Ryan Named Captain and Gives Injury Update

U-M RS Junior LB Jake Ryan addresses the media on Monday afternoon. GBW was there, as he gave the latest on his injury and talks about be named a captain this season. ***VIDEO***

ANN ARBOR -- Michigan redshirt junior linebacker Jake Ryan was named one of the four captains on Sunday. Still out with a ACL injury, Ryan gives the latest on his injury and his reaction on being named captain.

On being named captain: "It was a surprise. I mean being a junior it's kind of rare being a captain. But I'm glad my teammates have faith in me."

Was being named captain excepted?: "I mean, I don't know. I've been working, I've definitely been working hard with my knee and I think my teammates have seen that. I kind of took that in account. So I think that is one if things that has helped me."

On coming back in October: "That's still my goal right now."

On having limitations: "Yeah, there is always going to be limitations. But I ma doing what I can. I'm not going to push anything."

On the strength of the defense: "I think everything. I think we are solid defense right now. There is always room to improve. But I think overall we definitely improved during camp. It's definitely coming together."

On having three defensive captains: "It was definitely cool how two Sam linebackers were voted. I'm proud of that and I'm proud of Cameron (Gordon) too. But, yeah, there is definitely a lot of defensive leadership. I mean, Jibreel Black, I mean all those guys all great leaders all the seniors have done a really good job."

On Devin Gardner being more of a leader: "Devin is a huge part of the offense. He is also a great leader. It was voted by his teammates. Devin is great quarterback and a great leader."

On reaching his October goal: "I think it's just mentally. Mentally I just need to get in the playbooks and what I've missed and stuff like that. I have definitely been following along. IJust mentally doing the whole cutting g thing and just landing on it and stuff like that. That's what I feel I need to improve on right now."

On being nervous: "I'm not nervous. Just getting back into things is kind of tough. But I'm getting there."

On getting back after six months: "My goal was six months. So that's like the minimum of when you can come back from a ACL, cause you need to build muscle around that knee. The new ligament definitely needs to get stronger. So my goal was six months based off of guys who have done it before, like Adrian Peterson, that was one of my big role models during this."

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