Biggs Ross on Akron and Benching

VIDEO: Soph. LB James Ross III talks about the Wolverines lackluster performance vs. Akron and more.

U-M Sophomore Linebacker James Ross III

On having added motivation coming off the bench: "It was just the whole team not taking advantage of things in practice. It was on me. I didn't give my best effort in practice and I didn't deserve to start. I will use it as a motivational factor. I need to show up every time I get a chance to. From now on I learned that I can't take days for granted."

On channeling post-game disappointment into in-game changes: "We were all upset, just because we knew that we didn't give our best effort throughout the week. We knew that we deserved everything that happened during the game. We didn't give it all we had. I didn't even get a chance to start because I didn't do so well in practice. It just wasn't a good vibe for the whole team. We need to prepare one hundred percent these next few weeks."

On generating more pressure on blitzes : "We need to get off blocks. Coach Mattison does a good job of designing blitzes where it's one-on-one blocks, and if we can't get off blocks then we aren't doing our jobs. The biggest key for everybody is getting off blocks."

On friend Blake Countess playing well after missing last season due to injury: "I'm very happy for him, very excited. That's one of my closest friends on the team and we talked about how we were going to play all off-season when we get a chance to, and for him to actually do it is just amazing to see. I'm very happy for him."

On the defense giving up big plays : "Sometimes we lose sight of things. It's just a lack of focus on our end. If the whole defense loses focus for a play, that's when they get that big play. But if we all are focused, which we are capable of doing each and every play, these big plays won't happen."

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