Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

GoBlueWolverine's Tom Beaver and Kyle Bogenschutz dive right into Michigan football game week discussion, situations at running back and offensive line, football recruiting, including a note on Malik McDowell, and several updates on the basketball recruiting front heading into fall.

<giantsbklyn> Hey Tom

<TomBeaver> Howdy

<giantsbklyn> So looks like it's Glasgow

<giantsbklyn> Is Bryant being relegated to backup duty a function of his injury, or more about how much Glasgow has emerged?

<KyleBogie> Good evening everyone!

<KyleBogie> Personally, I want to see how this all plays out. Last year Barnum was "the guy" at center and then oops, uh oh, there's Mealer against Alabama. Not to mention for the entire season Devin Funchess was the fourth tight end.

<TomBeaver> giants -- it's the knee ... but the thing on the OL is ... once a guy gets a spot it's usually his to lose ... he keeps it unless he blows it

<TomBeaver> So it's Glasgow's spot - that's how I see it

<giantsbklyn> Interesting stuff. All good problems to have I guess

<TomBeaver> if the interior is bad, then yeah they'll make a move ... but IMO he'll have a few games to prove he's good ... that's my IMO

<giantsbklyn> Is it that easy to pinpoint a weak link on an OL?

<giantsbklyn> Esp. since all are so dependent on the other

<KyleBogie> The way these coaches watch game film, I would imagine so

<TomBeaver> they like to build the cohesion of the OL unit ... they have to take their steps together, etc., like a dance ... so making moves is something to avoid unless they're bad

<giantsbklyn> When Green is practicing, is it mostly behind the 2nd OL unit?

<KyleBogie> The way Taylor Lewan spoke, it sounded like this had been decided or at least told to the OL a while ago

<TomBeaver> the interior was kinda terrible last year ... and that move of Mealer to OC was kinda desperation

<TomBeaver> IMO

<TomBeaver> Green is limited is all ... so really (IMO) you have to give him a pass until he's ready to go (and hopefully loses 10 pounds in the meantime)

<giantsbklyn> It's so interesting re: Green - he was all about his trainer, staying in peak physical shape, yoga, etc.

<gerrygarner> Kyle, is Jalen Coleman coming up this weekend?

<KyleBogie> The Mealer move was definitely desperation, but they did everything they could to hide it

<TomBeaver> giants - once he got to A2 he did the typical college-kid thing a little, lol

<BlueFan31> Tom, I wonder whether they allowed Green back on the practice field too early and that ankle hasn't had a chance to fully heal yet...

<TomBeaver> we knew that was happening in the summer ...

<giantsbklyn> Figured as much. Normal for a kid

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. Last time I checked it , in, with Coleman's father he said nothing was official yet. Would expect a fluid situation based on their work shcedules and the fact Jalen and his brother are away at school

<TomBeaver> we also knew Braden was struggling a little more than was let on ... I hinted that to folks once, but I made it too vague to guess for anyone

<outcastinohio> Is it more that Braden was stuggling in general or that he is just far better suited for tackle than he is guard?

<KyleBogie> Green is very talented, added weight/injury aside, there's although the very real reality that the other backs were extremely motivated this off-season and have stepped up their own game knowing, if they don't get on the field now, they mmight nexver.

<TomBeaver> there was a guy struggling a little in the summer ... that was Braden ... and then Green was having a little too much fun (perhaps) too, I guess you'd say

<KyleBogie> And good for them

<TomBeaver> Braden will be much better off at OT ... in fact I'm surprised he's not the RT and Mags the LT for the future ... but I guess it's the opposite

<gerrygarner> Thanks Kyle. Any more rumblings on the 2014 hoops class?

<TomBeaver> agree with Kyle on RB ... looks like Fitz has a chip on the shoulder ... you can kinda see that when he talks ... and for him, that's optimum

<TomBeaver> he needs to play angry IMO

<outcastinohio> How are the freshman lineman doing? I'd imagine that Bosch and LTT are a bit ahead of Dawson, Samuelson, Kugler and Fox.

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. Good news that Brian Snow reported yesterday about Dante Grantham officially setting his visit. I can confirm that the Kennard's called Michigan this afternoon. Bluiett situation is one to watch closely this week.

<TomBeaver> LTT? he has a long ways to go IMO ... Bosch - yes

<TomBeaver> Kugler IMO will improve fast

<outcastinohio> I figured that about LTT tom. He was getting beat like a rented mule in the spring game.

<KyleBogie> I think you all know how I feel about Kugler's ability LOL

<BlueFan31> Bosch is going to be a stud. Gonna be tough for Glasgow & Bryant to fend him off next year

<KyleBogie> outcastinohio. Of course he was getting beat badly in the spring. Freshman learning technique on the OL for , really, the first time .

<KyleBogie> I think Bryant will still make an impact on the OL before his career is done. He's a nasty player

<TomBeaver> As far as WR BTW ... it's not like Darboh or any other new Wr was gonna be any more but the 3rd or 4th option ... but we all hoped we'd get to watch Darboh develop in front of our eyes.

<TomBeaver> Chessun could do that too, but he has a further ways to go ... physical ability is there tho

<KyleBogie> I'ts really a shame for Michigan that the 2014 WR's weren't in the 2013 class. The 2014 kids seem more ready to see the field early, especially with Drake. Not having a difference maker of the three freshmen is kind of bad timing, especially with another body gone in Darboh

<TomBeaver> the problem other interior OLs have is ... Miller and Glasgow (Glasgow) are RS sophs, right? And Kalis a RS frosh ... ... all could be locked in for years

<tonyles> Kyle or Tom - Is it your sense that UM will strive for a ball conrol offense this year and really try to run downhill for the most part?

<TomBeaver> tonyles -- I think they'll try to control the TOs ... and then let Devin make a play on 3rd down if need be

<TomBeaver> I think they'd chaulk up last years losses to TOs - period

<outcastinohio> How much trouble would we be in if we had to play Shane for a long stretch of time?

<TomBeaver> outcast -- well there's no Braylon to bail him our ... so trouble

<KyleBogie> My opinion, the Nebraskas loss was a direct result of not having Devin ready to come in at QB

<outcastinohio> Kyle that is pretty much everyones opinion

<KyleBogie> tonyles. Michigan is going to try to do that. Will they be successful with three new interior guys especially against teams with strong fronts like ND? We're going to find out.

<TomBeaver> Henne had a fast 6-4 guy with great hands who could jump up and catch it ... Braylon spent that year bailing Henne out lol

<BlueFan31> Tom, wasn't it true at one point that Malone and Loeffler were just coaching Henne to throw it up for grabs to Braylon?

<KyleBogie> s TOMM...Tom you are right on with that one LOL. Braylon couldnv't e, could've, helped any QB that played in 2004. Made it so much easier

<outcastinohio> Why didn't the coaches have Devin ready to play at Nebraska? Or did Bellomy really look that good only to freeze up under the lights

<TomBeaver> BlueFan - hadn't heard that, but why not

<TomBeaver> that's what I'da told him lol

<KyleBogie> outcastinohio. Tough spot for any quarterback to be thrown into but Devin would've at least had some road experience.

<TomBeaver> outcast -- that's one of those unanswerable questions ... I'd put it up there with Roswell, lol

<tonyles> Tom and Kyle - I get the sense that this could be our best defense since 2006.  What say you?

<TomBeaver> I'm out here looking for Bigfoot ... so THAT unanswerable should be handled soon, lol

<TomBeaver> tonyles -- mmmm, I don't think that's a given ... but I hope so. If Jake Ryan was out there yeah ... IMO

<outcastinohio> The decision to not have Devin ready is going to be one that stands in Hoke's career for a long time imo.

<gerrygarner> THanks Kyle. Any feelings on how the 2014 class ends up? How's Michigan's chances with BOlden

<KyleBogie> tonyles. WHOA. I would say pump the brake. That defense had A LOT of talent and a lot of older/experience d players that were playing with a major chip on their shoulder. I expect the deffense to be good butthat team started 11-0 LOL

<outcastinohio> Anyways are we still pursing Kallan Ballage at all?

<kcpros> Hey guys seems like 9/7 may be our biggest recruiting even I have seen there are a ton of big names coming.  How many possible commits do you see in particular if we win with the same atmosphere at UTL 1?

<kn212003> Most interesting Fr or RS Fr you want to see on Saturday?  Wormley and Kalis for me

<KyleBogie> gerrygraner. Michigan's chances with Bolden are great. Just comes down to how badly they want him and how the rest of the forwards take their time.

<TomBeaver> Kyle - yessir ... we have to see how Countess comes back, and how Ryan comes back ... MAYBE by November ... we'll see

<tonyles> I said our best defensive team since 2006.  I don't think that would be hard to accomplish given what I've seen the last 6 years.

<TomBeaver> Ballage - I bet they're still recruiting him, but not sure

<TomBeaver> tonyles - last 2 were both good ... will this be better - depends, as I say

<TomBeaver> IMO

<KyleBogie> The team we see this Saturday will be a much different and far more seasoned team come that november stretch. No replacement for game snaps

<outcastinohio> Is motor still a problem for Wormley? I saw him in high school and noticed that he seemed to take plays off at times.

<kcpros> Kyle do you get the sense the coaches are a bit concerned early on considering how young the team is?

<TomBeaver> outcast - I think Wormley is a work in progress ... he's a guy you DIDn't want to see get an ACL, IMO

<TomBeaver> Central BTW is a good MAC team ... not great, but ood ... good ... they have a touh schedule this year tho

<KyleBogie> The defense in Hoke's first year allowed them to go 11-2. Was pieced together but still.

<kn212003> Central has a new QB getting his 1st start in the Big House, moment might be a bit big for him

<TomBeaver> me personally, I don't think the coaches are worried ... I think they think they can get by ND and then cruise into November ... THEN the rubber hits the road

<outcastinohio> Tom, What is one game this year that concerns you that maybe most wouldnt think of.

<kcpros> They also have a good RB but lost their best lineman

<KyleBogie> kcpros. I've atually heard nothing but confidence from Brady and the coordinators at the press conferences. I'm kind of surprised honestly. With three new starters on OL and young pieces working in on defense, it'll be interesting to watch especially against ND.

<TomBeaver> outcast -- well, everyone says NW ... I say ND will be a crucial game for them - a have-to win

<kcpros> Kyle that is interesting.  My guess is they feel better about the OL because while they are greener they are more talented..

<KingHippo> Recruiting: Hand still November and McDowell January? Any chance those could change?

<tonyles> -+

<tonyles> +

<KyleBogie> kcpros. Agree. Last year they were old but inexperienced and not very talented. This season there is a lot of talent to work with. Exaclty why I think come November they're ready to roll.

<kcpros> I think NW maybe a tougher win because it is on the road but I agree Tom a win at ND could set up their entire season.  Look at the last two years and the difference.

<TomBeaver> Hippo -- I'd guess McDowell will put recruiting on the back burner for the season ... one never knows of course

<TomBeaver> ND is the linch-pin game ... that's why I'm as glad as ND is, BTW, to drop it

<kn212003> @MSU/NEB/@NW is a tough stretch, hard to get through that w/out a L somewhere

<TomBeaver> why put a crucial game like that so early?

<KyleBogie> McDowell is an interesting one. I heard Malik wanted to commit. Others told him to wait. Ask Josh more about that one on Thurdsday...

<BlueFan31> Wow. Interesting, Kyle

<kcpros> Tom, again I agree with you 100% on ND

<kcpros> Well Malik and I have that in common I want him to commit

<BlueFan31> Kyle, by "others", do you mean his parents and coaches?

<kcpros> Kyle if Coleman comes in do you think he commits?

<KyleBogie> LOL everyone wants Malik to commit. The 2014 commmits feel pretty confident...

<TomBeaver> Kyle - yep on McDowell ... so once he gets into his season he'll sit back and wait, IMO ... and, really that's what I'd tell my son if he were a top-top guy ... why hurry

<KyleBogie> kcpros. I think the chance of him ge committing on his next visit to Michigan is very strong. Agian, we will have to see how it pays out and when he comes.

<kcpros> Has to help playing with Marshall

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. Just those in his "circle"

<TomBeaver> Bogie - hope you're right! I really do! And that'd mean he would have to do recruiting during the season too!

<KyleBogie> Not in a negative way toward Michigan. Dad has wanted Michigan since SMSB in 2012. McDowell I'm speaking of

<kcpros> By the way Kyle seems like you and Josh had quite a good time watching Harris in action was it as impressive in person

<TomBeaver> Damien Harri - that guy is a BIG back!

<KyleBogie> kcpros. We did! LOL. It was just kind of shocking. Rockcastle seemed to have him under control and then the kick return happended. And then they just put the ball in his hands and all of the sudden he was finding every hole, springing, and scorng.

<KyleBogie> It was quite laughable.

<kcpros> In a few years we can have an NCAA 4 x 100 Peppers, Harris, Campbell, and we'll have to consider the 4th here

<TomBeaver> kcpros - it'd be a complete shock if McDowell went anywhere but U-M

<KyleBogie> I'd never seen anything like what Harris did. He scored on consecutive carries from a long way away in that third quarter

<KyleBogie> Yeah Tom, he's a lot bigger than you would think

<TomBeaver> he looks like he's not moving fast out there because he's a big guy

<kcpros> I was following you on Twitter and GBW and I couldn't believe how fast you guys were posting scores

<mongoose0614> Harris looked very thick in the film.

<kcpros> He seems to have great instints as well

<KyleBogie> kcpros. LOL. Just trying to keep you guys up to date! I couldn't believe it myself though. Felt like I was typing an update and two minues later he scored again. Just how it happened. Unreal.

<BlueBMOC> the team he was playing against looked like 8th graders

<TomBeaver> Kentucky has to play a fairly weak brand of ball ... but, still, he's the real deal

<kn212003> He was better at the Underclassman Combine at USAAA than Mixon wasn't he?

<kcpros> I was watching some games this weekend and Trinity is the number 2 team in the country per ESPN and they are in Kentucky not bad

<kcpros> but clearly the overall talent is not great in kentucky

<TomBeaver> he's a completely different kind of player than Mixon ... hard to compare the 2 IMO

<KyleBogie> Kentucky is definitely not known for their high school football lol BUT with that being said, playing 1 RB against 9 in the box, I don't acare if it's a bunch of girls out there, he was barely being touchde on some of his long runs, working his way through with ease.

<KyleBogie> Mixon is pretty darn good

<kcpros> And they did contain him for 2 quarters too bad there are 4 qts in a game LOL

<tonyles> Does the injury list look like this:  Ryan (out), Bellomy (Out), Avery (Out), Bryant (Questionable), Black (Probable), Shallman (Out), Green (Questionable)?

<KyleBogie> KCPROS. That's the kthing, they were able to stop him for a bit so it wasn't like they were complete scrubs

<TomBeaver> I thnk that's about it

<kcpros> Kyle if you had to pick the QB most likely to get a UM offer who would it be?

<BELLO> Shallman has been injured since middle school

<KyleBogie> My opinion, I think if Derrick Green doesn't play much or at all against CMU it won'thve anything to do with an injury. I think he's truly just trying to get in shape and find his way right now.

<kn212003> Kyle - 2 Kentucky visits so far and Kennard hasn't committed, you surprised by that?

<KyleBogie> I could be wrong though

<kcpros> Bello:)

<KyleBogie> kcpros. WAY too early to tell at this point. I don't think they'll even really start doing their full evaluations as a staff until December?

<tonyles> I really hope the 2015 commitment train slows down just a little bit....

<TomBeaver> there was a reason Sam went to Indiana last weekend ... but we'll see of course

<Jro34> With regards to Harris, that was some jv competition he was going against

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Brian Snow is very confident that Kennard will end up at Kentucky. I can only rely on what I know first hand and I still believe if Kennard's parents had to pick a school, it would be Michigan. Luke's childhood affnity for Kentucky is the hurdle

<TomBeaver> tonyles -- it should soon ... maybe one more first???

<kcpros> Neal look good on film but of course those are just highlights

<KyleBogie> More on Kennard: I think it's a great sign that the Kennards sare still recruiting Michigan, not always the other way arond. It is a good sign, in my opinion, that he hasn't committed to Kentucky yet. Still not confienet the tide will turn completely though.

<kcpros> Which one Tom?

<tonyles> I'd like some players to at least play their junior years to validate their ability before accepting too many more commitments

<gerrygarner> Kyle, any chance UM would take 2 forwards in 2014? Both Bolden and Grantham seem like a completely different player than Jaylen Johnson

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. I don't think it's likely unless they feel Bolden can be the wing in the class. I know they really like Devin Robinson, Grantham next, they're still deciding on Bolden and then we'll see if they pull the trigger on an offer for Johson. You're right on the diversity of their games though.

<TomBeaver> well guys ... it's time to cook my dinner ... the waitin is finnal just about over!

<TomBeaver> the waitin is finally about over!

<snic2u> thanks for everything tom

<kcpros> Thanks!!

<gerrygarner> Thanks Kyle. Alhough Michigan didn't even make Devin Robinson's top 5 so I'd assume that one's over.

<TomBeaver> THANKS as always!

<gerrygarner> Has BLueitt confirmed an officeial?

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. Said he's still giving them a look. Not over yet.

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. Nothing outside of his UCLA visit is confirmed at this point.

<kcpros> Hey Kyle keep up the good work thanks!!

<KyleBogie> kcpros. Appreciate that. It's all getting pretty exciting now with the season starting. Busy, but fun!

<KyleBogie> I'm gonna take off too!

<snic2u> kyle do you think Blueitt commits this weekend?

<snic2u> thanks kyle

<KyleBogie> snic2u. I do NOT. My opinion though. I think Michigan has invested too much to not receive another visit

<snic2u> thanks and good to hear

<KyleBogie> Thnk you ALL. Enjoy "Game Week!"

<KyleBogie> Have a good night everyone.

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