Hoke, U-M worked on Improving Sunday

Brady Hoke called for a full padded practice Sunday, after U-M's close 28-24 win over Akron. W/ Video

ANN ARBOR -- Michigan is coming off arguably its worst win in the history of the program, as U-M needed a last second defensive stand on its own 2-yard line to hold off Akron 28-24 on Saturday.

So to get the team back on track, U-M coach Brady Hoke called for Sunday practice in full pads to get his team focused on improving moving forward.

"We went out and practiced yesterday," Hoke said. "Shoulder pads, helmets, the whole deal – and we usually don't. And they were very receptive. And very, I wouldn't say excited, but they were glad to get back on the field.

"I was excited."

Hoke said the goal for every game is to improve and the Wolverines didn't improve much or at all after the Akron game, which is the main reason behind Sunday's practice.

"We want to improve every time we take the field," Hoke said. "I think as team if you take a vote, they would have thought on Saturday we didn't make the incremental improvements we needed to. So since we missed that day – we better do it yesterday.

"That's what we did."

Lack of Pass Rush

"We kind of shot ourselves in the foot three times by not keeping the contain on the rush. We changed the game midstream. …there was a little more push during the game, I'll be honest with you. When we watched it Sunday morning there was a little more push. But if you're getting push up in (the middle). Then you better be collapsing the outside. So it's one or the other. And we kind of shot ourselves in the foot some."

"Do we want to get better at our games? No question at our pass rush. I think we are a lot better than we were a year ago at it. We just got to be consistent with it."

Punter Matt Wile Struggles

"It's a lot like golf. His swing and drop and everything – it's got to be constant. It's got to be more consistent. And he works very hard at it. Why he's had three punts that haven't been consistent? That's what he is working on. That's what he is working through. I got a lot of faith in Matt."

Jake Ryan Injury update

"Every day he gets closer. Every week he feeling pretty good. He's goong to do more and more now with us then he has. I'm the one who is scared to death. I don't want to get him out there too fast. I think he has a good gauge on how he feels.

"He'll be honest with me. And he feels good. Now, the more that he does football wise – then will fight out a little more."

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