Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

In Monday's chat, GBW's Tom Beaver and Kyle Bogenschutz address some football recruiting questions in both the 2014 and 2015 classes, updates on basketball visitors, look at Michigan's win over Notre Dame, and more.

<KyleBogie> Happy Monday everyone. Assume the 2-0 start has everyone esxcited?

<djpgolf42> What a fun game.

<twins0330> Great Win!

<MichiganNumber1> Kyle, lets get this question out of the way. What is the story with Settle?

<TomBeaver> HI GUYS

<skuzzim> who needs bandaids

<kn212003> Kyle - Any word on Jalen Coleman's visit?

<KyleBogie> MichiganNumber1. No offer yet for Settle. I think the coaches want to see more film.

<MichiganNumber1> thx

<TomBeaver> There's no story with Settle besides what we've said. Very small class, they aren't sure they can take a NT ... they have to figure it out. Certainly they're recruiting him tho.


<twins0330> What a weekend! So excited for the future of the program

<TomBeaver> No more to it than that

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Briefly spoke to Coleman's father Sunday,. hear that he and Jalen Brunson were really enjoying themselves and spent a liot of time together. More this week.

<djpgolf42> How was Hand's visit?

<TomBeaver> They don't look at the recruiting rankings, obviously lol!

<TomBeaver> Hand's visit was great

<MichiganNumber1> Obviously, but looks like a PeeWee clone

<TomBeaver> All 3 guys had a great time

<kn212003> I see that Kennard is at UK right now :(

<TomBeaver> I do think (opinion) that they wanted to eyeball Settle in person. So they got that accomplished

<skuzzim> who will be first/next bb commit

<KyleBogie> djpgolf42. Wilton Speights comments in Sam's story were very positive regarding Hand.

<TomBeaver> u ... But, look, if there's really only 3 spots open for '15 now, and they need a QB ... they have to be very judicious

<twins0330> Hell i think it

<twins0330> is great to be able to be so selective

<TomBeaver> We did not expect either Settle or Burrell to be offered on the visit

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Yup, yet another visit. Will be touchding base with his father this week. The more he goes to Kentucky and gcomes back uncommitted the better for Michigan/other schools IMO.

<TomBeaver> They got to look at Burrell too of course ... they need a classic tall tackle for '15 and like S Jenkins ... so they need to figure out if Burrell is that --they do think he's a very good player I believe

<MichiganNumber1> True! Are they going to wait to offer QBs after junior year film?

<KyleBogie> skuzzim. Well things changed so fast after my last two hunches so I'm not sure I'm willing to put one out there right now. But, eh, ya know what, I'll say Kameron Chatman IF he actually cancels the rest of his visits this week. If it doesn't happen Thursday, then it could be anyone.

<TomBeaver> Michigan Number1 -- I don't have an answer to that one

<MichiganNumber1> thx!

<TomBeaver> Ke - lol. Kyle - lol. Hunches are dangerous!

<djpgolf42> How important was it to win that game with all the recruits there?

<TomBeaver> They do have 3 weeks now to focus a little on recruiting if they want to ...

<skuzzim> How long will they wait on Cornell to commit before they offer that WDE from Cali who's suppossed to be such a UofM fan.

<KyleBogie> Tom, the way I see it, Bluiett and Coleman have already made me look bad so what do I have to lose? LOL.

<SWFLGoBlue> Lots of great pub and buzz around the interwebz today wrt that game.

<TomBeaver> big wins in front of top recruits is always about the best recruiting tool there is

<djpgolf42> Were Lattimore and Smith there just for the game or does Michigan have a chance?

<KyleBogie> djpgolf42. I thugought it was huge, just as huge as the entire production and atmosphere. But it was the WAY Michigan beat ND that impressed me the most. That was close to being a blow out.

<SWFLGoBlue> Brandon being Brandon.

<TomBeaver> skuzzim -- again, we have to try to not be dazzled by the hype on certain '15 kids ... they think they are in a strong position with Cornell – but the clock isn't ticking for him ... that is, he's not on the clock

<djpgolf42> Would we even have room for Lattimore and Smith?

<TomBeaver> djpgolf -- the Glenville think, thing is intriguing ... I do believe they'd really like to snag Erick Smith

<neiljohn> Tom:  Smith more than Lattimmore?

<TomBeaver> To me, we'll see if U-M snags a Glenville kid that OSU wants .... that's a nice test of Brady's relationship with Ginn, lol (kidding)

<TomBeaver> neiljohn - yes

<MichiganNumber1> Tom, do you like Jon Ruynan's Jr. or Ty Wheatley Jr upside more?

<TomBeaver> Wheatley, IMO

<KyleBogie> I think Erick Smith is the only real possiblility and I'm ok with that. I think the hype on Lattimore is a little overblown. He's good, not great. Have other good DB's coming in and ones that are freshmenm now.

<neiljohn> Thanks.... Interesting.

<MichiganNumber1> Will Wheatley play DE or TE?

<TomBeaver> RUnyan -- let me put it this way ... '15 OLs are so hard for an amateur to judge ... they simply aren't physically developed yet. Swenson is the same way. So, to me, not that impressive. But the coaches can see deeper than that

<gerrygarner> kyle, any word on grantham's visit, timeline and where we stand?

<jonpc> tjb...only 3 left?   huh?

<jonpc> for 14?

<TomBeaver> Wheatley - dunno, could be either. But if they can snag Cornell then IMO TE?

<MichiganNumber1> thx again

<KyleBogie> Great point on evaluating young OL tOM. Extremely difficult for us

<TomBeaver> jonpc - I mean, hypothetically ... the are pushing hard for Cornell, S Jenkens, Hilliard ... that's 3 ... and Froholdt. I'm not sure they're quite 'right there' with Hilliard ... but with the other 2 they just might be

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. I think the offer definitely bumped Michigan up and made him think more about it. Also hear the current players liked what they saw from him in open gym...a little dog in him.

<bigcox7> I think I saw someone mention they were looking only at one LB for 15. Is that true?

<jonpc> i know it looks like 12-13 , but don't you think it will end up closer to 16 ...which is still small

<TomBeaver> Froholdt too ... so they're certainly strong with those 3 -- Froholdt, Jenkins, Cornell ... then there's Wheatley too ... so you see the issue

<norplas> Can someone tell me why anyone would let their kid play for Brian Kelly when he screams at them every time they make a mistake

<TomBeaver> they like the young guys they have, they don't seem to really want attrition

<neiljohn> Not a complaint, but just interesting why they picked up a kicker so early.

<TomBeaver> so ... things are tight

<norplas> a kicker that missed 3 FGs this week

<kn212003> TRich is likely gone seeing as though he hasn't dressed yet, right?

<tonyles> TRich may want a UM degree!!

<TomBeaver> neiljohn -- yessir ... he's from Ohio so that's extra brownie points for him, lol (kidding)

<skuzzim> with six commits, and three more spots, that only equals a class of nine9ten with Pallante). I understood there were more like 15 actual spots?

<bigcox7> Is Justice Hayes a possible guy who could not be offered a 5th year but they want to see what they have in him throughout the year?

<jonpc> that is a good place to be....although, i'll be bummed when some top kids go elsewhere....c'mon

<KyleBogie> I think the 2015 class will end up being a little bigger due to some attrition. WILL NEVER speculate who or act like I know anything but just naturally how it works when you get so much talent and depth. Kids will want to go somewhere to play. All my opinion here.

<TomBeaver> skuzzim -- there's about 12 right now

<TomBeaver> any more than that is just guessing on attrition

<TomBeaver> but, even if it goes to 15 ... it's still tight

<TomBeaver> bigcox -- for a 5th year kid to not-come back, IMO he'd have to have graduated

<MichiganNumber1> Wow we could be with the 16' class quickly. That is crazy.

<bigcox7> SO is Paskorz graduating this year?

<SWFLGoBlue> Hate the 85 scholly limit lol.

<norplas> Chad Henne named starter for Sunday....I'd love to see Henne TD pass to Denard

<TomBeaver> I think even U-M thinks offering '16 kids is a little premature, lol, with a couple exceptions

<KyleBogie> Offering 2016's is ridiculous , IMO. SO much growth takes place throughout the rest of their high school career, just from a physical standpoint. Too hard to know.

<MichiganNumber1> I meant 15', LOL.

<MichiganNumber1> Hard to keep track these days

<TomBeaver> SO with 6 commits ... Pallante would be 7 if they get a 3rd '14 kid to end the class ... then Froholdt, Cornell, Jenkins are strong ... Wheatley ... a QB ... tht would leave, what? 0 to 1-2-3 spots

<Mdjohnny5> Next year's RS seniors would be Jake Ryan, Devin Gardner, Furman, Ash and Paskorz.

<TomBeaver> IMO they'd ofer Devin a 5th year

<TomBeaver> lol

<TomBeaver> and Jake

<jonpc> you're kidding.....move 'em out

<TomBeaver> Anyway, people jus have to try to relax on Settle, and the CA DE, etc. These '15 ranking s are really premature

<gerrygarner> Kyle, any word on some of the other 2015 hoops recruits such as Barefield, Bacon, Sanders etc

<Mdjohnny5> You never know when someone will step up; Furman broke into the 2 deep this year.  Paskorz had an inury set back but has done well blocking in camp.

<tonyles> More importantly short term, is it possible they will hold Gallon out this weekend to rest his hamstring?

<SWFLGoBlue> Hope they rest a bunch of guys.

<jonpc> i have a feeling the rankings on Damien Harris isn't premature.....and i saw Brian Cole....he is a superb athlete

<skuzzim> Who do you imagine how the RB play time will break down in the coming couple of weeks? Will Green get lots of carries?

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. The lack of news is telling...o don't evnision Barefield being a legitimate option. I think the coaches love Bacon but all about getting him to visit. I don't think the coaches ssee Sanders as a point guard at next level.

<TomBeaver> The Gallon hammy ... they'll watch it closely of course

<jonpc> chessun can block...can he run routes & catch?

<TomBeaver> As far as Green ... dunno ... the ground game needs work, so it's more than just playing the backups, IMO

<SWFLGoBlue> Chessun has appeared to be open quite a bit.

<norplas> How many quarters does Shane play this week?

<Crowpuppy> Tom, I'm not seeing the legacy, Thompson, on your list of '15ers above... do you think they'll run out of room for him?

<TomBeaver> Cole will probably go Spartie in the end, IMO

<BlueFan31> Chesson has been open a ton the last two games. So has Funchess. Devin really doesn't like moving off of Gallon though  lol

<kn212003> I thought the interior OL got better as the game went on and that should continue during the season

<KyleBogie> Most interesting thing to look at after two games: Michigan doesn't have a consistent downhill rushing attack. Not just on the tailbacks either.

<TomBeaver> Thmpson is such a tweener ... small LB it looks like ... not quite a safety ... so dunno, we'll see

<jonpc> go figure on Graham Glasgow we have like 10-12 freshman eligible.....

<TomBeaver> BLuefan - you can't blame him ... Gallon has a magic ability to snag the ball

<Crowpuppy> Ah, I see.  Thanks.

<bigcox7> How can anyone go to Spartie after being at that Michigan experience....MSU cant offer that!

<dave76> Devin really locks on Gallon.  Funchess needs more looks.

<TomBeaver> I say keep throwing to the guys who'll catch it

<twins0330> Why Cole to MSU?

<norplas> Vick and Co look awesome tonite....maybe Denard can do that

<TomBeaver> twins -- just seems he, and family, make pro-Spartie statements, some behind the scenes ... we'll see of course

<tonyles> Norplas not sure what game you're watching.  They have 12 points

<jonpc> cole might be a loss....but the class is so small....i wonder if manning's dad is still in saginaw?   and what happened to DeAnthony Arnett?

<KyleBogie> norplas. Denard can[t throw it like Vick. Never has, never will. He's not a quarterback.

<BlueFan31> Gallon's ball skills are second to none. If he were 3 inches taller and a bit faster, he'd be a top five pick in the draft

<kazoowolve> what kind of competition does Cole play?

<skuzzim> Is there any real word about the Wiliams injury? How bad and how long?

<norplas> tony ....and 220yds.

<dave76> Tom, you think Fucnch can't catch it?

<TomBeaver> Also, U-M wants Cole as a WR ... he's talking about wanting S I guess ... it's less certain U-M sees him as a top S

<skuzzim> And with Williams out, and the run game largely stifled, will they go to 3 WRs with Dileo, to use the pass to set up the run instead of visa versa?

<norplas> A kid wanting to be a S over a WR...that doesn't happen too often

<twins0330> Okay thanks for the info. Like his film at WR

<bigcox7> any news on Minkah Fitzpatrick? Any offer likely there?

<TomBeaver> dave76 -- no, I don't mean that. Just that Gallon is at a very elite level ... those were tough balls he was catching... throws to this shoulder or that so they DB couldn't get at it, but that made for very tough catches for him - he had to adjust to the ball very quickly and with great strength - those were hard-thrown balls. I was amazed he could do it. Actually Dileo did too

<twins0330> I really wanted to see Darboh this season

<dave76> Agreed

<kazoowolve> Coles film at RB is silly. He's not a RB, he's just so much better than anyone on the field. Man, would he be a beast at WR

<twins0330> Thought the kid was really gonna break out

<TomBeaver> no news on Minkah

<dave76> It'll be nice to hopefully see Funch and Chesson get some looks in the next few games

<norplas> Tony, I's say 19 pts in a qtr and a half is pretty damn good

<BigJes> Tom do you think any of the starters are dinged up to the point of sitting out against Akron?

<tonyles> Yep; I'm wrong on that one, Norplas

<norplas> ...and they had a TO in the red zone

<TomBeaver> As far as Shane -- hopefully he'll get 20-25 minutes each of the next 2 games, as with CMU

<twins0330> Is it just me or does it seem Green goes down easier than you would expect given his size

<TomBeaver> Jes - hmmmm, good question. No, but that's a pure guess

<skuzzim> What would yu say Gallon's 40 time is? It seems like he's fast, but not THAT fast, on the subject of his draft stock.

<norplas> it's great to finally be able to sit starters in blowouts.

<bigcox7> so Fred Jackson told Weber he would be a great fit and compete for a starting spot

<TomBeaver> IMO Gallon's a strong 4.5

<KyleBogie> Green only had one carry against ND. Thought they cou'dl've worked him in some more . Next few weeks should be fun to really see what he can do.

<TomBeaver> bogcox -- sure ... every frosh competes for a starting position

<norplas> only the frosh that get offered

<bigcox7> Yes but I thought we were only taking 1 RB in 15

<TomBeaver> Fred may fight to get Weber in the class, that's how it goes ... will he succeed? We'll see.

<norplas> may be Fred's last recruit?

<KyleBogie> I doubt Weber ends up a part of Michigan's class. Shame too because he's very talented.

<TomBeaver> norp[las - Fred has one more son

<norplas> Is he good enough to play at UM

<TomBeaver> Besides, Mike Hart is not in a hurry

<norplas> I hear you on Hart

<dave76> why does everyone think Fred is gone after this season or next?  I've never understood that

<twins0330> Green really would look a lot better 15-20 lbs lighter. He seems to go down way too easy though

<norplas> or Wheatley Sr.

<KyleBogie> I'll be at the Ann Arbor Huron game Thursday, will watch Jackson closely.

<dave76> WHeatley ain't leaving the NFL

<TomBeaver> dave76 -- everyone thinks the grass is greener, er, bluer ... that' s just how it goes

<dave76> gotcha

<levinas> does the staff have a plan to break the sort of boom and bust cycle we have in terms of class size, or will it be one tiny class, one huge class, and two medium classes out of every four year period for the forseeable future?

<jonpc> maybe freddy can get one of those jerry hanlon, tirell burton emeritus A.D. type jobs

<norplas> What position does Jackson play?

<dave76> I think he  might be QB??

<BigJes> The 2015 recruiting class numbers crunch is going to be stressful IMO.  I personally think 1 RB in 2014 and 0 in 2015 is a bit light, but if we don't have schollies then I guess it is what it is.

<KyleBogie> twins0330. Green will never be 15-20 pounsd lighter. Body isn't built like that. His size isn't the issue.

<TomBeaver> levinas - I dont think there's a masterplan ... you have to get as many good kids as fast as you can

<norplas> Would love a small class every year...means no turnover

<KyleBogie> jACKSON is a QB

<twins0330> Wasn't he 220 last year?

<rgarg1> Kyle..who ends up in 2014 basketball class...getting a little nervous

<norplas> BigJes..we already have a 15 RB

<kazoowolve> Masterplan? No RS'ing of skill players, for one

<norplas> Like the best in the country

<TomBeaver> Green? 220? he certainly was more like 230 at the Opening last summer

<levinas> if green's size isn't the issue, what is?  inexperience type-stuff? I remember hearing somewhere he was partying a little too hard?

<norplas> I'd like to see more RS'ing.  It works for Wisky

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. A couple different ways it could go. I think they get ONE of Booker/blackmon, cHATMAN, and Grantham is my leader at the stretch four right now. We'll see.

<twins0330> So is it just the ankle right now. He seems timid to me

<paulgk> hypothetically, if the teams success continues on an upward trajectory,and recruiting success continues,  does that mean more turnover as freshman and sophmores pass juniors on the depth chart

<BigJes> dave - FJ is 63, I'm sure age factors into the equation about why so many think he might hang it up soon.

<dave76> People need to chill on Green.  He's been here for 2 games.  2 games.

<norplas> I hate to see 12 frosh play every year

<TomBeaver> levinas -- people forget, tho I keep saying it ... he didn't start for his Army Game team ...people expected him to come in and be an AA ... I wasn't expecting that

<TomBeaver> Fournette BTW is better (based on The Opening)

<levinas> oh, i know, just curious

<BigJes> norplas my years were flipped:  0 in 2014 and 1 in 2015 is still one RB in 2 classes.

<tonyles> Never ever count on freshmen.

<kazoowolve> norplas, I think you RS the big guys that need to be developed. But the small, fast guys? Play them. Matriculate them. They can contribute asap

<snic2u> then why not accept it levinas?

<norplas> ok clear

<TomBeaver> Jes - 63 is young!lol

<tonyles> better not count on peppers next year either, it isn't fair

<KyleBogie> levinas. He's a freshman, a lot more that goes into it than running a football. Has to know the playbook, be able to protect gardner and target his man, responsibilities in the passin game too. It's been two games and Michigan is 2-0, let him get some work the next few weeks and we'll see.

<twins0330> I'm not down on Green, hope nothing but the best for all Michigans players. Just saying he runs really timid

<BigJes> I'm not judging Tom!!!  :)

<norplas> Kazoo, I'd like to get upper classmen that are good enough to keep their jobs so Frosh don't take them.

<levinas> yeah, not down or disappointed at all.  just glad to hear its inexperience rather than immaturity

<tonyles> yep Norplas, Washington's defense is gassed

<TomBeaver> Fre's older brother just died suddenly, in June ... so IMO he's feeling his age a little IMO. He has Joshua coming up tho

<BigJes> I think it's a perfect situation for Green.  Come in and play behind a 5th year senior and get your feet wet, learn the ropes and prepare yourself to make a run to be the man in 2014.

<norplas> I'd rather have a 21yr old WR or RB than a frosh

<TomBeaver> Jes - bingo on Green

<KyleBogie> tonyles. I think Jabrill Peppers is the exception to all rules that apply to freshman. BY FAR the Best player in Michigan's 2014 class right now. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

<norplas> I doubt Jacks kid plays QB at Mich

<TomBeaver> I happen to think Green looks a little out of shape ... but that's just thru the TV set

<BigJes> Will be interesting Kyle, Michigan's defensive backfield looks loaded for 2014.

<levinas> speaking of ridiculously talented 14's, is a hand commitment more likely after this weekend? do Florida and Alabama still have real shots?

<TomBeaver> Jes - agree ... maybe he'll have to play safety? Or nickel I spose with Dymonte at S

<norplas> He might be out of shape but I wouldnt want to tackle him

<KyleBogie> BigJes. Competition brings out the best in people.

<twins0330> That's all I was saying he looks out of shape

<BigJes> Tom I think the same thing for Peppers as Green.  Play a bit here and there as a frosh and go for a starting spot as a soph.

<Dizzo> IMO, Green is just still learning the speed and physical nature of the game at the college level.  It's a lot different playing against high school kids who aren't ever going to be good enough to make a D1 team.

<TomBeaver> levinas - now Hand ... that's one I do not expect to come in and be an AA either .. he has to get stronger for college, IMO

<KyleBogie> Tom, there's no doubt he has a couple of extra pounds on there, at least a little more body fat than they might want. Off-season will be huge for him.

<norplas> Will they be able to keep Peppers out of the offense

<TomBeaver> Bogie - yeah, seems like it .. compared to last July anyways when he was in great shape

<twins0330> I am far from an expert but I have never seen a prospect pop off the screen like Peppers

<BigJes> There's pics of Green from 2012 where he is absolutely ripped with 6 pack abs.  No way he's not carrying a few extra lbs right now.

<TomBeaver> nor[las - I bet Mattison will hang on to him!

<norplas> ok, Matt trumps everyone else

<paulgk> what are the odds bolden takes over for morgan before years end?

<snic2u> I hope Mattison lets him go all CWood if he has the ability

<TomBeaver> Bolden -- if only he had a little easier time getting bigger

<KyleBogie> palgk. Morgan is playing too well. I don't think so.

<Dizzo> I don't think Bolden or Morgan will be playing much at the end of our schedule to be honest.

<levinas> whats a realistic number of snaps per game on offense for peppers (assuming he stays primarily on the defense)

<norplas> I think Devin needs to go to Philly in a couple of years

aleitz has left the room

<kazoowolve> I see Bolden getting caught up in the wash alot more than Morgan or Biggs

<KyleBogie> mORGAN needs to get better, no doubt about that but he's been in on more plays than Bolden at this point.

<twins0330> No way Peppers doesn't see the field a lot

<Dizzo> After MSU we have Nebraska, Northwestern, Iowa, and OSU .. 3 spread teams means a lot of Nickel and by that point should be Ross and Ryan

<TomBeaver> Morgan is a bit is an overachiever, we saw that Saturday .. but Bolden is still a little skinny IMO ... he's like Beyer that way

<TomBeaver> Dizzo - who takes over MIKE?

<norplas> Beyer looked very large this week

<kazoowolve> Beyer did. Now there's a guy I wish had RD'd!

<TomBeaver> Beyer has the shoulders, as does Bolden ... but they're both wiry types

<kazoowolve> RS'd

<Dizzo> Tom - not saying anyone takes over the middle, just that the best on the field in Nickel would be Ryan and Ross by November, right?

<norplas> That is my point

<TomBeaver> ah .. hope so! hope Ryan comes back with a vengence

<paulgk> speaking of Freshman LB, i was too excited all game, how do j. smith play with ND?

<tonyles> Do you think the plan is to bring Ryan back for MSU?

<norplas> Good teams play VERY few true frosh...only ones that are freaks

<TomBeaver> Smith was excellent ... U-M got in a little slow on that guy, seemed to me

<TomBeaver> as a recruit I mean

<BigJes> Smith is the real deal.  Obvious future pro.

<Dizzo> tonyles - my assumption is we'll see Ryan back for Minnesota.  Home game, October, get him a small number of snaps to see how he does.  Then a few more at PSU, a few against Illinois, then he's got the bye week before MSU.

<tonyles> Sounds good, Dizzo

<paulgk> Who is the closest future pro LB on our team

<TomBeaver> I happen to think Devin will take this team far ... he'll be better next year than this, but the schedule is there this year, and the team might be better this year than next around him

<kazoowolve> Smith made some nice plays in space in the 1st half. He got blocked alot on Devin's scrambles

<TomBeaver> So .. let's just go ahead and go undefeated

<levinas> yay

<tonyles> Just need our defense to gel and be playing at a high level by 1 November

<paulgk> i like it

<TomBeaver> paulgk - well Ryan of course ... other than that, dunno

<snic2u> Other than ohio this was our defining game imo

<outcastinohio> Any word on Ryan's timetable?

<KyleBogie> Jake Ryan is on the same timetable. Just saying October.

<paulgk> Tom what do you see as the drop off next year

<TomBeaver> outcast - no, not specifically

<levinas> any predictions on when mcdowell makes a decision?

<tonyles> the drop off next year is the schedule; that's it

<paulgk> if DG comes back

<TomBeaver> paulgk -- they won't have the OTs they have this year

<dave76> But the interior should be better, LOL

<norplas> Who are the Tackles next yr?  Braden and ...

<dave76> Braden

<kazoowolve> Magnuson

<TomBeaver> Gallon is gone ... so WR is wiped out lol

<dave76> WR is a concern for sure

<norplas> I'd like to see Braden play in the next couple of weeks

<paulgk> back and forth, so 2015 really is when it all comes together, hypothetically

<norplas> or 16

<paulgk> if not this year of course

<norplas> or 17

<outcastinohio> Not getting a top tier WR in the 2012 and 2013 classes hurts.

<dave76> in Shane's first year starting??

<BigJes> Tom we desperately need to develop some receivers this year.  With Darboh out that really hurts for 2014.

<TomBeaver> I like the team THIS year

<TomBeaver> Jes -- I dont think D Harris comes in all ready as a frosh either

<TomBeaver> So ... 2013!

<levinas> any assment on hand/mcdowell?

<BigJes> Not only Gallon but Dileo, Reynolds and J.Jackson all gone.

<KyleBogie> At receiver you lose Galon, Dileo and Jackson. Wide receiver will be a work in procgress next season. Drake Harris will clearly be th e most talented but beyond that, not shades of yester year at that position.

<paulgk> i think the next month is big for our safetys. i see potential from wilson, just not reacting quick enough right now

<TomBeaver> levinas - as far as U-M's chances? Excellent

<BigJes> Funchess + Butt will need to be huge.  Then Darboh + Reynolds and hope some other young kids can step up and contribute.

<BigJes> Maybe Norfleet more touches from the slot.

<Mdjohnny5> Reynolds is a senior no?

<BigJes> Ooops meant Darboh + Chesson

<TomBeaver> Jes - yes on Norfleet

<snic2u> Is Drake harris enrolling early do you know tom?

<norplas>  train

<Mdjohnny5> Yeah, really need Chesson to step up this year.  Would be nice to see one of the frosh (maybe York?) make some noise by the end of the year

<TomBeaver> Reynolds is a 5th year guy this year

<BigJes>  evillaugh

<levinas> also the injury rumors floating around saturday afternoon? was that just Quinton Washington a bit hurt and the Brandon Moore injury? were they entirely false?

<norplas>  flush

<TomBeaver> it was QB and Gallon's hammy ... both toughed it out ... and AJ's ankle

<TomBeaver> not QB ... Q

<norplas> Wow you scared me there

<TomBeaver> probably one reason the middle was so porous

<outcastinohio> If gallon is hurt at all now would be the time to get him test.

<norplas> or rest

<skuzzim> any projections on increased te use

<TomBeaver> really, it's funny, but Sat night looked to me like RR's 6th year ... winning a shootout, D getting gashed up the middle and by a good-not-great Q for 30 pts ... a great read-option QB outscoring the opposition ... that's just a good-natured observation

<twins0330> Why such a prevent style D all night Saturday?

<rgarg1> Tom, RR defense would have given up 50 points to ND...that guy had the worst defensive staff ever and frankly Defensive recruiting was horrible under him

<TomBeaver> twins0330 - HATE prevent D ... makes me so nervous

<snic2u> While i agree with you tom, I doubt RR D would only have given up 30 points

<paulgk> worried safeties cant cover?

<twins0330> Didn't it almost feel that way all night Tom?

<dave76> Wilson seems so up and down.  But that

<BigJes> twins - IMO thought if we prevented the big play we could either get turnovers or stop them for FG's.  Sort of worked really.

<TomBeaver> paulk - just not wanting to give up the big play

<dave76> is just inexperience

<TomBeaver> twins - yeah

<outcastinohio> Speaking of RR and Defense. Was there ever a shred to truth of the wild rumor in rich rod's final year that gary moeller was being brought in to help midseason?

<BigJes> when we went more aggressive, blitzing, our defense was worse.

<TomBeaver> Wilson is a newbie of course, and he's not a communicator by nature .. so he's learning

<dave76> As long as Devin cuts down on the bad, bad picks, UM will be just fine

<twins0330> I feel we have pretty good corners all around. Taylor and Blake are both solid and takle well in space. Just suprised we weren't more aggresive

<TomBeaver> ourcast - nah, he was just being supportive

<paulgk> let's chat about GERG, how many games before he gets Mack fired?

<TomBeaver> dave76 -- agree, and I dont think he'll be that TO prone

<dave76> The pick that got nullified by PI was another bad throw.  And the penalty call was lucky

<TomBeaver> Mack is just not that good a coach ... he's always been a RECRUITER

<BigJes> dave the defender never even caught the ball

<skuzzim> is anyone suprised by the quietness once called pipkins

<norplas> except the receiver was thrown down

<dave76> Well, to me he has shown he'll make one bad bad throw per game

<twins0330> Well just my opinion it seemed the times were aggresive were very noticeable. Easy for Rees to see and change the call at the line

<BigJes> won't argue there dave, IMO DG does make too many bad throws each game.

<norplas> I wish our DBs were more physical.  they only call PI half the time

<TomBeaver> I thnk thinking GERG in as the solution is a mistake ... but I like GERG because his sister lives by where I used to in Manhattan Beach CA, lol

<BigJes> let's not rehash the RR years, please-please-please!?!?!?!  :)

<norplas> Does she like stuffed animals too

<dave76> And the bad throws aren't the Denard type, where it was because he couldn't make the throw

<TomBeaver> Pipkins -- he came from a PSL-type program, and it takes those kids a few years

<dave76> THey are the gunslinger bad throws

<twins0330> LOL worst tenure in Michigan sports history BigJes

<norplas> except for the guy before Amiker

<TomBeaver> twins - that means you're young ... the late 50's and early 60's were worse

<levinas> it seems like Texas' recruiting has really slowed in the past few years. seems like there is less hs talent in texas and more in the southeast these days

<levinas> still plenty of talent in texas, but relative to like 8, 10 years ago

<rgarg1> Tom...I know they always play us tough, but I am hoping we can smash MSU this year...Tom, you are right about them they are thugs...did you see that horrible comment the sparty reporter said

<outcastinohio> Texas A&M is doing just fine using texas talent. Texas just does a miserable job evaluating talent.

<TomBeaver> Well guys, I'm a little loopy from vicodin (broken tooth) ... have to figure out what to fix for dinner. Gonna call it a night

<TomBeaver> THANKS for everything!

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