Hoke talks CMU and playing Morris

Brady Hoke addresses CMU and playing freshman this week, specifically Shane Morris, and his game plan vs. Central Michigan. Will the Michigan offense keep it simple with Notre Dame looming? ***With Video***

ANN ARBOR -- Three days till kickoff.

Yes, that's it. Michigan's 134th season of college football is only three days away. Three days from strapping it up against Central Michigan at Michigan stadium. Three days from their pursuit of a 43rd Big Ten championship.

And it couldn't get here sooner enough.

"Three days away," Michigan coach Brady Hoke said at his Wednesday weekly press conference. "We've had a good camp. We broke, we've had good week of practice so far. You know, we got to make sure at all times we are paying attention to the details and the discipline we want to play with."

Despite U-M being a 30-point favorite against CMU, Hoke said the Wolverines' will have their work cut out for them come Saturday.

"Central, you know? Won (their) last four football games a year ago," Hoke said. "They won three to put themselves into a bowl game. Won the bowl game. I think that's significant in how they have developed. And how (coach Dan Enos) has developed his football team. They have a veteran group of coaches and some spots have been around and do a nice job. Will have our work cut out for us. We got to play our best football game."

CMU will also give U-M coaches their first opportunity to see the starters go against someone other than a fellow teammate.

"It will be good No. 1, they're tired of beating up on each other and it will be a good test to see where we are at," Hoke said. "And looking forward to the test with as many of the young guys that are going to play. And, you know, guys who haven't really taken the field before."

If the game were to get out hand, it would give ample opportunity for underclassman to get some much needed game experience. And freshman quarterback Shane Morris is one of the players that Hoke would like to get some game experience on Saturday.

"I think you are always wanting to be able to get guys in games," Hoke said. "Obviously the quarterback position being what it is, if that ability came – we would to get him as much work as we could."

Hoke said there is no plan to simplify his playbook vs. CMU, even with Notre Dame looming the following week.

"We got nothing to hide," Hoke said. "We really don't. We got nothing to hide in what we do and how we do it. And you know I think that, that is really overblown when you're trying to keep something that they maybe haven't seen. You're going to tweak what you do from one week to the other for the most part anyway, especially from an offensive perspective.

"Will do what we do."

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