Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

GoBlueWolverine's Tom Beaver and Kyle Bogenschutz talk Michigan/Akron, look ahead to Connecticut, plenty of basketball and basketball recruiting including a new 2014 name to know, and, did Taylor Lewan accidentally preview a change to come?

Monday's GoBlueWolverine chat transcript (note: the beginning portion of the chat was cut off due to the length):

<TomBeaver> Of course, we'll see ... evidently there'll be competition at practice tomorow

<TomBeaver> "a competition"

<KyleBogie> For some reason I'm only seeing Tom's comments. Gonna log out and come back in.

<minkusdominkus> what did lewan say?

<KyleBogie> Welp, never mind, thanks for chiming in minkusdominkus! LOL/.

<BlueBMOC> missed the lewancomments

<BlueBMOC> lewan comments

<minkusdominkus> lol

<dtree12> if we can somehow get some run blocking, this team will be just fine

<BlueBMOC> I think going on the road will be good medicine for the team

<gerrygarner> anything new on the hoops recruiting front kyle?

<dtree12> i'll be a t the game....

<TomBeaver> "Whether it's the same three starting..." then he added that Glasgow graded out well Saturday (which implies to me that it wouldn't be him possibly getting demoted)

<dtree12> anyone else going?

<BlueBMOC> bryant still doesn't have any real game experience

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. Michigan is beginning to expand their recruiting picture for 2014 guards a bit. John Beilein stopped by to see Javon Bess at his school earlier today. Will have an update with him tomorrow AM

<TomBeaver> BlueMOC - right, so IMo if they're gonna makea switch, the sooner the better

<TomBeaver> IMO

<dtree12> completely agree tom

<BlueBMOC> agree Tom, does glasgow move to C then?

<TomBeaver> Glasgow hasn't been practicing at RG at all, so it's unlikely that'd be a switch

<TomBeaver> BlueBMOC -- well that'd be the speculation. But of course, TIME WILL TELL

<dave76> Issue is that Bryant seems likely to get banged up on a regular basis, but tiem will tell

<dave76> time

<TomBeaver> We're not making a prediction, just saying Lewan seemed to let something slip a little

<TomBeaver> dave76 - correct

<dtree12> tom, are you surprised with the play of the LBs so far this year?

<TomBeaver> THey could always move back tho, the others have had 3 games together now

<tonyles> We might need some competition at right guard as well

<dtree12> that is one unti i wasn't concerned about at all

<TomBeaver> dtree - no ... I figured they'd miss Ryan mightily

<dave76> I'm surprised by the defense in general.  Very average

<BlueBMOC> what is Cam Gordon's status?

<TomBeaver> I figured the D would be good ... and it's not been as good as I'd figured

<dtree12> but we were hearing Ross would possibly have an all big ten type season

<TomBeaver> Cam Gordon - I think Beyer has just been stepping up and playing quite well

<dave76> Ross can't get off blocks.

<tonyles> The linebackers seem too small and a little weak yet.

<TomBeaver> dtree -- not here ... we said eventually ... he's fast but still is light IMO, needs more strength

<Dizzo> IMO, the game was entirely based on Devin's 4 turnovers.  The defense gave up yards at the end, but how demoralizing was it for them to keep making stops (Countess pick, Wilson pick, etc) only to have to the offense give it right back?

<TomBeaver> you saw him at the presser ... he still looks 18 lol

<iknowBO> So is Frank Clark truly disappointing or am I missing something/someone else to blame for the seemingly ineffective pass rush?

<dtree12> he has been ineffective

<dave76> the entire DL has been quite a letdown

<Dizzo> With 4 turnovers, a missed FG, and 2 shanked punts, the final score was going to be close

<dtree12> Frank is not living up to the hupe at all

<dave76> from what we heard preseason

<KyleBogie> Also with Ross, I think hes so aggressive by nature that he thinks he can take on the blocks and fight through when maybe he's not there yet physically.

<TomBeaver> dtree - I think Clark needs Ryan out there, then he's fine ... but

<TomBeaver> Dizzo - agree 100% on Devin

<KyleBogie> The entire DL is not living up to the hype from the preseason. Accurate statement.

<BlueBMOC> does RJS offer any more size at the LB position?

<dtree12> i'd like to see mattison get away from playing nickle non stop

<TomBeaver> Devin is more out of control out there than I thought he'd be ... and he has one move, seems to me, when he scrambles, he never turns counter-clockwilse

<iknowBO> I agree that, from rewatching the game tape, Devin ultimately contributed most to the score/let down

<BlueBMOC>  agree Tom, would love to see Devin simply throw one into the 4th row of the stands

<TomBeaver> RJS is still undersized as well ... they all are back there - Bolden, Morgan, Biggs, RJS, all thin for LBs

<iknowBO> just inexperience?

<tonyles> If Devin continues with the massive turnovers, we may need to give him a break and let him think about it for a series or two

<BlueBMOC> and put in Morris?

<dtree12> they might be smallish but that doesn't excuse the missed assignments and not filling the right gaps etc

<tonyles> yeah for a series or two

<iknowBO> I saw multpile pass plays in which the backside WR.TE was plenty open and Devin just didnt have eyes for it

<tonyles> can't keep throwing picks

<TomBeaver> I thnk it's inexperience ... Devin needs to learn when to hold em, when to fold em ... he needs The Gambler to teach him!

<TomBeaver> Morris is not ready for prime time, at all

<tonyles> Yes, Tom, for a series or two

<dtree12> m y brother was screaming for morris nd i had to put him in his place

<KyleBogie> Devn needs to learn to look off safeties.

<TomBeaver> Bogie - you can say that again

<iknowBO> The Gambler is for last call at Ricks (sacred last call,) Devin needs to take a deep breath

<BlueBMOC> biggest positive for me was seeing chesson get a TD

<dave76> Devin needs to throw to the open guy, when it isn't gallon.  Like he did to Funchess

<KyleBogie> Devin needs to realize that his eyes make everyone on that dfense move so when he stares down Gallon he can see nothing else and it makes th throw even harder.

<TomBeaver> Bogie - amen

<dtree12> for a guy who is a "film junkie" he really doesn't seem to disect a defense and as ou say go through his progressions and look offsafeties

<CedGee> good point

<TomBeaver> so ... he has a lot to learn ... but he's very bright and he'll learn it

<gnp124> Devin needs to find someone other than Gallon

<KyleBogie> There were several times Gallon was to the left, bUTT was streaking up the middle of the field (OPEN) and he threw to a covered Gallon with a corner and safety over top. When he can stop, plant, turn and throw to the right he'll be learning.

<CedGee> This is why he should come back next season

<iknowBO> Thought Funchess could have helped him out with a few drops, underwhelmed by him so far

<dave76> Akron was a good time to learn that stuff

<CedGee> get some seasoning..

<Dizzo> Chuck Amato just followed the gameplan Narduzzi has done for a few years now.  Sell out against the run, blitz LBs up the middle, rush the DE's deep, and force the QB to stay in the pocket hoping they make a mistake.

<dave76> and so is UConn

<umjaker> akron set the table, we are going see alot of 46 bear defense

<dave76> Everybody's gonna blitz the hell out of Devin

<TomBeaver> Dizzo - you noticed that, eh? That's the blueprint now

<tonyles> CedGee - Did you say come back next season?  LOL.  Where is he going?

<dave76> It'll be whether or not he and Borges can carve up the blitz

<TomBeaver> CeeGee - I doubt Devin would transfer after this year (if that's what you mean, lol!)

<CedGee> well tonyles there is was a lot of scuttlebut about him going pro right?

<TomBeaver> CedGee -- we're just teasing ya

<CedGee> Ahhh ok Tom.. lol

<Dizzo> Tom - seems pretty clear that's what teams are going to keep doing until we beat it.  I really hope this week we open up with a few 3-step/5-step drops expecting pressure up the middle and hit guys in the space the LBs vacated.  Play-action is too slow to develop with blitzing LBs getting pressure, and runs are destroyed.

<BlueBMOC> must establish run game

<dave76> I really hope we learn to run block.  Two years of this is sickening

<CedGee> I there is a certain moderator here that said it was a good chance that Devin would go pro

<TomBeaver> Dizzo -- my pure-guess is their solution is to put Bryant at LG and run the gball ... which'll open up play action more

<CedGee> know

<dtree12> i'm sick and tired of below average line play...feels like its been going on forever

<dave76> sure does

<KyleBogie> It also doesn't help that Michigan doesn't have a true big palay receiver on the outside that can just run a fly or go and come up with it more times than not. That would force the defense to back off a bit.

<CedGee> dtree, it think we'll need to be patient with the line...

<dtree12> for sure...its just frustrating

<BlueBMOC> only healthy option now is chesson

<dtree12> chesson sesems to be able to fly

<TomBeaver> Bogie - true .. but I think if they don't get 150 yards rushing, their playbook doesn't work

<CedGee> Chesson looks as fast as advertised

<KyleBogie> Agree with that 100-=percent as well tTom.

<umjaker> chesson two targets on the season

<umjaker> dileo no catches in Akron game

<CedGee> I hope him and DG get into nice rhythm in the passing game as games pass

<TomBeaver> And you just hate like hell to make Devin into a runner .. we all know how that story ends

<BlueBMOC> agree jaker - this highlights Devin's biggest problem of locking onto receivers

<dave76> Gotta think that if the run game doesn't improve this year, next year will be a struggle too with Schofield and Lewan gone

<tonyles> Dave76 - Sounds like we need to wait until 2016 then to get this thing going.

<Dizzo> I think a big-play TE is more important than a big-play outside WR for us right now.  The middle of the field is open with the linebackers cheating up. We need 10 catches between Funchess and Butt to make the defense respect it and back off.

<TomBeaver> BlueBMOC -- I think a QB develops at his own pace, he doesn't flip a switch overnight ... so, that said, I think they're fix is to try like the dickens to shore up the run game

<CedGee> I think the Interior Oline needs to just get more confidence in what they are doing.. Physically I still think they can get it done.. I think the mental part is the real struggle for them

<dave76> Tonyles...maybe

<CedGee> 2016??? WOW!! lol

<dave76> I'm exagerating of course

<Dizzo> 2016 for the run game?  Maybe Bo Pelini was right in his statements.

<TomBeaver> We'll all be in wheelchairs by then, can't wait for 2016

<CedGee> Bo Pelini is a bum.. I hope he get's fired..

<dave76> I really like the makeup of this year's team, they just need a little seasoning

<KyleBogie> I still think Miller is undersized at center. I know theo obvious rebuttle will be "what about Dave Molk" but Molk was also running more of a spread rushing attack. They're trying to or at least want to run power and iso iright at the defense.

<TomBeaver> I bet a penny that Dileo is hurt a little

<TomBeaver> and Cam Gordon too (and Beyer is playing well)

<dave76> everybody's hurt aren't they?  Geez

<tonyles> Who isn't hurt?

<TomBeaver> guys get banged up of course ... and they figured they could rest guys last week - my guess

<dave76> Devin has a foot issue. right?

<TomBeaver> Going on the road ... I bet they run-run-run it ... then run it some more ... and they'll run Devin if they have to, which scares me a little (k, more than a little)

<umjaker> fans are hurt as well,

<Dizzo> So does anyone else think Norfleet lacks some vision when he has the ball in his hands?  When he caught that screen pass on Saturday, it looked like he had 20 yards easy, but he tried to bounce outside the blocker and was taken down by the defender who was being blocked.  Looks that was on kick returns too.

<TomBeaver> umjaker - well, suck it up!

<dave76> he looks downfield too soon maybe??

<KyleBogie> I have no doubt they'll try to run the football against UConn but if you couldn't do it against Akron...doesn't mean it's just going to work (barring a change in personnel of course)

<TomBeaver> Dizzo - Norfleet was too busy jaw-boning the opposition, seemed to me

<dave76> He's been a step away about 3 different times this season

<bigbluecrazy> Tom your right about devin if he didnt turn it over so manny times we wouldnt have so many negative post!

<dave76> The usually positive Bogie seems a bit on the negative side, lol

<KyleBogie> Norfleet is still a young player too. He'll learn the more he plays. LOVE that Borges is working him into the offense though.

<jsmirman> If they can't run the football against freaking U Conn - U Conn for Godsakes, I mean come on, we're toast, then

<gnp124> Does Kenny Allen get a shot at punter?

<CedGee> If Devin took care of the ball we would have easily won this game, however the problems that we are discussing will still be there

<bigbluecrazy> we would of won

<bonesnjnts> tom--the that something you noticed on tv or did you hear more than what you saw?

<TomBeaver> I think Miller is probably darn good, but it looks like he panics a little out there, it's a mental thing for him IMO

<KyleBogie> Through three games the running backs / OL still aren't getting it doen, something that was emphasized and idiscussed the entire off-seasons..I'll believe it when I see it.

<bonesnjnts> i hate that stuff--detracts and makes us look small

<CedGee> I agree Tom

<dave76> panics?  like he can't make the right line calls?

<TomBeaver> bones - on TV ... it was real obvious ... started in the tunnel when both teams came out one after the other, and it never stopped

<CedGee> But I feel that way for all 3 of our interior starting lineman

<dave76> Fitz was jawing too

<bonesnjnts> ah.  i recorded the game but then decided not to bother

<TomBeaver> dave - he isn't calm out there, so he doesn't see what's going on around him

<dave76> gotcha

<TomBeaver> that's how it looks to me

<tonyles> the trash talk points to a real lack of discipline on the team.  That's scary, way scary.

<dave76> overreaction there tony

<bonesnjnts> i know its a fine line between confidence and being an ass.

<CedGee> tonyles, why are we talking trash to a team we knew we could beat????

<jsmirman> well, these guys got one hell of a comeuppance

<TomBeaver> bones - I never walk that line, lol ... I'm not a fancy-schmancy doctor!

<KyleBogie> Kids are going to trash talk all the time and on any level. Get the job done and we're not even talking about it, probably laughing about it instead lol

<bonesnjnts> no one would call me fancyschamcy

<CedGee> true Kyle

<jsmirman> how embarrassing. I think we're all pretty sick of being embarrassed as UM fans

<tonyles> I just think trash talking on that magnitude points to a lack of discpline and zero senior leadership to quell it.

<jsmirman> I'll take the win, though. You lose that game, and you're on the cover of SI in some capacity.

<TomBeaver> Well we just need a good game Saturday ... 38-17 or better ... then we'll go back to relaxing and talking recruitnig

<dave76> Let's not act like we were The U from back in the day.......

<bonesnjnts> the cover of SI---talk about old school

<dtree12> what can we talk about in recruiting?

<jsmirman> What are opinions around here on PI on the last play, just out of curiosity?

<KyleBogie> So Mike Hart, as a senior, didn't talk trash? Jake Long, as a senior, didn't talk trash? Taylor Lewan, now a senior, doesn't tralk trash? If it gets flagged then it's an issue. Other than that, don't buy it

<TomBeaver> bones - kidding of course, lol

<dtree12> so little left to discuss it sesems

<jsmirman> bones, I think they're still publishing

<CedGee> Anyway, all things considered, I'm glad this debacle of a win happened now.. Hopefully itt will refocus this team to keep their eyes on the prize

<tspoon> how about Juju Smith -- nice update from Biggins.  Any update there Tom?

<bonesnjnts> im waiting to see what doesnt happen in bball recruiting

<tonyles> I'm just not sure why we would need to talk trash to Akron University.  Did they offend us in the past?

<dave76> no kidding bones

<TomBeaver> I've never trash-talked, but have always been accused of being arrogant

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I thought it would've been justified it it were called but the ref wanted no part of making that call

<jsmirman> ugh, yikes

<bonesnjnts> they are, js, but i admit, the days of SI in my consciousness are long gone

<dave76> Booker seems to have sailed off into the distance

<Dizzo> Mike Hart was the king of trash talk

<TomBeaver> Juju -- just looking West Coast more IMO

<jsmirman> I was hoping I was seeing thing

<jsmirman> things

<bonesnjnts> i thought we got away with it

<KyleBogie> bonesnjnts. LOL.

<gnp124> Uncatchable pass

<jsmirman> in cfb, there's no allowance for hitting in the first five yards, right?

<Dizzo> Hell, Michigan fans trash talking Sparty as "little brother" is directly from Hart as a player

<Dizzo> And he was talking like crazy against Florida in the bowl game... the whole team was pre-kickoff

<KyleBogie> Dizzo. Thak you Dizzo.

<CedGee> I understand trash talking to our rivals, but Akron??

<dave76> and then he fumbled twice

<CedGee> Maybe because they are in Ohio

<jsmirman> well, in fairness, Florida was trash talking way more

<tspoon> dave76 -- touche!!

<bonesnjnts> maybe they thought it was Akon.

<jsmirman> It's getting real old suffering embarrassments to teams from Ohio

<bonesnjnts> anyone worried about bball recruiting?

<Dizzo> CedGee - the trash talk at the end of Akron (like Fitz after a long run) was clearly those guys trying to re-establish dominance and the pecking order

<TomBeaver> bones - always

<bonesnjnts> im a really worry wart about that

<jsmirman> I think it's hard not to worry until they sign a few kids

<Dizzo> It wasn't about disrespecting Akron as much as it was them trying to convince themselves they were top dog on the field and were going to win

<KyleBogie> It coul'd've been Central Michigan. It HAPPENS. If Michigan beat Akron 55-0 this isn't something that is being discussed in chat right now. Instead we'd be talking about Michigan's record at the end of the season.

<TomBeaver> always worried about hoops recruiting ... but U-M tends to make good players into top-notch ones

<CedGee> What dominance Dizzo??? We almost lost... lol

<dave76> BUt we want top notch recruits Tom, you know that!!

<bonesnjnts> thats true, but less room for error that way

<TomBeaver> U-M has one top notch recruit on its team ... McGary ... the others are all playing better than their rankings

<bonesnjnts> those that know me know i was born doubting beilein, inspite of all the good times

<CedGee> Yeah Kyle, I guess it is much ado about nothing

<tonyles> We'll see the leadership meddle of this team come Saturday.

<kn212003> Kyle - Any rumblings on how the frosh BB players are looking in workouts?

<Dizzo> CedGee - I said trying to re-establish dominance..  The players were nervous, IMO, and their outlet was to trash talk and try to get in Akron's head

<TomBeaver> tonyles - hope so ... it's one thing to say it, but they gotta go out and do it

<jsmirman> I wonder if Bluiett got sold on the whole bringing a marquee program back to prominence thing by Alford, a guy who can say he knows what it's like to be a star for one of those programs

<bonesnjnts> i dont know bluietts game, but i liked what sam kept saying about him--bothered me to lose him

<dave76> I just hope they don't have to settle for guys in hoops recruiting

<CedGee> Well Dizzo, hopefully they will learn to focus on the game, and the redominance will come back naturally.. lol

<CedGee> next time

<jsmirman> guy seemed like he could fill it up, I don't know if he was great, but it did see like he could score it

<bonesnjnts> i saw d walton walking around at the nd game---bigger than i thought fwiw

<tonyles> Good news is McGary and Robinson want to stay for 4 years!

<dave76> hahaha

<CedGee> We'll see if that happens tonyles.. lol.. doubt it though

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Heard Donnal is doing well but will theer room to get hinm enough minutes to justify not redshirting him? Derrick Walton fits right in. Zak Irvin is doing well, but like all of them, still adjusting to college life/schedule

<TomBeaver> Going on the road and playing at night ... there'll be some challenges there ... I'm glad ABC is televising it (it's the national broadcast?)

<dave76> Everybody wants to stay on campus when they're the toast of the town

<tonyles> Bet Darius Morris wish he had stayed another year or two

<umjaker> UCONN is terrible

<KyleBogie> Basketball recruiting is ad different game across the board and across the entire country

<unhet> my guide says ABC New York has KState/Texas-horrible

<TomBeaver> lol

<TomBeaver> Well guys, dunno what else there is to say tonight ... they have to go out and play a GOOD game ...

<TomBeaver> That's That

<TomBeaver> So with that ... gonna go cook dinner!

<TomBeaver> THANKS

<jsmirman> goodnight

<dave76> see ya Tom

<jsmirman> fair enough

<dave76> thanks Kyle

<dave76> Kyle, Booker to UK a near done deal?

<jsmirman> that's a bummer. We could have used him in the class, it would seem. Are you still confident we end up with a good pairing, though?

<KyleBogie> On Booker: NO NO NO

<dave76> nice

<KyleBogie> No done deal for Booker at UK. Never said that either. Just Ulis camp spreading that so I had to pass it along.

<dave76> Izzo seems to be struggling a bit on the recruiting trail

<Dizzo> I think Bluiett was also sold that Michigan had guys Beilein loves who will steal his minutes.  Stauskus and LeVert are not early-entree pros, so for a kid like Bluiett somebody like Alford could easily tell him he'd be a backup for 2 years and not play serious minutes until year 3.

<jsmirman> Maybe, Dizzo, although I think it was obvious there were minutes to be had. sounds like Kyle says that wasn't the issue.

<bonesnjnts> okay--off to put the 9 year old to bed..take care all

<jsmirman> Kyle, if you had to say - who do you say is in this basketball class?

<dave76> Booker and Grantham?

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Can't say because well, they'ev all made me look foolish LOL. But personally, I'm learning toward Blackmon and Grantham more and more every day.

<KyleBogie> Oh, and Chatman lol

<KyleBogie> I can see those three

<jsmirman> So you do think Chatman, ok

<dtree12> i'd take those three for sure

<jsmirman> that seems like a nice enough class, right?

<dave76> oh yeah

<jsmirman> I don't know much about Grantham, I confess - was moving out of a house all summer

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I think that would be a terrific class and with dOYLE, one that brings in guys that can fit specific roles on the team but also versatile enough to fill in at others.

<jsmirman> good to hear, thanks

<KyleBogie> That would be a top 15 class at least IMO

<jsmirman> sure would have been nice to get a higher ceiling big than Doyle, though, no?

<blueinc> Bogie....any timeline for Grantham decision?

<Dizzo> Bogie - Odds that we don't lose McGary and GRIII after the season? :)

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I think that remains to be seen. Doyle is extremely tough, has nice feet, good touch and can shoot it mid'-range. his down side is athleticism. Can that be improved nenoygh in a college strength program? We'll see. the coaches LOVE him though.

<KyleBogie> gRANTHAM. That one , IMO, will be done by the early signing period this fall. Can't rmember the exact date right now

<jsmirman> That's good to hear. I have to admit I have a fearful vision of getting murdered on the boards in the Big Ten.

<KyleBogie> From a slotting standpoint, it woul'dve been best for Mitch andGlenn to leave last year but uhhh, yeah, lol CYA! Hopefully they can just get them back to Monday night

<KyleBogie> Ok, yall, I'm outta here. Gotta make some phone calls before the night is over.

<jsmirman> Back to Monday night?! Those are some high hopes!

<jsmirman> Night

<jsmirman> Thanks

<KyleBogie> THANK you for all of your interest and passion.

<KyleBogie> Have a good one.

<KyleBogie> (This team is still talented nenough to get to Monday night, things tojust have to fall into place in the tourney, as welsaw last year)

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