Harris Runs Wild in 'Wolverine' Formation

Madison Southern (Ky.) junior RB Damien Harris scored 6 touchdowns in Friday's, 41-13, victory over Rockcastle (Ky.) The future Wolverine breaks down his game one performance with an exclusive story inside. ***With Highlights***

MT. VERNON, Ky. -- One win never felt so good.

Running in the "Wolverine" formation or commonly known as the wildcat, Madison Southern (Ky.) star running back Damien Harris scored six touchdowns, which led the Eagles to their first ever victory over Rockcastle (Ky.) Friday night, 41-13, after losing their first 18 times in the rivalry.

"It's been a longtime coming," Harris said. "We've been preaching from day one that we knew we would be an underdog coming into this one. We were 0-18 all time. We knew we were better than them.

"Coach (Jon Clark) has preached to us since last season, since our last game ‘We got to get ready for Rockcastle.' All this hard work we put in this off-season, offensively we came together as team and as players – It's just an unbelievable feeling."

Harris finished with 210 yards on 23 carries with five rushing touchdowns, a kickoff return for a touchdown and a two-point conversion.

It was a defensive standoff in the first half, before Harris took a kickoff for 65-yards right before halftime, cutting the Eagles deficit to 7-6 at the half. But despite the kickoff return, Harris was limited to 18 rushing yards at the half.

"Both defenses were playing great," Harris said. "Coach kept telling us as soon as we got that first touchdown ‘I think things are going to start going our way.' Once we got that kickoff return for a touchdown things started to really go our way. I really feel like that got things going and got us motivated. We were kind of doubting ourselves at the beginning. We started to realize that we were better than we were playing. We kicked it and ended up coming out with the win."

Rated the No. 2 RB in the 2015 player rankings, Harris scored three of his touchdowns in "Wolverine" formation, which Madison Southern unleashed in their offensive package to start the third quarter.

"I really don't want to take credit for that," said Harris, who scored four of his five rushing touchdowns in the third quarter. "My line did an incredible job blocking for me tonight. The first half they still did a great job. We just needed to make some adjustments and mix some different things up. We worked on that at halftime and we knew in the second half we knew were going to be the team that we can be. The wildcat (formation) I had faith in my line as much as they had faith in me to run the ball. It turned into a great thing for us."

Despite scoring six touchdowns, Harris said he didn't have any expectations statistically coming into Friday's game -- stating he just wanted to win.

"I really didn't have any expectations but to win," Harris said. "Those stats don't matter to me. If I wouldn't of scored a single touchdown or a single yard – that's not my thing. My thing is to come out here and end this streak. That's all that matters. At the end of the day I'm glad we won."

Michigan Difference

Harris committed to Michigan in late July, making him at time the fourth Wolverine commitment in 2015 class. His commitment came to no surprise, after earlier stating that U-M was his childhood favorite school and everyone would have to compete with them to get him to think otherwise.

However, it did come a little earlier than expected – and Harris explains why.

"From day one, from the first day I stepped on campus I knew it was the place I wanted to go," Harris said. "It was the place I needed to be. I saw that George Campbell committed and I decided ‘what was the point in waiting? We're trying to build something special. I'm going to go ahead and be part of the family as soon as possible.' Hopefully I can bring other players in like they brought me in."

Now that the 5-foot-11, 210-pound back is a Wolverine, Harris is doing his best sales pitch to get other top recruits to join him in Ann Arbor.

"We just try to talk to all these recruits and keep Michigan at the top of their list," Harris said. "We try to tell them what we know about the school and the tradition. We just try to convince them as best as we can that it's the right place for everybody. We're trying to do something special. We're not just trying to build one team or two – we're trying to build all teams in the dynasty that is Michigan football. We're just trying to convince them to commit to something special."

"Unfinished Business"

With Madison Southern's first victory over Rockcastle, Harris said he is unsatisfied after his team's first win in the rivalry – stating there is "unfinished business" moving forward this season.

"We just need to get better. Just get better as a team. We weren't supposed to win this game. This was the biggest game on our schedule, honestly. But we're not done. We got unfinished business still. Last year we lost three games by one point. The ‘U-B' on the side of our helmet stands for ‘unfinished business' and we're taking care of it. It started tonight and will continue to the end of the season."

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