2016 wing Seth Towns' hard work is paying off

Columbus Northland sophomore wing Seth Towns continues to pick up interest from colleges. Last Monday at an open gym at his high school, college coaches came by to take a peek at the 2016 prospect. Towns talked to GBW about the attention.

It is quite pleasing to hear any recruit that is being looked at by college basketball programs being appreciative of the position he is in. Seth Towns is certainly one of those recruits, feeling honored by the attention that is coming his way.

"I just feel blessed with what is happening to me," he told GoBlueWolverine. "It also means the hard work I have been putting in is really paying off."

Seth has had a chance to show off that hard work and talent at in open gyms this fall in front of several college coaches.

"There was an assistant from West Virginia, and Wisconsin, at open gym," he said. "Coach Beilein from Michigan was there as well. I feel like I have improved my overall game since last year. My maturity has a lot to do with that, which comes with understanding the game better and playing more." What has improved? "My ball handling along with adding more versatility to my game, and getting stronger has helped as well."

Towns was particularly happy at the sight of one of the coaches in attendance -- John Beilein. Towns had a chance to visit the Wolverines and speak with the coaches, seeing them even before they were recruiting him, personally.

"It was good to see Coach Beilein," he said. "It means a lot it helps my confidence level that I am up there with the big dogs. It shows how far I have come with the potential I have, and that is because of the hard work that I have put in. I can remember Coach Beilein being at Trey Burke's game when he scored his 1,000th point, and now he is coming to see me. It is a dream to be able to go through this experience with coaches being interested in me."

Seth has watched the Wolverines closely, looking to see how Michigan's offense fits his playing style.

"I love how the Michigan coaches trust the players," Towns said. "I can see myself playing in that system. The point guard runs things and everyone plays their role. It is a good system to play in."

Towns currently holds two offers from Dayton and Xavier, and with the interest in him continuing to pick up, more will be on the way. Virginia Tech, Ohio State, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan are in that mix.

Two weeks ago Towns took a visit to Virginia Tech, proving to be a positive experience with the Hokies, a program Towns would like to continue learning more and more about.

"It was really nice -- the campus was gorgeous. I had a chance to play against some of the players, and that felt good -- competing against guys on that level. It was good getting to know head coach James Johnson and assistant coach Andrew Moore."

Feeling more comfortable with his game and the expectations others have put on him, Towns' feels more at ease for the upcoming season.

"When I came in as a freshman there were expectations that other people put on me that were not my own. Right now I am more comfortable with where I am, and that comes because of the confidence I have in myself."

Just this past summer, Towns was listed in the 6-foot-4 or 6-foot-5 range, but that has changed in a hurry -- he is growing, as some would say, like a weed.

"When I was up at Virginia Tech they measured me at 6'8, so as I continue to grow in height I also want to grow as a person and a player."


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