Morgan says Defense has Refocused

FOXSportsNEXT VIDEO: Junior LB Desmond Morgan talks about the new intensity level of the defense after Michigan's close 28-24 win over Akron.

Michigan junior linebacker Desmond Morgan

How's it been since the near miss loss to Akron?

Desmond Morgan: "Just stepping up a lot and obviously we looked back and seen there was a lot of inconsistency at practice last week. It's something that we kind of realized and it affected our game play."

Tell us about Sunday and Monday, can you see the difference in intensity and focus?

Desmond Morgan: "Yeah, for the guys it was a reality check knowing that you can't go through the motions all week and come out on Saturday."

How different was it for you moving over, from the weak side to start off with instead of the middle?

Desmond Morgan: "To be honest it wasn't that different because I've been playing both all year, I've been rotating with both positions in all three games this year."

On film defensively, how long did you spend breaking that down? What went wrong on Saturday?

Desmond Morgan: "We came in on Sunday, we gave up too many big plays. We broke it down, we saw the mistakes we need to fix. Like I said it was something that I think had a lot to do with preparation and focus. We ended it there and moved on."

Do you think guys were tightening up as the game went on? Coach Mattison said that in the first half he was fine with what you guys did, but it got worse as the game went on. Do you think you guys were tightening up, getting scared?

Desmond Morgan: "I don't know if it was so much scared, but we just started to give up some of those big plays in the second half. I don't know if we were losing focus or what it was but we became not as sound in our coverage's and our techniques. It ended up catching up to us in the end."

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