Hoke Addresses the Competition of the O-Line

Brady Hoke discusses the open competition in the interior line, bye week practice and more. VIDEO

ANN ARBOR -- After an up and down first month of the season, Michigan enters its first bye week with more questions than answers – especially in the middle of the offensive line.

Michigan coach Brady Hoke said Tuesday that interior line starters Graham Glasgow, Jack Miller and Kyle Kalis are all in competition this week to keep their jobs.

"I think the three guys in the middle of the offensive line are always something that we look at," Hoke said. "There is some guys that have played well in there. There is great competition behind him. So if a guy's has a good practice or a good couple of days – you may move him up."

While Chris Bryant and Ben Braden are notable names who could battle for the starting spots, Hoke said they won't replace a starter just to do it.

"I think the only way (we) would be hesitant if we didn't have a guy who could do as good as a job or better," Hoke said.

How are Galsgow, Miller and Kalis handling the competition?

Hoke replied: "They're fine. I mean they're fine, they're pretty resilient guys. They're pretty tough guys. They're pretty tough minded guys."

Bye Week

"I think this is a good time," said Hoke on having a bye week. "I mean, we're four games in. I think it's a great week for us, which we did as staff – we look at personnel . Look at special teams personnel . Look at the personnel that has played. Look at guys who are improving."

Grading the pass rush

"I don't know if I am disappointed," Hoke said. "I think the effort is pretty good. I think technique at times needs to be a little better. Would we like to have more sacks? You always do. But there has been some pressures there and something's that have prevented us from sacking a guy, either break contain or something.

"I think they are working awfully hard."

Devin Gardner having a "Superman" complex on the field

"I think he's been superman a longtime," Hoke said. "I think when you grow up being Superman, you have that in your mind. And he's competitive. The thing that I talk to him about is there is 10 other guys. Then you got a 11 guys on defense. And you got a kicking game. It's everybody together. And I think he hears that.

"I don't think it's a lack of trust. I just think it's innately what's in him. It's in his D.N.A."

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