Lewan won't Apologize for Being 4-0

VIDEO: Taylor Lewan addressees the media on Tuesday at Al Glick Field house.

ANN ARBOR -- Michigan senior offensive tackle Taylor Lewan talked to the media on Tuesday.

When you looked at the film, what were your impressions of the Offensive Line?

Lewan: "We have a lot of things to improve on. One of the things we did do, being down 21-7 in the third quarter we handled adversity well. I'm not going to apologize for being 4-0. We didn't play like I wanted to, but this team's still 4-0. We only have twelve starts between those guys (the interior offensive lineman.)"

There's been a lot of talk about switching it up on the Offensive Line. Would you be an advocate of keeping the same five?

Lewan: "It doesn't matter to me. Every one of those guys are great guys. If the coaches believe another guy should get a shot, I'll work with them to do the best we can. My job is to be the captain of this team."

Are you pleased with how you've been playing?

Lewan: "I've played well, aside from a holding penelty. That was my what, second penelty of the year? Better than my freshman year (laughs). I need to get better though, we can't have joking matters like that."

You said you're not going to apologize for being 4-0, have you felt like you've had to though with the fans?

Lewan: "When you play at Michigan, there's a lot of fans here. I think fans are upset with the way we've played the last two weeks. After the Notre Dame Game I think fans expected blowouts. We haven't played perfect, we haven't played a perfect game yet. Our job is to perform like a Michigan team every single year."

After four weeks, are you not where you expected this team to be?

Lewan: "Yes and no, other things need to be picked up. It needs to improve, it needs to get better if you want the Big Ten Championship."

Is it unfair to put so much on Devin?

Lewan: "Absolutely, it's not fair to Devin. It's never one guy. It's not basketball, your one star can't score all the points and win it for you. It's a team game, if ten guys are doing their job and one is not, then you're going to have a TFL instead of a touchdown. That's how it is."

What happened on the one sack that came in from your edge?

Lewan: "Our play was that we all just stepped to the right, made sure no one was in our gap and then turn out. The main thing is that we don't have a play for 3rd and 30. It was one of those things that just happened. It wasn't any one person's fault."

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