Countess: Enjoys Playing Nickel

FOXSportsNEXT VIDEO: RS Soph. CB Blake Countess discusses playing more at nickel this season and more.

Michigan redshirt cornerback Blake Countess.

What's practice been like so far this week?

Blake Countess: "It's been really up tempo, we have to move on this week. We have our first road game coming up, so we have to make sure everyone's on board."

You've had an expanded role this year. What do you like about the two spots, cornerback and nickel?

Countess: "I think I can be a little more aggressive at the nickel position because I'm inside. I'm blitzing, little things like that. I can be more aggressive in coverage because I have people behind me. I like it. It's helped me. I think, because I get to play two different roles. And with our depth at corner we can rotate players in there, keep everyone happy."

Is it hard to flip from one position to the other in the middle of a game?

Countess: "It is, but you just have to be focused. You heard the coaches talk about focus."

Just responsibility wise, mentality wise? What's the most difficult part about switching from corner to nickel?

Countess: "Just the fits, to know I'm not the corner on this play. Just gotta remind myself sometimes, I'm the nickel not the corner."

You've said that you wanted to take more of a leadership role this year, have you done some of that this week?

Countess: "I think so. The biggest thing about coming off a week like Akron is you don't want to feel beaten. Just picking everybody's spirits up. Smiling because we did win and now we have to move forward, so that's what I'm trying to do."

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