Cole in No Rush

Brian Cole may be getting courted by colleges as a wide receiver or defensive back, but he is making his hay at the tailback position for Saginaw Heritage.

A week after piling up 205 yards and a touchdown against Midland, Saginaw (MI) Heritage star Brian Cole racked up 191 yards and four touchdowns against Bay City Central.  On the season Cole has already rushed 75 times for 747 yards (9.96 yards per carry) and eight touchdowns.

“(My game is) making people miss and just running as hard as I can,” he said matter-of-factly.  “I’m just doing it for the team just trying to get a win. I don’t like losing. Nobody does. I think I’ve got good vision, but it’s all God. I don’t even run the ball. I swear it’s all God. I swear.”

All of this offensive success begs the question — does he still plan on playing defensive back at the next level?

“I still haven’t decided yet,” Cole responded.  “I have no idea. I still got one more year. I think that’s when I’m going to decide.”

That decision could rest largely upon which side of the ball his collegiate team needs him most.  Michigan is among the programs courting him at receiver, and a few weeks ago the class-of-2015 standout was on hand to see the Wolverines’ top pass catcher have a career day versus Notre Dame.

“Gallon’s out there doing his thing,” said Cole.  “He’s killing it. (Michigan is a) pretty good team and I like how they got chemistry. They’re all about ‘the team, the team, the team.’ That’s their motto. Everybody plays too."

“(Under the Lights 2) was a nice game and the band had a real nice performance. The whole stadium went dark, and it had a nice drum line. The game was a good game. They beat Notre Dame. It was a good game to watch. It was fun.”

As exciting as the experience was, the state’s top junior was quick to note that it didn’t put the Wolverines on a pedestal.

“I love all the coaches at every college so far,” he said.  “They treat me nice, treat me good, and invite me to games. It’s just a good atmosphere to be around. I feel like when I go to them colleges I feel like one of the players because when I’m walking on the field, they’re like, hey Brian Cole, go blue!’ or ‘go green!’  I feel welcome.”

The proximal advantage held by Michigan and Michigan State may give each of them a leg up in the familiarity department, but the talented youngster insists he is a ways away from naming a favorite.

“(I like) Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Tennessee, Alabama, Wisconsin, Indiana, and a couple more schools,” Cole said.  “They’re all even. They’re all about the same. They all treat me nice. I’m not committing anywhere yet.”

As for when he will be ready to make a pledge, that is more than a little bit up in the air.

“I don’t know,” Cole stated. “Only God can tell. It will come down to playing time, praying, and a good education. NFL stands for ‘not for long’ so keep grinding and doing what I got to do.”

Despite the paucity of scholarships in 2015 for the Maize & Blue, that uncertain timeframe seems to be a non-issue.

“They really haven’t said anything (about a scholarship crunch),” Cole reported.  “They just said ‘if you want to be a Michigan player, then there’ll be a spot open for you.’”

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