Relationships important for Robert Washington

2016 NC RB Robert Washington Jr. and his father followed up a U-M Camp appearance with a trip to Michigan last weekend, looking to build on the relationships they have with the coaching staff.  The South Lake Christian Academy back wanted to see just how things would be on game day at the Big House.

Robert Washington has been up to Michigan multiple times, but not for a game in the Big House. Last Saturday he had a chance to experience a game there, and he came away amazed at what he seen.

"That Stadium was rocking," he told GoBlueWolverine. "I love the atmosphere -- you get the feeling of a real college experience there. When you play Michigan it's like playing in the Super Bowl. I had a great visit."

Robert's attention was on many things that were going on during the game, but his main focus was on the type of offense that the Wolverines had on display Saturday.

"Michigan runs the same offense that we run at my high school -- that is the zone read and it fits me perfectly. I like it because it gives you the freedom to pick the hole to run through. I really enjoyed what I had a chance to see on Saturday at the game."

Although his recruitment is in its early stages, it seems that the relationships that they are building with the Michigan coaching staff have matured rapidly. For the Washingtons it is important that they understand the people they are dealing with.

"I love (running backs) Coach Jackson. He knows Michigan better than anyone. He told me that they don't offer freshman because they like to give them time to develop. Coach Hecklinski (wide receiver's coach) is a great guy. Coach Manning (linebacker coach) is my area recruiter and we have a great relationship. We are at the point now where we can talk about everything. We talk about my games on Friday. We talk about once a week. He is a really down to earth coach."

Mr. Washington is equally impressed with the coaches as well; he has been up to Michigan multiple times with Robert and he sees what Michigan has to offer. The academics, football and the relationships his son is building certainly have him looking at Michigan as a possible college destination for his son.

"Michigan has the academics, football, tradition and the coaching staff. My son does not have a top five but if he did Michigan would be in his top 5 for what they have to offer.  I like the coaches. Coach Fred Jackson is all about relationships; he is a good guy. Coach Manning -- I was a little biased when I met him because I had heard so much about him, everyone spoke so highly of him. He is a young energetic coach who is passionate about what he does.My first impression of him is that he is a great guy."

There were other recruits who were at the game to have a good time as well. Mr. Washington was pleased with how his son was treated with all the other recruits there. One recruit made a huge impression in particular.

"I had a chance to speak to an outstanding young man by the name of Maurice "Mo" Ways. He was saying yes sir and no sir to me. I was very impressed with him. He really presented himself very well. I was also pleased with how Michigan treated my son with all the other kids there -- they didn't blow him off. It was a very good visit."

Robert already has nine offers, and father and son hope to find the best fit for him.

"We want a school that fits him," Mr. Washington said. "It is important that I give him as much information as I can and make these visits so he can see things for himself. Robert will make an informed decision when commitments to a college."

Although there are other suitors for Robert Washington Jr., Michigan has taken a positive step forward in the relationship they are building with him.


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