willie Henry is very quick for a kid his size

<zbforged> I'm going to say Bryant will win the LG spot.

<TomBeaver> Green -- in coaches eyes he's just another freshman ... the "impact" thing is just in fan's eyes

<KyleBogie> outcastinohio. Mattison mentioned Mario the other day. physically Taco is bigger right now

<tonyles> agree on Green, Tom.

<TomBeaver> kcpros -- they do put a 2-deep in the "Media Guide" on ... they just don't update it week to week or anything, IIRC

<kcpros> Yes just another freshman but one they probably hoped would contribute early at least as a back up I would have to imagine

<zbforged> I don't see how the DL can be so far ahead of the OL.

<giantsbklyn> Tom - How's Pipkins progressing?

<kcpros> Don't know if Green is fat or big but DeVeon Smith looks ripped and looks the part.  Those two are a good mix to have

<outcastinohio> Any word on Sterling Jenkins?

<TomBeaver> Peewee is fine ... he's doing well

<goblue101> Deveon does look pretty cut. If just one of those two can have good production this year along with Fitz I think we will be good to go at RB

<TomBeaver> Peewee will become a very good player IMO - IMO they're lucky to have him

<tonyles> I'd like to see what Drake Johnson can do as well at running back

<giantsbklyn> Yes you were very high on him when he committed

<KyleBogie> zbforged. Three new starters in the middle of the OL has something to do with that. DL has some experience there.

<TomBeaver> Sterling Jenkins - nah, he's gonna play the field some. U-M has made an early impression tho

<giantsbklyn> Sunny side on Hand Tom/Kyle?

<BBA10> how many O-Line are we looking to take at this point for 15?

<KyleBogie> giantsbklyn. No reason to think differently on Hand at this point

<TomBeaver> Hand - sure ... now they have to do well on the field to keep their lead, IMO

<TomBeaver> I think the D will be good, but they'll miss Ryan until he comes back ... difference makers don't grow on trees, and he's THE difference maker on that D, IMO

<giantsbklyn> Tom/Kyle - is Peppers the best talent we've landed? Is he in same class as Henson/Mallett when we landed 'em or in a league of his own?

<outcastinohio> Just curious but any idea why Hoke opted to keep Hagerup around?

<TomBeaver> O -- I thnk it'll be fine too

<kcpros> Tom I know you have said that they have to do well on the field and I don't disagree, but to what extent does a guy say well they are close to great but adding a guy like me can put this team over the top?

<goblue101> When is Hand deciding again?

<BlueFan31> Is it just me or does it seem like Hand really doesn't like the whole recruiting process/hoopla?

<TomBeaver> Peppers? I wanna see how he does in the All Star game, which is Best on Best. I was sorry he wasn't at The Opening

<KyleBogie> giantsbklyn. He's definitely in that category, best high school player I've seen in live action. nEVER know for certain though

<TomBeaver> kcpros - generally for out-of-area kids the vibe needs to stay "positive," since he won't be there alot etc. Every situation is different of course.

<tonyles> Tom and Kyle - Are 2 a days over at the end of this week?

<kcpros> Well at least the schedule is favorable for a good run

<TomBeaver> Hagerup - Hoke is a players coach - he's strict but understanding ... so he's prone to give a kid another chance if he thinks the kid has had the lightbulb go on

<giantsbklyn> Any word on how Wile's been looking?

<TomBeaver> tonyles - sure. I bet they're over already

<TomBeaver> Wile is fine, but he's no Hagerup IMO (Hagerups don't grow on trees)

<rathbone> Kenny Allen can really boom it

<kcpros> the good news is I don't expect we'll be punting much:)

<TomBeaver> Kyle has seen Peppers in person of course, I have not. But it's Best on Best when you see who really separates himself ... for ex, Adoree was just another good player at The Opening

<giantsbklyn> Does Wile take over for Gibbons when he graduates and Kenny Allen becomes punter?

<kcpros> Hargreaves last year was as impressive at the CB spot at the all star game as I have seen hopefully Peppers can repeat

<TomBeaver> giants - you'd think so

<zbforged> Tom, any ideal what time Hoke's presser is ?

<TomBeaver> zbforged - yes, just a sec, I'll look

<goblue101> Ok, I may have missed this, but what is the situation with Tim Settle? Are the coaches waiting to offer him in person, or have they not seen enough film or..?

<outcastinohio> Will Delano Hill play this fall?

<KyleBogie> Hoke's presser is tomorrow at 6:15. Josh and I will be there

<zbforged> Thanks.

<kcpros> Hill had a nice INT in the scrimmage

<KyleBogie> outcastinohio. Hill, aside from Dymonte, is the most ready freshman in the secondary. Physically is put together enough, seems to be handling mental load as well.

<dave76> I hear Sparty supposedly has a 4 way battle for starting QB, LOL

<TomBeaver> Hoke presser at 6:15 tomorrow, approximately

<kcpros> So do you guys think it is Hand and McDowell and we're done (assuming we land those two)?

<TomBeaver> Settle -- I guess they wanna see Sept film?

<giantsbklyn> If Center position struggles on OL early on with all the options we have now, do you think they burn Kugler RS?

<TomBeaver> Hill -- hmmmm ... could depend on how Avery does at safety. My guess

<kcpros> You have to think 8-5 won't cut it this year so if they have to burn a redshirt to get a better player on they will

<zbforged> I think Hill has a chance to be special.

<TomBeaver> kcpros - I think they try hard for another safety too ... so Westphal could work out later on, that's my guess (or Nicholson earlier)

<outcastinohio> How is Tuley-Tillman doing? When I saw him at the spring game he was getting beat badly on just about every snap.

<dave76> I think LTT is a project type of player

<TomBeaver> LTT -- he's a guy who, like Bryant, needs a little time to develop ... my IMO

<KyleBogie> I'm curious to see how Westphal does at safety this season.

<tonyles> Not sure why anybody would think a true freshmen would start at offensive center; it's not happening.  Too steep of a curve.

<KyleBogie> LTT is a freshman. Not much else to say LOL.

<TomBeaver> Hill was at The Opening last summer ... and was surprisingly good, as good as any safety there IIRC

<snic2u> i want my frosh linemen to redshirt

<TomBeaver> tonyles - yep ... and now Kugler may have to start out at OG to start in '14

<tonyles> I agree on Kugler, Tom.  May need him at guard

<outcastinohio> Ryan playing before October is a pipedream right?

<kcpros> Could Wangler be the saftey? I can't see him as a SAM.  How about the kid from Brother Rice that Allen mentioned today who is gooing to play lacrosse at UM?

<TomBeaver> Kyle - we're depending on you to hold Brady's feet to the fire now, on Shane, on Bryant! lol

<BlueBMOC> Has vegas released the opening line for the cmu game

<TomBeaver> Is Bryant really in the running to start at G?

<kn212003> Does Jourdan Lewis RS or play ???  I like him, but I hate True Fr returning punts (See Gallon as a RS FR even)

<giantsbklyn> Do you think OL looks something like this left to right next year - Magnuson, Kalis, Kugler, Bryant, Braden

<dave76> he's a walk on candidate, not "the safety"

<TomBeaver> kn202003 - I'm with you .. but Lewis is a little big special IMO ... and a better returner potentially than Gallon

<kcpros> He is on a lacrosse schollie for UM but now wants to play football.  He can't be a walk on for football and play schollie lacrosse

<KyleBogie> We'll get the answers !! Or at least the ansers he wants to give us lOL.

<gomer767> I always thought Dileo did a good job returning

<zbforged> Tom, from everything Hoke and Mr. Webb has said Bryant has a great chance.

<TomBeaver> giants -- whoever wins the OC job this year will have it a few years IMO ... so the spot open will be RG I think -- and LOTsa competition for it

<dave76> DIleo is sure handed, but he

<BlueFan31> Imho, Bosch will beat out Bryant at LG next year.

<dave76> will never break one

<kcpros> Isn't RB Kalis's?

<TomBeaver> zbforged -- I believe it ... so -- what's his condition health-wise

<kcpros> sorry RG

<KyleBogie> kcpros. Wangler will be OLB that can move VERY wlell.

<giantsbklyn> Tom - why just RG? We're losing 2 bookend tackles

<kcpros> He just seems so small for LB

<BlueFan31> Magnuson, Bosch, Kugler, Kalis, Btaden is my guess for next year's line

<BlueBMOC> any word on darboh's health?

<KyleBogie> giants. I could see that OL. Have to see how guys pgrogress though

<TomBeaver> kcpros - correct ... Kalis at one, so the spot openin '14 will be the other G

<KyleBogie> RE Punt return. i WOULD love to see someone with more game breaking ability back there but understand why coaches want a sure handed, possession type. That's most important.

<goblue101> i know we haven't seen this team in action yet, at least not in a game situation. But how do people in the know (coaches, guys close to the program, etc.) expect the interior line to perform compared to last year?

<BlueFan31> I think they took Wangler because they believe his coverage skills will help against spread offenses

<TomBeaver> Kyle - yep, catching the punt is overlooked -- it's not easy

<dave76> remember Gallon's struggles returning punts?

<KyleBogie> kcprogs. Right now, still a fully year and summer and most likely redshirt year from aseeing the field in AA. He has the body to add more weight.

<TomBeaver> BlueFan - sure, and some other LBs  went elsewhere, let's be honest. Not sure they wanted a WILL for their last LB spot, but lost some SAMs -- so when they decided to take a WILL, Wangler was their guy

<kcpros> Is it me or are we stacked on the OL every time we say a postion is locked up you can name a guy or two who can replace them.  David Dawson is another guy with Bosch who can take over a job at some point.  Just reminds me how well they have recruited at the OL position

<KyleBogie> goblue101. I think the coaches are happier with the interior right now than they were at this time last year. One is depth and not having to worry about redshirting guys and two because of the upside thye see.

<dave76> Samuellson is supposedly pretty huge too, right?

<TomBeaver> goblue101 -- Run blocking should be okay on the interior IMO ... its pass pro that'll be harder ... so I wonder if we see Devin roll out alot

<kcpros> and 3 Kyle because if someone falters there are options

<zbforged> Tom, Kyle, do you feel more or less optimistic about this year?

<outcastinohio> I'm not sure it would be possible for the interior of the oline to be any worse than it was last year

<KyleBogie> kcpros. There ya go.

<goblue101> Thanks guys.

<TomBeaver> bforged - optimistic. Because of (1) Devin (2) the schedule

<KyleBogie> zbforged. I'm optimistic because I think the schedule is on the easier side and well, the Big Ten isn't very good. And you may have found the quarterback that can make the difference between 8 wins and 11 wins

<kcpros> I have to imagine OL recruiting is going to be a bit tougher in the next couple of years with all the depth we have

<TomBeaver> kcpros - aLOT tougher

<kcpros> Tom/Kyle do you see UM offering the DE from California that is a UM fan? He seems highly rated.  I think Tom at some point y ou put him in your best guess list

<BlueFan31> I remember watching Glasgow in the spring game last year and thinking that there was no way that kid would ever see a meaningful snap. One year later, he looks much quicker and more agile.

<gomer767> if we start putting a bunch of linemen in the league it doesnt have to be a lot tougher

<CMgoBlue1> May have been asked but how is Shane doing so far?

<KyleBogie> gomer767. No doubt high draft picks in the NFL will provide a boost

<TomBeaver> kcpros -- my pure-guess is that this kid has just popped up, and they're not looking at new-film during camp ... o they'll get on it just not during Aug camp

<KyleBogie> CMgoBlue1. Shane was progressing well until we found out about him being held out of Saturday's scrimmage. Shane is a sharp kid, showing nice the ball.

<BlueFan31> Sounds like they might be giving Cornell the right of first refusal before offering that cali DE.

<TomBeaver> Shane has been fine ... big talent, just alot to learn for a QB, and a kid who missed his senior year ... but the talent is there, never forget that. He can make throws that Cleary cant

<kcpros> In case you guys haven't seen this from today Peppers in action:  ­




<kcpros> Peppers also had a 40 yard run

<CMgoBlue1> Hopefully he does not have too play important snaps this year.

<tonyles> I really hope Morris doesn't see the field in a starting role for 2 more years.

<TomBeaver> CMgoBlue1 - no important snaps, hopefully IMO ... LOL

<kcpros> Canteen and his boys beat Don Bosco in a scrimmage as well as a newly annoited 4 star

<KyleBogie> kcpros. Canteen is a real talent. Some of the quickest feet I've seen in person

<tonyles> Looking like all 3 receivers will redshirt this fall?  I hope so

<goblue101> that's impressive. Isn't Don Bosco always a powerhouse?

<zbforged> Canteen and Crawford, talk about a couple of steals!

<kcpros> And from all accounts a great route runner.  I will take a great route runner over a burner any day

<TomBeaver> Canteen - reminds me of Breaston I'd say, that's my comparison

<kcpros> Tom do you want to re-introduce the percentage on Crawford:) Bill Greene went 91%

<TomBeaver> kcpros - lol, I'll up that one percentum

<goblue101> oh snap! A TJB percentage!!!

<Mdjohnny5> Hey Tom, looks like '15 will fill up early again.  Any concern about filling the class early?  Sometimes those late bloomers end up working out well for us (Eg: Jake Ryan)

<kcpros> Sweet a game of name that percentage.  Can you give us your impressions of Crawford Kyle or Tom?

<KyleBogie> kcpros. Canteen was raw in the morning, was worked with a bit and boom he was beating nearly every DB off the line no problem.

<BlueFan31> I swear, if Peppers didn't have his heart set on defensive back, I'd say he belongs on offense

<TomBeaver> goblue101 -- that's not "an official TJB percentage" ... that was just chiming in on Biill Greene

<rgarg1> Kyle...any scuttlebutt on OSU fall practice?  Everyone talking about a Dontre Wilson kid

<kcpros> Hopefully Breaston with out the Aligator arms:)

<KyleBogie> On Crawfuord. I'm just surprised he hasn't committed yet.

<TomBeaver> rgarg - not worried about the Bucks until second half of B1G

<kcpros> Kyle what is your assessment of Crawford

<dave76> Uggg....Breaston's gator arms.

<rounds> Kyle, anything new on bball recruiting?

<giantsbklyn> Tom - how would you compare Shane and Wilton - I believe you've seen both in person?

<KyleBogie> kcpros. Crawford looked raw at corner. Got some coaching and did better the more reps he got. hE'S not a natural at the position and still learning technique IMO. Like him, not drooling over him. Worthy of an offer though.

<goblue101> I didn't want to ask about ND, but since there was an OSU question I will. I've seen ND fans saying that their defense this year will be significantly better than last year. Is that legit? I don't know much about them.

<TomBeaver> Mdjohnny - yes I do have a concern about '15 filling up so fast ... but that's how it goes these days. However, it IS risky

<TomBeaver> Shane has a bigger arm than Wilton

<TomBeaver> Kyle - good Crawford scouting report

<BlueFan31> Tom, I really can't stand it, especially with O & D linemen. Such a huge gamble offering those guys so early

<dave76> haha

<KyleBogie> rounds. No visit date set for Bluiett just yet. Should hear back from Coleman on a visit date soon. Would not be surprised to see Jaylen Johnson get his offer but don't expect it until after Grantham makes it to campus. Or Devon Robinson for that matter.

<rmf21218> Tom do you think Kinnel could jump on board shortly after Crawford due to lack of scholarships in 15?

<TomBeaver> At camp, Glover-Williams looked quicker, tho he was playing slot ... that was the concensus opinion of we GBW onlookers

<giantsbklyn> Would you compare Speight to Navarre and Shane to...Henne?

<KyleBogie> giantsbklyn. Shane is a better prospect IMO.

<kcpros> We keep hearing the D is much faster, is that a product of the athlete or because they are reacting rather then thinking?

<TomBeaver> rmf1218 - he better IMO ...

<dave76> Speight can move some

<BlueFan31> Speight moves much better than Navarre imho

<TomBeaver> Shane to Henne ain't bad

<fishtaxi> I have a new supervisor who says he is good friends with Mike Harris  H told me a few things

<dave76> Speight = a Big Ben maybe?

<kcpros> Here is the likely difference between Crawford and Glover-Williams one wants UM and one wants Ohio (aside from the quickness)

<TomBeaver> Speight to Navarre ... mmmm, no. Good try tho, because I'm not sure I can come up with a comparison

<BlueFan31> Speight reminds me of former ASU QB Brock Osweiler

<dave76> So let's hear it

<rgarg1> Tom, was David Cornwall a another prospect UM wanted

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. They offered Speight first

<dave76> fishtaxi ???

<fishtaxi> Mods have any of you guys heard anything about when Drake Haris took that visit to osu before he committed to MI?

<TomBeaver> rgarg -- the Cornwell thing was odd ... his tutor loved Michigan but U-M just moved in fast on Speight and didn't really take a close look at Cornwell it seemed

<dave76> they must love Speight then

<TomBeaver> fishtaxi - like what

<kcpros> Like a strange question to ask now.

<giantsbklyn> In any event, we have Devin this year and next, followed by 3 years of Shane, and 2 of Wilton if my math is right and assuming no RS is burned

<fishtaxi> I have a new supervisor @ work who says he is good friends with mike harris

<KyleBogie> The coaches saw Speight live. They really like him.

<fishtaxi> Supposedly when Harris went to visit Urban  meyer

<danimal1968> Cousins made it one quarter as the starter before he got hurt.

<danimal1968> temporary starter I guess

<fishtaxi> Urban took Drake Harris in his office  for 2 and a half hours  while his dad waited outside

<tdogtheskidog8> kyle Donte Grantham, how much intrest does he have in UM?

<kn212003> Kyle - any problems with Michigan not getting the 1st or last visit with Booker like BA wanted?

<kcpros> Fish so far nothing new GBW reported on it.  Drake said he really liked his visit made it a tough decision

<KyleBogie> tdogtheskidog8. Grantham has a lot of interest, more so than a guy like Devon Robinson. Real connectin there with th staff at his new cschool.

<BlueFan31> Now LeVeon Blel went down with an injury. Bad night to be a former Spartan

<fishtaxi> kc ok maybe i should have said what /i said

<fishtaxi> shouldnt have

<BlueFan31> Just spit it out, man  :)

<KyleBogie> kn212003. I just think from a timetable standpoint it'll be interesting. If one of Bluiett or Chatman commit, could I envision a scenario in which Booker calls off the other visits and calls Michigan? Yeah.

<TomBeaver> fishtaxi - so you'r worried about him switching to OSU???

<kcpros> It is no biggie just was reported here.

<6kettlecorn> come on turtletaxi

<fishtaxi> No tom not at all I was thinking maybe I had info that the harris family didnt want out there

<TomBeaver> oh ... I think we knew that about Harris and OSU

<rgarg1> Tom and Kyle...was there an aspect of Speight's game that they loved?  Seems like an amazing kid, but some seem just okay with his talent

<TomBeaver> that he talked to Urban a long time, etc

<kcpros> I just can't see any players switching from Ohio to UM and vice versa they seem to be major twitter wars

<rounds> I'm just really surprised BBall has not received a commitment outside of Doyle for 14.

<kcpros> Thanks guys have a good night!!

<fishtaxi> Tom My supervisor said Mike Harris waited outside meyers office for 2 and a half hours while urban tried selling him the snake oil

<TomBeaver> rgarg -- I think he's a gamer more than anything

<TomBeaver> fishtaxi - yeah, I think that story was out there

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. Coaches are paid a lot of money for a reason, clearly they saw enough in him to offer. Based solely on film that I watched, and seeing one live, O'Connor and Cornewell appeared to be as good if not better. I'm no coach though.

<fishtaxi> Tom Contrast that Mike Harris said when they came to michigan the next day people were trippping all over themselves to be accomodating to them

<TomBeaver> well guys I'm gonna call it a night. Only one more week to be whistling in the dark ... then IT'S ONW ... IT's ON!

<KyleBogie> rounds. You're not the only one that's surprised. LOL. Kids have just received more and more options making it harder.

<fishtaxi> Tom I never heard that  thanks

<TomBeaver> ishtaxi - yeah I think Drake said that, etc

<TomBeaver> K guys - THANKS!

<fishtaxi> ok Thanks tom must have missed it

<rounds> Kyle, you still think we get Booker and Bluiett?

<KyleBogie> rounds. i STILL see the scenario playing out in that way, yes

<rounds> Kyle, I'm keeping you to that prediction.  LOL

<KyleBogie> rounds. Expect nothing less LOL. One issue I could see popping up is if any of the wing targets are under the impression they'll be the ONLYw wing taken in that class.

<tdogtheskidog8> kyle not really michigan related but is msu in big time trouble in bball recruting for 2014, seems like they trail for booker, alexander, travis, an dmaybe ulis now?

<KyleBogie> tdogtheskidog8. IU was just talking about this with a friend that is an MSU fan the other day and honestly, yeah. It seems like they've slid for Cliff Alexander who I thought was a lock and IMO they have no shot with Jones or Okafor. Very odd.

<KyleBogie> Ok everyone, thanks fro dropping by!

<rounds> thx, Kyle

<KyleBogie> Next week's chat should be extremely exciting...last one before the season kicks off!

<KyleBogie> Thanks again, good night!

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