Lewan talks Notre Dame Rivalry

U-M senior OT Taylor Lewan talked Notre Dame and more Monday. Please watch inside. W/VIDEO

Michigan Senior Offensive Tackle Taylor Lewan talks Notres Dame and more.

On his perspective of the Notre Dame rivalry: "It's a national rivalry. We have three big rivalries: Michigan State, Ohio and Notre Dame so it's unfortunate it's coming to an end and it's the last time we play them at home, but I'm excited for it. I'm excited for this game."

On what he remembers from the Under the Lights game two years ago: "We won. It was exciting, so it was a good game, and it came down to the wire. You never want it to come down to the wire, but at the end of the day we won, so it was good. Last year playing at Notre Dame, we had six turnovers and didn't play well. None of us [played well]. That's unfortunate, but hopefully we won't have that this year."

On what he will miss about the ND series when he's gone: "It's a huge national rivalry. To be around that team and play that team... the idea of a rivalry and being there on Saturday, it's a phenomenal feeling. There are three big rivals, now it's coming down to two. I'm fortunate to be playing them my senior year, so that's huge. It's unfortunate [that it's ending], but I'm going to get over it."

On his impressions of the offensive line in their first week: "We did okay. We can always do a lot better. We had some yards -- a lot of yards -- so that was good, but you have to improve each week. You can't be a championship team if you don't improve each week."

To hear the rest of Lewan's press conference -- click on the video below.

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