Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

GBW's Tom Beaver & Kyle Bogenschutz chat about Michigan's struggles, WR's, defense, more.

<KyleBogie> Good evening, all

<KyleBogie> After the last two weeks, is this abut as awful as you can feel about a 4-0 football team? LOL.

<unhet> this is 2 early i guess

<Dizzo> I really don't feel that awful about the last 2 games

<Dizzo> I mean, of course they were awful, but that's directly because of 4 turnovers each game

<Dizzo> I'd feel more awful is we had 0 turnovers and were winning 28-24

<KyleBogie> Well I must say you two seem to be handling the poor performances well!

<Dizzo> turnovers have potential to be corrected where the team can improve


<snic2u> hey tom

<TomBeaver> An old friend of mine was a HS football and basketball coach back in the day on the west side of the state

<snic2u> i sure hope some things get fixed in the next 2 weeks

<TomBeaver> he emailed me yesterday

<Dizzo> Bogie - In 2010 we beat UMass 42-37 and turnovers were even at 2 apiece.  That was much more cause for concern.. 0 defensive scores, we weren't engative in turnover margin, defense couldn't stop anyone, etc

<TomBeaver> He said the chain of weakness for the offense goes a level deeper than the O-line

<KyleBogie> Dizzo. Just saying, I expected there to be a little more panic

<Dizzo> Oh there's panic :)

<Dizzo> just not from everyone ..

<Dizzo> have you read the board?

<snic2u> did you see that john (harry) potter, the kicker from gh is in the nfl tom?

<snic2u> he was in oneils class

<KyleBogie> That's exactly what I meant lol

<TomBeaver> He said (or wrote): (1) the defenses don't respect the receivers - that's the issue. So (2) the load the box and rush the middle, (3) collapsing the young interior OL (4) pressuring or running into Devin, and thus he makes his mistakes

<danimal1968> I stopped counting when I saw the 5th "the program is in deep trouble" post

<maizeandblueheart> Tom, the two long balls to Chesson could have changed that...he didn't come back forcefully for the first, and he didn't keep running to track down the second.

<Dizzo> My view is 2-less turnovers in the last 2 games and we were looking at 42-17 and 38-14 scores.  Not blowouts like OSU has been putting up, but a lot less cause for concern.  And Devin is literally the only one turning the ball over (plus DaMario on a freak bounce because he forgot to run like his hair was on fire)

<KyleBogie> Good point Tom. The inability to stretch the field vertically with a true deep threat is a big problem.

<TomBeaver> He suggests moving Funchess to Wr, but he knows that won't happen

<BELLO> Tom-Thats the blueprint for defenses for the rest of the yr

<TomBeaver> He said U-M must develop another WR threat ... or the chain of weakness will be an issue all season

<snic2u> the wrs make a few plays it should loosen thing up

<maizeandblueheart> Tom, why can't we move Funchess to the WR? Too slow to be a deep threat?

<snic2u> put funchess at wr and butt at te

<Dizzo> I posted elsewhere, I'd love to see a 1st down play that has all 3 TEs.. Gallon - - - Williams - Lewan - Glasgow - Miller - Kalis - Schofield - Butt - - Funchess

<TomBeaver> blueheart -- dunno why, just IMO (or he thought) they wouldn't, that they'd keep him at TE. I spose you could give the TE a deeper route, but you may actually need him to protect the passer

<Dizzo> gives us blockers to run, but also 3 legit pass catching threats if the defense is loading the box and blitzing

<unforsaken> I know these kids are taking a lot of heat for the gameplay, but shouldn't coaches share some of the blame. Part of the coach's job is to instruct and help the team improve and I'm not seeing that in the pass rush, secondary play, o-line play, and it seem they are not able to bring Devin out his mental lapses he has been having.

<TomBeaver> You end up with more of a max-protect scenario

<norplas> but Funchess cant block worth a damn

<maizeandblueheart> I'm just thinking that Funchess seems so comfortable running routes, but not so comfortable blocking...

<danimal1968> if the defense is loading the box and blitzing and they see you throwing short routes, they'll have one orm ore defenders back off after faking a blitz

<danimal1968> and you won't know which one it is

<dave76> It is amazing how inept this team has looked on offense the past two weeks.

<TomBeaver> He just thought it'd be an issue all season ... so you work at improving the WRs, and the interior OL, and Devin has to be smarter ... but that the basic issue would continue

<TomBeaver> And, thus, he's lowered his expectation for the season

<dave76> I see 8-4 at best

<TomBeaver> He's an old-time U-M fan, but not at the level as me I'd guess you'd say

<Dizzo> Bogie ---> dave76 is the guy you were waiting for

<chriscas21> Missing Darboh has to hurt a bit

<dave76> What, someone who sees things clearly?

<chriscas21> not a deep threat but had good hands/chemistry with devin

<TomBeaver> chriscas - could be ... we don't know how good he'd have gotten himself to be

<norplas> So how much is on the WRs and how much is on Devin cant get them the ball

<dave76> Let me guess Dizzo, you're still thinking national title

<maizeandblueheart> OSU moved a FB to LB in the middle of last season...MSU moved a DE to TE last doesn't seem such a big move to try a receiving TE at WR to see how that goes.

<danimal1968> why be a jerk about it dave

<TomBeaver> norplas - he says Devin is basically running for his life, rarely has time to see the field well

<dave76> I'm not...I got slammed for giving an opinion

<Dizzo> dave - no, I'm not seeing national title.  I'm not exaggerating either direction

<dave76> I gave my honest opinion, that's all

<danimal1968> i didnt see you getting slammed

<chriscas21> Tom, since ND, Gallon hasnt looked the same. Is he playing injured?

<dave76> I think they are an 8-4 team

<norplas> So where would they be if Treadwell wouldnt have gotten his price at Ole Miss

<TomBeaver> well the '97 team had no receiving corps, then got creative about it ... so that's always a possible solution - we'll see what happens

<Dizzo> dave - 8-4 is very possible, if we keep turning the ball over, could be worse than that

<TomBeaver> chriscas - Gallon is banged up, yes

<dave76> Agreed

<Dizzo> I just wouldn't go as far as saying the offense has been inept

<dave76> Seems like everyone is hurt

<chriscas21> Id think they would be able to throw the ball in max protection if Gallon was 100%

<Dizzo> we put up 28 and 24 w/ 4 turnovers.. inept would be 150 yards and 12 points, IMO

<dave76> Last two weeks they've been pretty bad offensively, considering the opponents

<Denali00> they better start developing these young wideouts...and fast

<danimal1968> dizzo, the one thing I would say on the side of the "critics" is that this offense has produced the two worst plays Ive ever seen from a Michigan team

<TomBeaver> norplas - correctamundo on Treadwell, or a rookie receiver of elite caliber ... unfortunatey they didn't snag one in any of their classes thus far

<danimal1968> the only reason the butt fumble on Saturday wasn't the worst is that the TD interception in the end zone was worse

<TomBeaver> WR has been the recruiting weak spot, as we all know

<norplas> and Harris is probably not the answer for next year?

<maizeandblueheart> Back in the day my dad used to say that even if you beat ND you pay for it with a bunch of nagging injuries for the week or two's to hoping that's part of what we've been seeing.

<dave76> I cringe to think of what that SPartan defense could do to this offense if Al doesn't get creative

<TomBeaver> danimal, lol ... of course the OL got pushed into Devin

<BlueFan31> People should go back and listen to the interview that was done with Gallon just days after it was announced that darboh would miss the season. You could tell that it was a crushing blow to the offense.

<TomBeaver> not that he shoulda let his butt fumble it!

<Dizzo> dan - yeah, the horrendous turnovers for points the last few weeks have been killers.  Those are things that, IMO, would destroy a mentally weak team though.  The offense or defense could've easily come out flat after those things, but they didn't..

<outcastinohio> How much longer untill Drake returns to action for his team?

<TomBeaver> Harris - I bet he's out there ... remember, he graduates in December

<danimal1968> I'm just saying that if you look at the plays as a whole, not just focusing on Gardner those are the worst two plays I've ever seen a Michigan offense run

<Denali00> and if Chesson is pretty close to Darboh then we're still in big trouble next year

<TomBeaver> he'll be in spring ball

<Dizzo> (and I'm not trying to be all rosy here, just taking the side less people are taking to try to provide some balance.. most is doom and gloom talk)

<danimal1968> and after 2008 I never thought I'd say that

<norplas> Harris better put on some

<Dizzo> dan - One potential competitor for worst play run was that half-back pass from Vincent Smith last year

<dave76> You'd think maybe Jones would get a shot, or Jordan Lewis even

<danimal1968> that play was there if Smith threw it right

<TomBeaver> Me, I just follow the team, good or not-so ... I don't wrap up my own life in it

<danimal1968> the two I'm talking about were just bad all the way around

<danimal1968> absolutely Tom, this is the best time of year...and the season is already 1/3 over :(

<outcastinohio> I suspect we will see some of Jabrill on offense next year. Why? Because I think Hoke is going to have some fire under his seat and will do anything to win.

<gerrygarner> kyle any word how things went with Grantham today

<TomBeaver> I learned that as a student I guess ... seemed like something always went wrong at the end and we'd get screwed out of the Rose, or else look bad out there, lol

<BlueFan31> Canteen is enrolling early as well. Things should be much imporved next season, depsite the departures of Lewan and Schofield

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. Have heard nothing since confirming Beilein's presence in Virginia.

<Denali00> maybe we get Jabril to play wideout next year

<danimal1968> Hoke won't be feeling any heat in that sense as long as Brandon is AD

<TomBeaver> But I think Borges has his work cut out for him ... if he manages to improve the offense he'll earn his near-$million I guess

<BlueFan31> We need playmakers on defense too.

<Denali00> Peppers!

<BlueFan31> Our only playmaker on D right now is Jake Ryan

<dave76> Tom, which position group do you think was overestimated the most before the season - OL?

<danimal1968> okay who ran Tom off!

<snic2u> i think countess is a playmaker also bluefan

<KyleBogie> danimal1968. Brandon has proven he will do whatever is necessary to ensure the football program is at it's best, business man in every sense of the word. Sure that's his guy but if it's not working out a couple years from now he'd do something about it.

<Dizzo> dave - I'd say OL or RB.  We heard Fitz was going to be all conference and the rest of the backs were providing huge competition.  Have not seen any of that yet.

<danimal1968> brandon isn't going to admit he made a mistake easily

<dave76> OL for sure, with DL close behind.  Fitz has been just OK, not terrible IMO.

<TomBeaver> Somehow I lost my ability to be in chat, just had to restart ... I was typing away but youse didn't see it lol

<KyleBogie> EDizzo. I think the most disappointing part of the first four games is that Michigan hasn't gotten another running back significant carries at key moments

<danimal1968> of course if we have a losing season or something like that, all bets are off

<TomBeaver> Gallon playing hurt I'd say

<KyleBogie> Gallon also isn't someone you can sconsistently send on a go route and expect to have positive results 40 yards down the field. He's a possession type that can break a big one in yardsafter catch. Not a vertical threat.

<outcastinohio> Why exactly hasn't Green been given a few carries a game?

<maizeandblueheart> If we have so many playing hurt, the Minny game after the break could hopefully look better than the last two weeks...

<dave76> Or Smith or Rawls.

<Dizzo> Kyle - but if the other backs were ready, they'd be put out there, right?  These coaches rotate WR, DL, TE, LB like they've got a 3-deep almost, but Fitz is the only one getting carries.  That says something to me about their confidence in everyone else right now.

<KyleBogie> outcastinohio. My guessis pass protectin issues but that shouldn't have anything to do with getting some carries.

<KyleBogie> Dizzo. Either way, and whatever the reason, it's not a good sign.

<maizeandblueheart> Green was running in place and generally jumping around and looking ready to go into the game for much of the second half...

<TomBeaver> can you guys see this?

<dave76> yes

<KyleBogie> yEAH, Tom

<maizeandblueheart> yes tom

<norplas> see what Tom

<BlueFan31> I think there's a much better chance of Brandon "leaning" on Hoke to make changes to his staff after next season if things are still sluggish than there is of him actually firing Hoke. It was rumored that he did something similar with Beilein in order to get him to shake up his staff a few years ago

<maizeandblueheart> Beilein's shake up seemed to help...

<outcastinohio> He can start with Funk and move onto Heklinski. Get Soup Campbell back and we'll see improvement in our WR's in a hurry.

<norplas> Hate to say it but Fred Jack can go next

<BlueFan31> Hecklinski has done a good job imho. Why would you want Soup back?

<KyleBogie> Let's see how this season plays out before we start throwing anyone on the firing line

<BlueFan31> Kyle, I'm definitely not calling for any changes to be made now.

<outcastinohio> Because we were consistently running out good WR's under Campbell.

<TomBeaver> Can you guys see this?

<norplas> Tom you are having a tough nite

<norplas> see what

<danimal1968> Yeah you don't can an OL coach two weeks in like Bielema did last year unless the OL is about to mutiny

<snic2u> yes tom

<dave76> Well, we haven't landed a top WR in a long time

<KyleBogie> Gotcha, BlueFan31, just saying.

<KyleBogie> dave76. A VERY LONG TIME.

<norplas> Boy who's ticking tom off

<dave76> Agreed

<Dizzo> outcastinohio - Under Soup though we were also running a pro-style vertical offense and had recruits in the pipeline.  Right now we've got Gallon, Dileo, and Jeremy Jackson as the upperclassmen based on recruiting.  Not exactly the prototypical receivers for this offense, no matter how well they've played

<BlueFan31> People weren't beating down Soup's door after he was let go by Ferentz. He's in the CFL now

<norplas> Ferentz is the one that needs to be let go

<BlueFan31> That 2010 WR class was just horribly overrated in hindsight. It produced nothing

<maizeandblueheart> Ferentz could have been our coach, thank goodness not.

<BlueFan31> Maybe Ferentz can jojn Soup in the CFL  :)

<outcastinohio> The other problem we've had is that Hoke has managed to bring in zero high level WR's in his first two classes. We have one in Drake but he's missed most of his senior year thus far

<BlueFan31> Darboh was the second most highly regarded WR recruit in the midwest in the 2012 clas.

<norplas> and the 2011 WR class was even worse

<BlueFan31> #1 was Aaron Burbridge  :(

<danimal1968> I saw burbridge drop several passes Saturday

<TomBeaver> can you guys see this?

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. But I, and I'm not sure many, saw Darboh as an elite threat on the outside similar to the traditional big, fast WR's Michigan is accustomed to.

<danimal1968> yes tom

<snic2u> yes

<BlueFan31> We didn't take a WR in 2011. Not sure how that can be blamed on Hoke though. He was hired with only 3 weeks to go until signing day. Blame Brandon for that

<Dizzo> Tom - Can you see this?

<TomBeaver> I'e been having all kinds of trouble - have restarted 3 times

<Dizzo> Tom - time to buy a PC man.. those Mac things are just a fad for hipsters and college kids.

<norplas> Not blaming Hoke. Just saying other than Gallon, we havent had a good WR in at least 5 yrs

<BlueFan31> Kyle, Gallon and the other players certainly believed Darboh was for real...

<TomBeaver> I was typing away, but I couldn't see any posts from anyone else lol ... then I realized you maybe couldn't see mine either

<outcastinohio> Darboh is a #2 reciever what we've needed was a top end WR with elite athletic ability. Ala Braylon, Terrell, Manningham.

<danimal1968> I love those "its only weird if it doesn't work" ads

<norplas> did you type anything important

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. If we go by what the players/coaches say all the time then Michigan should have no issues on the offensive line and a front four generating sack after sack, right? LOL.

<BlueFan31> outcast, I agree with that.

<KyleBogie> outcastinohio. We do not know wthat.

<BlueFan31> Nah, I think it's a little different in this situation Kyle. That Gallon interview just after it was announced that darboh was out for the year was very revealing imho.

<TomBeaver> Anyhoo ... we've known that WR was the one chink in the recruting-armour the last few classes .. it's the one thing Hoke-n-co haven't recruited well

<KyleBogie> Just disagree. We were also sold on the fact that Darboh and Chesson were of similar ability...

<Crowpuppy> Tom, I too am using a Commodore 64.  Time to upgrade!

<outcastinohio> BTW does anyone know how much longer Drake will be out?

<BlueFan31> Kyle, what do you have against Chesson? It's only been four games.

<TomBeaver> Darboh and Chessun were both fallback guys as recruits

<danimal1968> I'll say this.  I don't know how good a receiver Chesson is but he is impressing the heck out of me when it comes to other stuff

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. Nothing. Nothing is ever personal for me. But what have we seen out of either of them? Nothing.

<TomBeaver> So ... just not liable to be stars is all

<maizeandblueheart> Do you think that WR recruits are turned off by the offense we use, or are the coaches less adept at sniffing out true WR talent compared to other positions?

<danimal1968> he had the two hardest hits of the night Saturday

<KyleBogie> I agree, with Tom

<BlueFan31> Frankly, I thought that Darboh was an ND lock. I was surprised we got him

<TomBeaver> Gallon is very talented, but he was recruited as a slot

<danimal1968> and his block against ND was quite memorable

<norplas> ND took a lot of WRs recently

<TomBeaver> I'm guessing ND backed off Darboh a little

<danimal1968> but that does not make a great receiver of course

<fishtaxi> My boss is very good friends with drakes dad ,I will find out in the morning

<TomBeaver> Drake Harris is a January enrollee ... he'll go thru spring ball and you can bet he'll get a shot at P-T next fall

<BlueFan31> Kyle, it's far too early to judge chesson though. If we judged Gallon four games into his redshirt freshman season, the veridct would've been bust

<outcastinohio> With Kerridge struggling so much has there been any thought to burning Shallman's redshirt?

<BlueFan31> People forget how bad Gallon looked at times in 2010

<TomBeaver> Chesun - he's just not a go-to guy right now, is all ... I think he's got potential, but he's a year away at best

<norplas> or what about Siona

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. I'm not sayinghis career is over and worthless over hre am I? Just saying, none of the receivers on the roster seem to be of the David Terrell/marquise walker type when it comes to ability.

<danimal1968> chesson should just be a fringe contributor at this point

<BlueFan31> Tom, agreed.

<danimal1968> special teams and maybe blocking as the #3 receiver

<TomBeaver> Shallman - no one knows if he can block ... he had insisted that he NOT be recruited as a FB, lol

<KyleBogie> dRAKE Harris will be the closest to that since Manningham left

<Dizzo> outcast - I thought Wyatt was hurt.   Wasn't he on crutches just a few weeks back?

<TomBeaver> yes Shallman's hurt ... but he's not gonna be a good FB as a freshman

<KyleBogie> Dizzo. Wyatt was hurt but it was nothing serious as far as I was told. A setback either way though

<TomBeaver> So ... hopefully Borges can get creative, if he can he'll earn his pay, lol

<norplas> Anyone else want to see Terelle Pryor just get destroyed tonite

<outcastinohio> Mattison commented on Terry Richardson in his presser last week. Reading between the lines he was basically saying that Richardson isn't doing what he needs to do.

<TomBeaver> The '97 team had no wideouts, and they got creative (luckily they had Woodson to do it with, admittedly, lol)

<BlueFan31> Kyle, I agree with that. What i took issue with was the comment that we've seen nothing out of Darboh/Chesson. Well, one is out for the year with injury and the other one is only 4 games into his RS freshman season. It's still very early yet in theri careers. I agree that we still need a true #1

<danimal1968> tom do the assistants hit the road this week

<TomBeaver> outcast - I'm sure he was asked about Richardson, so that's the answer he gave

<TomBeaver> danimal - yes

<danimal1968> i guess hoke could too because the no HC on the road rule only applies in the spring IIRC

<fishtaxi> Bogie can we pretty much conclude that Jonah Bolden isnt going to end up at michigan?

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. I hear ya, my only point was that we just literally know nothing about them. Can't say Michigan "misses" Darboh cause we don't know. That's all.

<outcastinohio> How has Freddy Canteen look thus far? Havent heard much of him lately. Same with Speight

<BlueFan31> I'd imagne that Hoke will be dropping by Soutfield to see Marshall and Malik

<TomBeaver> We have no idea how Darboh'd be any good in games ... but if you have question marks then it's good to at least have numbers to increase the odds someone'll break thru ... now they don't have numbers either

<BlueFan31> Speight is tearing it up.

<TomBeaver> Jor Reynolds isn't the answer IMO, and if Jackson was the pass-catching answer he'd be out there aLOT which he isn't ...

<norplas> except for alot of Ints by Wilton

<KyleBogie> Boutcastinohio. Canteen has done very well this year, as has Speight. Very encouraging news. I think Canteen is going to be a player in Ann Arbor, he really impresses me

<maizeandblueheart> What is Joe Reynold's limitation?

<bigshooter1> Tom.. why not go 5 wide and spread the D out more. so they cant stack the box. start throwing those laterla wide out passes along the line of scrimmage when db's play off.. almost like an extended running play

<KyleBogie> norplas/ I thought Speight had kept his INT number down so far this season...

<TomBeaver> Canteen is a really good receiver

<bigshooter1> got to mix it up more IMO

<bigshooter1> i can predict 70% of the plays before they happen.. too easy

<norplas> I thought he had 3 in one game

<TomBeaver> bigshooter - because I guess the D will just let 'em go and blast the passer

<danimal1968> that's what MSU did in 2011 when we went empty

<fishtaxi>  cuckoo

<BlueFan31> Not a fan empty back sets to be honest. What I'd like to see is more max protect.

<KyleBogie> maizeandblueheart. Reynolds isnt very fast. He was an 800 runner in high school, not a sprinter.

<TomBeaver> It looks like an overloaded box can get to the passer FAST

<danimal1968> run that double A-gap blitz and there is no way for the oline to block them

<norplas> too bad the field inst 800 yds

<TomBeaver> max protect - agree

<BlueFan31> Narduzzi would be drooling if we ever went 5 wide on him  lol

<danimal1968> unless you do it like you're blocking for a kick and that can only hold them out for a couple seconds

<TomBeaver> Reynolds looks like a 5.0-ish guy to me, same wrt Jeremy

<bigshooter1> huh? not with quick passes.. thats the point

<TomBeaver> norplas - lol

<danimal1968> play press coverage and that will take away the quick passes

<TomBeaver> bigshooter - I hear ya, but the D doesn't respect the WRs that are out there

<BlueFan31> bigshooter, we saw in the 2011 game. We went empty once and Denard almost threw a pick six

<norplas> I think Devin has the arm for 800yds

<norplas> It would give us more time to catch the defender when Devin throws an int

<TomBeaver> they have to come up with SOMETHING to counter the pressure up the middle, tht's for sure

<BlueFan31> Johnny Adams tried to jump the slant route but mistimed it by a split second.

<maizeandblueheart> offense has lookedd at times like the field is 800 yards, lol

<KyleBogie> The confusion in pass protection on the interior is very evident. Guys are sometimes just running right by.

<TomBeaver> even against ND Devin had no time to throw, but in that game he was HOT - and made tough throw after tough throw, esp early, and Gallon made some great/tough grabs

<norplas> Miller looks very lost

<KyleBogie> gOOD, point Tom

<TomBeaver> Well they must've had their competition for OC and LG, and the starters won ... maybe they'll have another this week or next, we'll see

<danimal1968> the only time he gets good protection is on the waggle off the stretch play

<KyleBogie> Tom, that makes it even sacarier...

<TomBeaver> lol ... so ... they have to come up with something

<norplas> Is Bryant going to get a chance or is he still hurt

<bigshooter1> to me its confidence.. just like anything anyone does if they lack self confidece it is evident and they dont maximize their potential.. thats how I see this team the last 2 weeks.

<TomBeaver> luckily Minny isn't a good D team ... but then neither were the last two teams

<danimal1968> if the story about glasgow being in a boot is true then bryant won't be coming in for miller

<danimal1968> he may be coming in for glasgow

<rounds> Kyle, do we get Grantham, Wilson and Chatman?

<TomBeaver> norplas - my pure guess is that he has a high ankle and it will persist

<norplas> other than osu and sparty are there any good Defenses in the B1G

<KyleBogie> iG get the feeling Bryant is who they want to improve the run game but Glasgow is a better mix of both run and pass pro

<TomBeaver> Kyle - you could be right there

<KyleBogie> rounds. KISS OF DEATH: Right now, I can see that scenario playing out.

<norplas> Damn Manning is scary

<rounds> Kyle, at least you have the guts to give your opinion.  I appreciate it.  LOL

<TomBeaver> danimal - right, Bryant isn't an OC

<danimal1968> broncos don't look any good at all do they

<danimal1968> if glasgow's hurt he may be coming in for glasgow though

<norplas> No they sure don't.  He looks pretty good for an old guy.

<KyleBogie> rounds. If I ever get scared to give my opinion, well, I'll have bigger problems LOL.

<rounds> Tom, next year, do you see UM breaking in four new OL outside of Kalis?

<TomBeaver> Me I think Devin in the end just has to keep focusing on taking care of the ball, and they have to use the edges more, and throw more on first down ... a combination of things

<norplas> Just realized Manning vs Woodson tonite.  Heisman rematch

<TomBeaver> And they will improve ... Devin will get hot again

<danimal1968> I looked at the play by play...something like 11 of 13 drives started with an FT run

<norplas> Kalis doesn't look very good either

<maizeandblueheart> We have to get Grantham...his name is listed four times on the prospect page...we always get the 'multiple listees'.

<KyleBogie> It'll be interesting to see what happens come Minnesota. Or even to be a fly on the wall in practice during the bye week/nextweek, just to see what experimenting goes on behind the scenes.

<danimal1968> they mixed it up more on first downs during drives

<danimal1968> but to start drives it was almost always an FT run

<outcastinohio> The last two games have left me wishing for Omameh, Barnum and Mealer back. That's something i never imagined

<KyleBogie> It is pretty remarkable to watch Devin in those five games last year compared to this year.

<danimal1968> funny thing was he actually did better than I thought

<TomBeaver> blueheart - why we cannot have access to the hoops database, I have no idea ...

<rounds> I hope they mix it up with various OLinemen.

<KyleBogie> I thought Jamie Morris made aFANTASTIC point on the show sUNDAY, that now teams have film and have adjusted to what the saw Devin do well last season.

<BlueFan31> I want to see the stretch play go the way of the Dodo bird

<TomBeaver> Bogie - sure ...

<danimal1968> I just hope devin stops it with the spin move

<norplas> Kyle that is on the coaches

<TomBeaver> BlueFan - I've thought that for the past 10 years lol

<fishtaxi> Kyle do you recall hearing something that happened at msu when Booker was on his official visit there that apparently ruened him off to msu?

<BlueFan31> lol

<TomBeaver> and jettison the reverse-spin move, definitely

<fishtaxi> turned

<TomBeaver> it's a Kick Me sign!

<norplas> taxi yes Izzo is a jerk

<rounds> We have to hit some throws deep.  If we do that, the defense will be stretched.  Plus, need to get some resemblance of a running game.

<fishtaxi> lol norplas

<KyleBogie> fishtaxi. To be honest, I simply do not think Michigan State is a threat unless Kentucky fills up and Michigan fills up

<fishtaxi> ok kyle heard that something happened on the visit that really turned him off to msu

<rounds> Kyle, what 15 bball targets do we look good for?

<TomBeaver> well guys starting to repeat ourselves, lol. I'm gonna to look in the fridge and see what I can scrape together for dinner

<TomBeaver> THANKS as always!

<fishtaxi> kyle do you think ky will take both blackmon and booker and do you think they would both go there?

<snic2u> thanks tom

<rounds> Thanks, Tom

<KyleBogie> rounds. Still think Coleman will end up being Michigan's to lose. Michigan has legitimate shots with Zimmerman and Stone. Who is going to commit? Too early.

<KyleBogie> fishtaxi. I do not expect both to end up at Kentucky

<kazoowolve> Did you guys see how many times Rees threw deep to his WRs vs. MSU? We have to do that. I am afraid that those DBs will just smother our WRs and they will just stuff 8 in the box.

<KyleBogie> Ok, everybody. Thank you for stopping by. I will have the chat transcript up tonight.

<jsmirman> Kyle quick question

<KyleBogie> Regardless of what endsup happning with GRantham, it could come at any time FYI

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