Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

GoBlueWolverine's Tom Beaver and Kyle Bogenschutz discuss Michigan's win over Central Michigan, standout freshmen, looking ahead to Notre Dame, football recruiting and how the 2014 class will change the WR position, the fallout of Trevon Bluiett's decision, and more.

Due to the length of the chat, the first part was cut off and unable to be retrieved in replay: 

<KyleBogie> There will be no choice but tio double Nix inside on Saturday. You're talking 6-1, 6-2, 290-ish against 6-3, 350

<fishtaxi> disagree tom I think we need a big more than we will need another wing imo

<TomBeaver> taxi - we do, but I want Booker!

<guthrie> really too bad Glasgow can't be the center with Bryant at guard.  Miller is frankly going to be alii liability against Nix

<fishtaxi> Tom I would be happy with bolden and Jalen Coleman  ,,just me

<KyleBogie> fishtaxi. Absolutely. But again, it's about Michigan believing he's good enough too. Plus, can he play the stretch four at all? Not so sure. I like him though.

<TomBeaver> well a raw Glasgow woulda probably had his hat handed to him

<guthrie> Miller was getting pushed back against CMU.  Can't imagine what Nix will do to him.

<skuzzim> most centers including molk would be a liability against nix

<guthrie> thought glasgow practiced signficantly at center?  am i way off on that?

<tonyles> they will double Nix

<TomBeaver> guthrie - yes he did

<fishtaxi> wow kyle you question whether Bolden can play the  stretch 4?

<guthrie> doubling a guy opens up things for others.  and the rest of the linemen at ND are not slouches.

<TomBeaver> but he's raw as far as not having ever played much FB

<KyleBogie> fishtaxi. He's not Glenn Robinson in the fact that he's very, very skinny. He's more perimeter oriented in my opinion. Glenn even struggled, at times, to defend some of the 6-8, 240- pound PF's last year...

<TomBeaver> besides ... U-M can operate on the edges if need be -- both Devin and Fitz

<ryan1418> how is notre dames secondary?

<mongoose0614> It is time to kill ND with our TE's instead of the other way around.

<fishtaxi> yeah kyle but dont he have wingspan of 1 7 fter?

<sedici> Tom, do you feel that we will be able to pressure Reese enough to force turnovers like 2 years ago?

<TomBeaver> I expect both O and D to play well ... and for U-M to win, and play from in front

<guthrie> unless Bryant's injury is a chronic/career ending deal, I fully expect to see him take over at some point this year.  The real wild car ... card will be Kugler next year.  If Kugler wins center then we have GREAT depth at guard

<TomBeaver> sedici - definitely

<mongoose0614> DG needs to have less picks than TR

<TomBeaver> mongoose - that's what I wanna see too

<fishtaxi> a 7 fter kyle?

<sedici> Tom, Does Delano Hill see any time on D....he is built like a senior.

<KyleBogie> fishtaxi. Wing span is great but if someone bodies you up and shields, does it matter? I think right now they see other stretch fours as more viable options. Need to see more of him to extend offer.

<BigJes> Kyle - have you divulged much yet about Bluiett to UCLA?  How'd they snag him?

<TomBeaver> sedici - not this week

<sedici> Thanks Tom have a great night.

<fishtaxi> thanks kyle

<guthrie> my off the wall prediction has been thet A.J. Williams is the irish killer this week.  they won't see him coming as a pass threat and the c  guy can catch the ball.

<TomBeaver> If you've been to UCLA it's beautiful, and a basketball school ... IMO they promised him a starting spot fom Day Uno

<BigJes> that would be a shocker for sure guthrie

<fishtaxi> kyle I would rebut with the fact we had novak at the 4

<skuzzim> who superceded expectations the most

<BigJes> fish- our teams with Novak at the 4 were pretty limited (ceiling wise)

<TomBeaver> Pus , plus Alford has the Indiana connection

<fishtaxi> agree with that bigjes

<TomBeaver> My guess is that Bluiett couldn't quite see himself at U-M because of the competition

<guthrie> uca . . . ucla should have the top class in basketball every freakin' year.  Beautiful campus, newly renovated facilities, history on par with any school, BEAUTIFUL co-eds, arena in the middle of campus, everything you could ask for

<KyleBogie> Big Jes. Michigan lead. UCLA thought they were losing him. UCLA did everything they could possibly do to change his mind. They did . He committed.

<TomBeaver> guthrie - yep

<guthrie> if you were designing a program from scratch with every built in advantage, you would create UCLA

<KyleBogie> I do not believe in the slightest that this had anything to do with facilities, the beach in California, etc.

<KyleBogie> fishtaxi. Novak is as tough as any player I've seen on the basketball floor. Not every kid has that in him.

<TomBeaver> UCLA isn't on the beach anyhoo ... but it's by Beverly Hiils! lol

<fishtaxi> agree kyle

<KyleBogie> The sunshine, whatever.

<guthrie> And it's 10 minutes from the oca ; . . . ocean and santa monica

<guthrie> i'm not sayng it had anything to do with buliett, just that they should be much better than they are

<TomBeaver> it's a half hour fo the ocean ... well, 20-25 minutes ... but who's counting lol

<mongoose0614> guth.....not to mention incredible fertile recruiting territory with no one close with any tradition except zona.  Other closest is Kansas

<kn212003> Kyle - Does Michigan push harder for Kameron Chatman now, still gotta be a longshot over Zona though

<guthrie> yep.  there's not a school in the country that has as many built in advantages as ucla

<fishtaxi> good? kn212

<KyleBogie> UCLA did everything and anything they possibly could to land Bluiett.

<TomBeaver> IMO they promised him a starting spot, and could put enormous pressure on him as a basketball school ... and it IS beautiful out there, UCLA is dazzling

<skuzzim> ok which player was the greatest suprise in the fb game

<TomBeaver> but, just guessing

<mongoose0614> not to mention an incredible booster program

<KyleBogie> kn212003. They'll try to get Kam to pop this weekend I think. Booker remains the priority above everyone else now though

<TomBeaver> Bogie - I'm sure they did

<guthrie> skuzzim, to me it's either Jarrod Wilson or cam gordon

<guthrie> maybe beyer as well

<kn212003> UCLA getting back to the recruiting ways of Wooden?

<TomBeaver> Do you think they get Booker?

<guthrie> i'm wondering if booker is waiting to see what blackmon does

<fishtaxi> Kyle do you fear the ulis- booker pkg deal to sparty  or is tyhat being overplayed by others?

<TomBeaver> I think U-M plays with a chip on their shoulder Saturday and has a good game ... and wins

<KyleBogie> With Booker, I believe Michigan remains in strong position there. Then again, I thought Michigan was landing Bluiett so we'll ee what happens. If they don't get Booker it's because he  was so taken with Kentucky

<skuzzim> other than miller, what area, aspect of the team, or player will nd most try to exploit

<fishtaxi> kyle? spartynot a factor here?

<guthrie> so you see it as a UM'/Kentucky battle?  i've always wondered why msu wasn't considered more of a threat with their acres of playing time.

<KyleBogie> fishtaxi. I wouldn't go as far as to say they are not a factor but if he doesn't go to Michigan it won't be because he's heading to Michigan State.

<TomBeaver> I think ND will figure they can stop U-M defensively ... but I have confidence in Devin's ability to make plays

<guthrie> cool.  great info, kyle

<BlueBMOC> any other notable visitors besides the big 2 this weekend?

<TomBeaver> two top '15 kids too ...

<skuzzim> how fast is/was reynolds

<guthrie> no one of ND's offense scares me.  Michael Floyd scared me.  so did Cierre Wood.  but not this year.

<mongoose0614> ND will figure they can press our WR's and bring extra pressure.........problem is devin can make them pay.  If he does we win.

<TomBeaver> Hilliard and Cornell

<BlueBMOC> those 2 would be huge IMO

<TomBeaver> Reynolds isn't that fast at all, IMO

<kn212003> We are in nice position w/ both Hilliard and Cornell already, this weekend could make them strong leans, but it's early

<mongoose0614> None of UMs receivers are fast.

<TomBeaver> meaning, IMO, the knee is less a factor

<fishtaxi> for what its worth  a friend of a friend are both huge sparty fans ate dinner the other night with Russel,byrd Appling and Dawson Russel Byrd said izzo is hard on all of the kids to the point where kids are not running to -play for him anymore

<guthrie> raeally?  i figured he must be fast becuase he came to UM initially on a trak scholarship

<TomBeaver> goose -- lol

<skuzzim> somewhere, someone said he had track speed.....suprised me

<KyleBogie> mongoose0614. That's precisely while , escuse me, why, I believe Dennis Norfleet is going to be huge.

<guthrie> well, he had a track schilarship so you'd think he does

<kn212003> Some ppl in EL have hinted that Appling goes so far as to tell kids not to come to MSU

<KyleBogie> fishtaxi. There's a lot of truth to that.

<BlueBMOC> agree Kyle, hopefully he gets 5-7 touches per game on O

<guthrie> what????

<umjaker> Dileo 36 yard catch took a minute by my time

<TomBeaver> umjaker - lol

<guthrie> that's kinda shocking, kn and kyle.  i'm not being sarcastic.

<KyleBogie> BlueBMOC. I say more. Kid is special and can break one at any time. Gamebreakers are hard to come by and almost all of Michigan's receivers are possession types.

<skuzzim> is dileo equal to welker

<guthrie> dileo isn't close to welker's speed

<guthrie> great hands, though

<mongoose0614> skuzzim...........reread your question and answer it yourself:)

<BlueBMOC> I think you will see him get more touches per game as he gets more comfortable with the position/plays

<TomBeaver> Bogie - yep ... that'll change with Harris, but this year it is what it is ... IMO the biggest threat is Funchess

<KyleBogie> I've heard similar from people in Detroit...

<stressman989> any update on Hand?

<skuzzim> mongoose, i don't watch much pro ball

<KyleBogie> Tom. Harris will definitely add that. I think Fred Cnateen will add that. He's another I think can be a gamebreaker

<skuzzim> or i would have answered it myself

<TomBeaver> Hand? no ... but hopefully there'll be one after this weekend, lol!

<paulgk> watching the FSU game, and i hope campbell plays like this benjamin guy on FSU

<guthrie> devin has to keep in mind that the way to beat ND is with our TD's . . . TE's.  if he falls in love with the long ball, it could be a problem.

<mongoose0614> If we had 2014 and 2015 WR's on this team we contend for NC this year

<skuzzim> did not watch nd, are they vulnerable at the edges

<tonyles> Can't live in the world of 'if's'; lots of teams could say that

<guthrie> speed is coming but it's a couple of years away on the outside receiver position.  Damario, Canteen, Harris (sort of), Campbell.  it will take a couple of years before they play much.

<umjaker> Lou Holtz was not pleased with Kelly's comments

<TomBeaver> mongoose - well the '97 team didn't have a wide out either (cept Charles on 3rd down) ... so you make do

<stressman989> If Michigan was undefeated going into his commitment, do you think it would be a no-brainer that Hand chooses Michigan?

<BlueBMOC> does doug dutch have any elibility left?

<umjaker> is Joe Reynolds out?

<paulgk> any peppers to offense talk?

<tonyles> Is Lou Holtz relevant?

<TomBeaver> Kelly is an ass, always has been ... did he grow up a ND fan? If not, he has no idea about the rivalry really

<kn212003> I thought Funchess looked good on both his catches & runs on Sunday, he was only targeted 2x.  Gotta think they target him more as the season goes on

<KyleBogie> mongoose0614. I agree with that to an extent. The beauty for Michigan fans of how this staff has recruited is that they got the OL and DL in early  because it's harder for young kids to play at thos e positions. Now they're getting elite playmakers, guys at positions that are easier to come in and play.

<guthrie> maybe Jourdan Lewis could be an outside speed guy

<mongoose0614> Charles was good for an extra possesion a game and a TD on o or d every other week.  If we have sr peppers on this team I think we contend too

<kn212003> Kelly is an East Coast catholic ... BC was his school growing up, so I'm sure he followed ND too

<guthrie> barring injury, hard to imagine Peppers stays four years.

<KyleBogie> Kelly's comment. I don't even think that's Kelly saying it, I think it's the athletic depearment wanting him to say it so that , again, stupidly , Notre Dame can make themselves look like they don't NEED anyone.

<mongoose0614> Kelly wasn't a fan of any college.........Kelly was a fan of Kelly

<KyleBogie> Just like I think ND made Jim Delany look like a fool

<TomBeaver> stressman -- I think U-M has a lead with Hand ... if they play well Sat and then have a good season it'll be hard to see how they lose him, IMO

<guthrie> Jim Delany doesn't need ND's help to look like a fool

<mongoose0614> lol guth

<KyleBogie> guthrie. Couldn't agree more, could addthe word again to it.

<skuzzim> with stribling, peppers, lewis; will we have two shutdown corners

<TomBeaver> Kelly's always been an ass, just who he is

<stressman989> Thanks, Tom.

<umjaker> Jim Delany is a fool, it took him ten years in to get a conference championship game

<fishtaxi> kn2 I believe thaqt based on my buddies comments and he is a huge sparty

<TomBeaver> that's why MSU didn't want him

<guthrie> he's lucky people have forgotten about his race comments when he was at cmu

<TomBeaver> guth -- yep

<BlueFan31> Outside of Chesson and Norfleet, I don't think any of our receivers can be considered particularly speedy.

<fishtaxi> kyle jimdelaney makes jim delaney look like a fool

<TomBeaver> I'm looking forward to the game, and I'm not that worried about it actually

<mongoose0614> I think UM has some kind of virus on campus.  It is where speedsters go to slow down........cept denard

<guthrie> even norfleet doesn't seem THAT fast to me.  astonishing quickness/lateral cut ability.  top end speed?  don't see it.

<TomBeaver> Delany -- he's just (IMO) not a B1G guy ... so his decisions are not B1G decisions

<mongoose0614> agree guth and he is going to get killed trying to cut back on kickoff returns

<mongoose0614> can't stop like that

<stressman989> So is Stribling playing like he should've been a four star and will play a lot in the season, or is it just a lack of depth at the DB position?

<tonyles> Kind of off topic, but are we through with conference realignment now?

<TomBeaver> Stribling is the real deal

<KyleBogie> You're not gonna find more of a Jim Delany hater than me, my point was just that ND constantly has an agenda and makes themselves look and feel more important than they truly are.

<fishtaxi> agree guth difference between top speed and front end quickness

<skuzzim> norfleet's track times were good.  but, we apparently take track guys (reynolds) and make them slow

<rgarg1> Tom..have to love this staff's ability to get under the radar kids from camp performance. Canteen and Watson could also be STEALS like Stribling

<guthrie> seems to me like a guy who is getting starting minutes at UM when he's competing with established, talented upperclass guys like stribling is doing should be a five star

<umjaker> good news joe reynolds is fine

<TomBeaver> he was just so skinny in HS that he was a sleeper, he was a skinny wideout ... he's filling out not who .. now tho

<TomBeaver> rgarg - well that's what camp is for ... to snag 1-2-3 sleepers

<BlueFan31> A good comparison to Stribling would be Sparty defensive back Kurtis Drummond

<BlueFan31> coming out of high school that is

<skuzzim> is the danish guy really that much better than sellers

<tonyles> We played 11 true freshmen this past Saturday.  Do you think that's it for the year?

<TomBeaver> the ultimate camp sleeper - Dave Molk

<guthrie> if he turns out to be that good, he's the steal of the entire recruiting class nationwide

<TomBeaver> tonyles - yes I do think that's it for the frosh as far as playing ... you never know of course

<paulgk> any word on how wangler started his senior season?

<skuzzim> i think msu is absolutely ready for the taking

<BlueBMOC> excited to see T Gordon back in the line up

<TomBeaver> wangler -- goo start, he's just more a safety-type than LB right now ... he'll get bigger tho

<BlueFan31> If MSU had Devin at QB, they'd waltz into the Big Ten championship game

<kn212003> Kyle - Bailey Edwards gonna be a Michigan level recruit?

<fishtaxi> agree skuzum  as long as we dont let their defense score we should win confortbaly

<guthrie> i think it really hurts that t gordon missed the first game.  as the old saying goes, the most improvement happens from game 1 to game 2, even for e vetereans

<TomBeaver> most-all of U-M's best players are sleepers or semi-sleepers, lol

<fishtaxi> bluefan disagree their o line is awful

<skuzzim> msu missing running game and ol

<outcastinohio> and recievers who can catch

<BlueBMOC> way off base bluefan, need receivers too, they don't have anything on O

<KyleBogie> On Wangler. He's already MUCH bigger than he was last season. Really remarkable development in the weight room . Justsaw him at wAYNE sTATE the other night. Has the frame to add even more.

<guthrie> bluefan, msu fans think they do have devin on their team.  his name is Damion Terry.

<TomBeaver> Kyle - good

<kn212003> Kyle - Heard Malzone looked great vs. St. Ignatius

<KyleBogie> i KNOW Stan is hoping Bailey is a Michigan level recruit! LOL. Need to see mre of him, excited to watch him develop.

<stressman989> It's going to be crazy when these young guys are upperclassman.

<TomBeaver> Malzone -- we love him ... just don't think U-M loves him as much as we do, not yet anyways

<TomBeaver> never say never of course

<BlueBMOC> how big is malzone?

<KyleBogie> Malzone was , simply put, fantastic on Saturday from what i was told.

<TomBeaver> I'd say Malzone is 6-2 or a smidge more

<paulgk> what are the negatives on Malzone as UM sees them?

<guthrie> i wonder what um's hesitance is on malzone.

<mongoose0614> hearing it is his height

<skuzzim> i sure wish they would keep some mobility in the qb

<TomBeaver> paulgk,guthriw - I'll let Kyle take that one, lol

<guthrie> really?  6'2" seems tall enough to me.  maybe not ideal but still . . .

<mongoose0614> I do get the feeling that Al likes certain physical characteristics that he likes kids to have.  If someone can play take him no matter how tall

<paulgk> agree, i may be a de La Salle alum, but shane's pocket mobiliity looks suspect

<TomBeaver> If you look at the guy U-M took at QB in this class ... then maybe they want 'em exter-tall

<TomBeaver> we though Malzone was really good at camp

<KyleBogie> palugk. Height is one issue although I don't believe height is that big of a deal if you have an arm and he has an arm that's for sure. He wasn't the full time starter last year either so I think it'll be huge to watch his film this fall

<zs05wc> *Extra tall

<mongoose0614> pocket mobility...........our qbs have plenty.  SHange and Wilton are more than athletic enough

<skuzzim> Tom and or Kyle, what is the probrability that we take two players after mcdowell and hand

<guthrie> how tall is Messiah deWeaver?

<TomBeaver> skuzzim -- looks small ... they may be worried about the size of the '15 class

<guthrie> and is um focused more on deweaver or on the "phenom" over in Arizona?

<umbob1> Our QB's need to be leaders.  Can anyone attest to how great a leader Malzone is on his team?  Just wondering?  QB is more than how you throw

<TomBeaver> deWeaver miiiight be over 6-2 ... but he's a year younger and physically immature, so IMO they think i that he'll shurely grow some more

<paulgk> umbob1 - Georgia agrees with you, can murray ever win a big game

<skuzzim> was mone injured

<umbob1> griese was a walk on

<TomBeaver> guthrie - the phemon is on the Texas/Louisiana border, Shea Patterson ... we'll see on that one. I hear the Pattersons love U-M

<guthrie> yes, he was injured

<TomBeaver> as does his former coach

<KyleBogie> deWeaver is still on the small side but I'd already give him 6-1 at least probably taller now since the last time I saw him though. I'm headed to Trtowood this Friday night to see him and Tyree Kinnel (Huber Heights)

<TomBeaver> Mone - yes I believe he was

<Loomdog> How about that start for Dtmonte Thomas,can you guys see him starting before Big Ten season starts?

<skuzzim> ok, how bad was the injury

<umbob1> Did Dymonte play much in the 1st half at safety/nickle?

<guthrie> never heard exactly but the initial reports were that it was pretty bad

<TomBeaver> Bogie - you think he's 6-1? gosh I'd say taller ... but being skinny makes a kid look taller .. his helmet looked too big for him, lol

<TomBeaver> umbob - not nickel

<skuzzim> do you think the playing of freshmen will continue at current levels or is this purely a reflection of our depth

<KyleBogie> 6-1 at the very least. I'd give him 6-2 though. I'm 6-0 and he wasn't someone I had to look up to much that's all

<TomBeaver> skuzzim - tough question... they certainly won't get in there this week ... the next 2, yes ... IMO it's depth

<skuzzim> sure looks good to recruits

<KyleBogie> I'm not sure where Dymonte would lock down a starting spot at if he did. If Jarrod Wilson is going to play like THAT, he'd come on at nickel maybe, but that  would mean not sliding Countess over and leaving Stribling off the field at one of the corner slots.

<mongoose0614> good problems kyle

<BlueBMOC> i think dymonte slides inw when t gordon leaves

<guthrie> countess looked MUCH better covering the slot than he did outside

<skuzzim> who is our best db .....on potential.....not experience

<guthrie> his performance outside was a bit troubling

<TomBeaver> BlueBMOC - and I think he'll be hard to keep off the field as the season progresses

<TomBeaver> e

<TomBeaver> best DB - Countess

<TomBeaver> by far, that's my IMO

<KyleBogie> Stribling was the first DB off the bench on that first third down situation if I recal correctly. Don't think that's gonna change unless he really screws up.

<BlueFan31> Countess looks to have lost a step...

<stressman989> is Stribling the best out of all the Freshman/Sophomore?

<mongoose0614> Funny thing is that so many people complaining about where we S and WR etc and we had our best opener that I can remember.

<djpgolf42> Is Countess a little rusty or was it the scheme they were in.  It seemed he wasn't up on who he was covering as much as I expected.

<TomBeaver> and BTW, after Army Week I thought Countess was just a guy, that he didn't even really belong there ... he did not have a good army week to my eyes ... that's rare for a kid to play so-so there and be as good as he is

<guthrie> despite the Adrian Peterson example, most guys truly take two years to get back to their former self.  i've been beating that drum on countess for a year now.

<skuzzim> and you think he has more potential than stribling

<TomBeaver> streessman -- too early to say that ... give Green a chance for ex

<BlueFan31> Agreed Guth. I don't expect a ton from Wormley this year either.

<stressman989> Tom, sorry I meant DB's. haha

<BlueBMOC> liked what i saw from godin

<BlueFan31> Ditto on Godin

<TomBeaver> Countess -- gotta cut him a little slack ... I think mentally the comeback was hard for him, like with Wormley

<mongoose0614> Fitz looked good.  Those finding fault or saying the fresh looked better are looking too hard.  Fitz had a couple of was when the takler was blocked into him the second was when he misread the hole on a draw and missed a 15yd easy pickup

<TomBeaver> the kid can hit tho for a corner

<guthrie> godin's film from spring was so darn impressive.  he's so quick at the snap.  he may lack some tools but that quic first step makes up for a lot.

<umjaker> hopeful he pops daniels into the dropsies

<BlueBMOC> stribling looks like an able and willing tackler too

<skuzzim> which freshman or rs freshman dl played best

<TomBeaver> Stressman -- you gotta give Dymonte a chance there

<KyleBogie> Godin , I thought, was one of the better performers on the DL in the spring game. Including starters in that. He really threw himself in there and was disruptive from what I saw. Saw the same thing from him ySaturday

<stressman989> haha true that

<rounds> Tom or Kyle, how are the true Frosh wrs performing

<TomBeaver> oops lost my internet for a few minutes

<BlueBMOC> thought i saw york out there?

<TomBeaver> I believe York was out there, wasn't he?

<KyleBogie> rounds. Foun it interesting that they burned York's redshirt. They all are VERY skinny though and IMO just not immediate impact players. Not having a freshman ready to play, like they will in 2014, hurts this team. Funchess can make up for that though.

<mongoose0614> york played

<KyleBogie> Yup, York was.

<TomBeaver> wellguys, gonna call it a Labor Day ... next Monday we'll all be happy, IMO

<rounds> Kyle, who do you think Beilein offers as a four?

<TomBeaver> Go Blue! And thanks!

<snic2u> thanks tom

<skuzzim> has a pass ever been thrown to te williams

<Loomdog> gotta think this season will hinge on how stout our defense is until ou offense finds out who is gonna produce and how they find a rytham. Love the D given all the uncertainty.

<KyleBogie> rounds. I , right now, we'll see if my opinion changes later in the week, but right now i BELIEVE Grantham gets an offer this weekend.

<BlueBMOC> hopefully morgan is 100% by sat

<guthrie> my personal take on this year's WR freshman group:  two guys are Jeremy Jackson and one is James Rogers.  I wouldn't expect much from any of them.

<KyleBogie> Morgan , aside from Gordon, was the most impressive defender on the field IMO.

<skuzzim> good kyle, need to stay loaded

<KyleBogie> guthrie. Understand your take, too early for me though. TONS of time left in their careers. Not givng up yet.

<mongoose0614> guthrie........won't matter either with what is coming in behind them

<skuzzim> will norfleet ever spend time at tb

<KyleBogie> Look for an update on James Blackmon's Michigan visit from Sam soon. Also updates on severl basketball guys throughout the week. We'll have highlights of Lawrence Marshall and Msalik McDowell tomorrow too!

<skuzzim> would be tough at the edges

<guthrie> exactly, mongoose.  plus, as kyle says, way too early for me to jump to those kinds of conclusions.  just a gut feel i have.

<KyleBogie> skuzzim. If Borges wants to get creative, Would be fun to see Norfleet lineup in a splitback shotgun formation, get matched up with a linebacker out of the backfield...

<mongoose0614> I don't think hemmingway and roundtree see meaningful snaps with new UM talent coming

<guthrie> i'm looking forward to the diamond formation this week in the UM backfield on offense.

<KyleBogie> We all love gut feelings don't we!?!? LOL.

<mongoose0614> I have gut feelings.  Makes me eat more and get fatter

<mongoose0614> don't like em

<guthrie> the gut feeling i had three weeks ago that kept me home was not something i loved.  nor did anyone with a functioning nose within half a mile of me.

<KyleBogie> Gross!! LOL.

<KyleBogie> With that, I'm gonna take off everyone!

<KyleBogie> Coordinators meet with us at noon tomorrow and we get players tomorrow night.

<KyleBogie> THANK YOU for dropping by

<KyleBogie> Have a good night!

<guthrie> thanks, kyle

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