Monday Chat Transcript

In Monday's chat, we take a closer look at what's transpiring on the basketball recruiting front, what Devin Gardner's struggles mean, competition and a potential new starter on the interior of the offensive line, and more as Minnesota invades Ann Arbor Saturday.

<gerrygarner> hey kyle, where do you think Grantham and Chatman end up

<KyleBogie> Hello all!

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. Right now, and again this is how quickly things can change, Clemson has made a quick and significant push with Grantham and Arizona is a tough beat for Chatman. I can't predict either at this point, could go either way at any time.

<kn212003> Bogie - Your kiss of death is getting hard to take :)

<kn212003> Any word from the Blackmon visit?

<KyleBogie> kn212003. It's getting frustrating for me too, trust me. Seems as soon as I collect the information the entire complex changes

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Another positive trip, have Sam and Snow working to get more of an extensive recap of the trip. Nothing imminent but good thing to have him on campus again and getting a better feel for how things work.

<kn212003> Anyway Michigan goes back after Edmond Sumner if they whiff too many times?

<outcastinohio> How much should we read into Brady talking about burning Bosch's redshirt?

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Not before they find out what happens with Booker/Blackmon. Sumner will sign this fall so probably unlikely a this pint a.

<KyleBogie> outcastinohio. It's not a bluff. Things still have to transpire for that to happen but it's an indication of Boshc's ability and the need for it on the OL right now.

<KyleBogie> At this point, Michigan needs to do anything thye can to get the OL going. Exhaust any and all options.

<ereichen> We are O-fer right now on big-time targets for 2014.  It's pretty unbelievable

<gerrygarner> any update on Eric Davis's recruitment? Do you think an offer might be on the table with coleman stretching out his timeline

<KyleBogie> ereichen. It is pretty unbelievable, I agree. But again, the end of the world isn't here, good things tcan still happen with this class.

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. I don't expect Eric Davis to receive a Michigan offer at any point, jy iopinion (my opinion here).

<jsmirman> That Chatman update was brutal

<outcastinohio> Kyle whats your guess on the starting lineup in the interior line saturday?

<rgarg1> Michigan getting negative recruited...can't beat Clemson for a recruit.

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. The brutal part for Michigan fans is Josh Gershon commenting that he believes it's Arizona. Other than that, he had and also had a lot of good things to say about Michigan.

<KyleBogie> outcastinohio. Guessing is a dangerous game but right now I'd say Chris Bryant gets a shot at LG and Glasgow slides to C. We'll find out (at least if Brady tells us) on Wednesday.

<jsmirman> Kyle, personally, I found that comment that "Michigan wouldn't be in it if it weren't for academics" (paraphrase?) to be death

<jsmirman> It's never about academics, and so if we're in it just because of academics, sounds like we're done

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. I don't know how that sitaution changed so quickly. Another VERY ODD siutuation that transpired. We'll see as his decision nears.

<DOTMAN> he coming to lay bball its clearly not just about academics

<DOTMAN> play

<jsmirman> Or never about academics in the way we think that means

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. To take a stab at what Chatman's father was thinking when he said that is that his son wouldn't consider leaving the west coast if Michigan didn't have such great academics to offer. No indictment on the basketball program, more on leaving home.

<DOTMAN> i'm not tracking but I've got no problem with a west coast kid saying what he said.

<rgarg1> Kyle..honestly after Beilen got Burke, Hardaway, found GRIII..not as worried about recruiting in him to get his kids and develop them

<rgarg1> Have to say that for UM though to strike out on all these 2014 kids is heartbreaking and feels defeating

<dave76> they haven't struck out on all of them

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. Michigan has done a nice job of mixing elite guys with under the radar types

<minnerick> kyle, do you know much from a QB from cali name Kevin Dillman. he is suppose to be high on michigan

<jsmirman> Kyle, yeah, but whether that's an indictment or not, if that's still the dominant reason to consider us - nothing changes that academics are never the reason for a decision

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. And I agree wit your second comment. Not over though. This class of 2014 has had so many twists and turns. It started with Keita , Dre and I were 15 minutes from shooting a viedeo talking about his UM commitment when he popped for OSU...

<dave76> that's not fishy or anything

<KyleBogie> minnerick. Have talked to his coach a few times but Michigan wants to see more film before anything gets serious. I don't evnvision him coming out here at this point, could change though if he performs well.

<jsmirman> My one hope is that he decides he can trust our staff to always care about him and he decides that Arizona will just roll new guys in and then new guys in

<jsmirman> That's crazy about Diop - that is wild to hear

<minnerick> any updates on Gardner or morris progression? why dont they get Dileo more involved as a saftty valve for devin

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. It will be the full picture whereever he decides to go. Still don't think he meant it as a strike against the staff or the program that’s all. Michigan has done a good job and he enjoys watching them play and how they play.

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. It was, quite franky, stunning. I was actually driving to the place i WAS MEETIG Dre when I saw Brian Snow's tweet on my phone.

<jsmirman> I've been pro-staff for forever, so I don't mean it like that. I just mean that if it's the reality, it don't sound good for us

<dave76> negativity abounds around here as of late

<jsmirman> Was Dre just as stunned, then, I take it? He's been at it a little longer - did he remember a similar situation?

<rgarg1> Kyle...for Keita was shady business involved to send him to OSU

<dave76> Thad Matta shady?  Naaaaaahhhhh......can't be

TomBeaver is now a Room Moderator in michigan

<KyleBogie> minnerick. Gardner just continues to work. Not being able to get Shane som more snaps in these first four games is a problem in my opinion, especially if Devin gets hurt. Michigan doesn't have elite playmakers on the outside though, no matter who the QB is.

<TomBeaver> HI GUYS

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I called Dre the second I saw and he couldn't believe it either. Not sure if he remembered a similar situation happening.

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. No no, nothing I had heard anyway. Comes from a very close, quiet family.

<jsmirman> That is brutal

<rgarg1> Kyle..something has to give with Michigan losing out on all the 2014 kids

<rgarg1> Grantham to Clemson is just wrong

<TomBeaver> Recruiting is tough, especially hoops recruiting where there's so-fewer kids

<TomBeaver> Coach B kind've ties his hands a little, that makes it tougher

<TomBeaver> So ... I'm not surprised.

<dave76> by not offering early?

<TomBeaver> How many top-top kids has he recruited? One?

<TomBeaver> He makes hay by developing kids .. no reason to think that'll stop

<jsmirman> Dave, football-wise, I don't see how anyone can deny how bad things look. O$U looked like they will straight murder us

<dave76> DIsagree

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. I can[t put my finger on it. Truly surprising and quick developments have changed a lot of thse recruitments.

<TomBeaver> jsmirman - glad we're not playing 'em this week, lol

<jsmirman> Seriously

<dave76> Tom..I do agree with that

<dave76> UM has a few weeks to right the ship

<TomBeaver> If U-M struggles again Saturday .. then we just know it's gonna be that kind of season. Simple as that

<KyleBogie> TomBeaver. Couldn't agree more Tom. Five games in and still same struggles? It'll linger throughout.

<dave76> I think he means the level of competition

<TomBeaver> It's my team either way ... I don't epect them to be Super just because "We're Michigan"

<jsmirman> It galls me that they have so many players who seem to develop/perform and it feels like we have so many disappointments

<TomBeaver> doesn't gall me

<dave76> Well, Tom you really thought this year's team would be good.  Really good

<bluewolve> the schedule doesn't get any easier

<dave76> As did a lot of people around here

<TomBeaver> it's a tough game, and the line between winning and losing is a fine one ... except for what? 2-3 programs right now?

<jsmirman> galls me. Having a brutal stretch in sports and I freaking hate O$U.

<TomBeaver> dave - I thought Devin would have a great year, that's what I thought. But part of that was wishful thinking ... now teams have scouted him...

<TomBeaver> they know his tendencies, his weaknesses

<TomBeaver> the one thing to watch for IMO is if the OL is significantly better ... if not, then it is what it is ... and there'll be a lotta games down to the wire

<rgarg1> Tom...everyone saying OSU kills us...what say you?

<TomBeaver> I thought that because of the schedule and because Devin could sneak up on folks a little, there was a good shot at this year being special. But instead, Devin has been scouted, and he's struggling

<returntoglory11> Kyle....Tom....why isnt michigan getting a bump in recruiting after NC appearance?

<KyleBogie> I said 10-2 based on Devin Gardner being one of the better quarterbacks in college football. Team goes as he goes and he's not going so well, obviously.

<KyleBogie> I based this entire season on Gardner though.

<TomBeaver> But I wasn't PROMISING that to anyone, lol. I was hoping.

<TomBeaver> U-M (hoops) is on more top kids than ever before in B's era ... so that is a 'bump' ... they just haven't landed one yet


<returntoglory11> being in doesnt matter does it?

<returntoglory11> in doesnt win championships...LOL

<TomBeaver> Dot - well, the counter is taking the next step - which is hard work, not easy. I still think he'll do it.

<KyleBogie> returntoglory11. It matters and it gets you in the door with people but it doesn't just close the deal. Some will look at it and wonder if the playing time will be there too. All part of it.

<DOTMAN> Let me rephrase: Where is the strategic counter to devin being scouted? Plan B?

<TomBeaver> Dot - well he has to make better reads ... and the OL has to protect better ... and the WRs have to receive better

<returntoglory11> But dont kids know..McGary, Robinson and Morgan gone after this up for grabs next year....Just seems odd..

<DOTMAN> ANd if Akron and Uconn find UM this easy to scout, I'm not sure what to think is going on

<TomBeaver> he has to put the reverse-double spin move to bed, lol ... teams have scouted THAT

<WestCblue> I'm with you Dot.  IThe issues are svery serious.

<KyleBogie> That's the most concerning things, UConn goes and gets beat by 30 against Buffalo and FIRE their head coach.

<DOTMAN> If not for Gardner's feet this thing would be real ugly

<returntoglory11> I think they got overconfident vs Akron...then lost all their confidence in the same game...if that is possible...LOL

<DOTMAN> he kkeps plays alive

<WestCblue> I t's funny how some posters refuse to accept teh fact of how big the issues are.

<KyleBogie> returntoglory11. Kids just aren't popping, not sure what else to say.

<TomBeaver> well if you want to be a power team ... but your OL can't block anyone . then, yes, you have big issues

<WestCblue> that's right.

<TomBeaver> thats a given

' <DOTMAN> now maybe he isnt finding guys who are open but I dont see him throwing and missing guys who are running gree

<BlueBMOC> Tom - do you see more early carries for Green/Smith/Rawls?

<returntoglory11> Thanks Kyle.. I will put on my go go gadget suit...and see if i can figure out...LOL

<TomBeaver> Devin - no, it's mainly the TOs with him ... the TOs

<DOTMAN> well not bing a power team isnt a Devin problem

<WestCblue> TJB here we are 5 years no 6 after RR came in.

<TomBeaver> BlueBMOC - I spose so

<WestCblue> and we are in EXACTLY the same spot.  if teams stuff 9 in a box.

<TomBeaver> But in a close game it's hard to put in a back who hasn't carried it

<WestCblue> Michigan can't function.

<jsmirman> He is missing guys who are open - maybe not running free, but open. If he can't hit underneath/middle of the field patterns, we're going to have a losing record

<WestCblue> QB can't pass

<WestCblue> QB is best RB

<WestCblue> nothing has changed.

<DOTMAN> Nah Tom

<TomBeaver> they needed to have given Green and whoever else carries already ... but they didn't- gameswere ultra tight, etc. Still, I wonder if they wished that coulda/woulda ...

<DOTMAN> I say Georgia do just aht last week

<DOTMAN> saq

<DOTMAN> oops

<DOTMAN> saw

<WestCblue> Narduzzi will ckill us with his d.

<WestCblue> He's done it 6 years in a row.

<BlueBMOC> uconn and akron should have been perfect pre season type games for the young RB's, but since they were so close the coaches couldn't trust the young guys

<DOTMAN> Over the years how often have we heard about really wanting to get guys more run

<WestCblue> ha! and no ONE on MI's staff has figured it out yet.

<DOTMAN> after the game

<TomBeaver> I thnk we'll see Green in there a little ... but in the heat of a game, we know what their tendency is that'w h... athat's what I'm saying

<DOTMAN> and then it never happens in the next game

<jsmirman> Devin's going to get killed, too, which is distressing

<WestCblue> that's right.

<DOTMAN> I think these guys are playig afraid

<WestCblue> Devin will get as besat up as Denard or Braxton Miller.

<DOTMAN> the freshman will have flaws

<rgarg1> Dotman..why are they afraid

<CedGee> drats!!! I always get here late!!!

<TomBeaver> Dot - that's the worry ... that Devin gets more and more beat up ... he already IS beat up some

<DOTMAN> of mistakes

<rgarg1> dotman..afradi of mistakes due to youth??

<jsmirman> Braxton is part of an offense with things happening, moving - Devin is part of a train wreck jumble that leads to a QB getting targeted and killed

<WestCblue> Can we at lseast try to line Funchess out a WR?

<TomBeaver> Devin definitely started playing to not-make mistakes ... didn't work - he just made more. He's gotta focus but stay relaxed - not easy.

<returntoglory11> Did you guys already discuss blackmon visit?

<DOTMAN> these guys are any different than freshman anywhere

<WestCblue> He's not setting the world on fire at TE.

<DOTMAN> havent seen it return

<DOTMAN> hoping for news

<BlueBMOC> if williams were healthy, I'm sure they would use funchess more as a wide out/slot guy

<CedGee> I don't like the move of Funchess to WR.. Only in some formation sets where he motions to it.. JMO

<jsmirman> I imagine we don't have the competition yet we need internally, but these O$U kids have a way more professional, perform or else, hard-nosed, play harder attitude

<DOTMAN> Tom how do you feel about a change at the OL 1/3 into the season?

<WestCblue> CedGee, how about 8 times a game to dao a little out to force the defense to back off?

<TomBeaver> me? not good

<KyleBogie> On Blackmon. Posted above but it was another psotive experience, especially getting to see how things kind of work in season with practice. Sam and Brian are working to get an extensive recap of it.

<WestCblue> something? anything?

<BlueBMOC> with 3 new starters, odds are one wasn't going to be great

<DOTMAN> is he going to visit MSU?

<TomBeaver> shoulda happened earlier, but they obviously didn't think they had a guy to put in

<jsmirman> It makes me sick to say this, but it seems like their culture is set up to beat our culture. I hate that, and I don't like them being professionals, but we look so freaking soft compared to them

<WestCblue> Not great?  Neot even at MAC level is the fact.

<jsmirman> it kills me

<returntoglory11> Kyle....weird for him to visit on a non game weekend in season?

<BlueBMOC> is cam gordon one of the more dinged guys?

<WestCblue> what is up with Cam?

<WestCblue> and STribling?

<WestCblue> they disappeared.

<DOTMAN> Tom you are just creating more questions. Now they are going to play a guy they really dont like?

<WestCblue> are they both hurt?

<CedGee> Dunno WCBlue.. CBs will have the advantage IMO.. I'd like to motion him out there to get a LB or safety in space however

<TomBeaver> Stribling may be dinged, but he just got beat out IMO ... Cam is dinged (strong IMO)

<CedGee> talking about funchess

<WestCblue> CedGee, I woud like to see anything that forces them back.

<WestCblue> narduzzi will eat our lunch, again.

<CedGee> Force who back?

<BlueBMOC> bye week couldn't have come at a better time IMO

<WestCblue> he doesn't even have to game plan

<WestCblue> the 9 men in the box we will see for the rst of the season.

<TomBeaver> DOT - well they've been waiting for Bryant to get healthy ... meanswile Bosch has been getting better too

<CedGee> Funchess don't have that kind of speed on a CB to force defenses back

<WestCblue> 9 man front, can't run, can't psas

<DOTMAN> Had along conversation with a former player last nite and all he wasnted to talk about was speed at linebacker. Is that a concern?

<WestCblue> I think LB in general is a concern.

<TomBeaver> But if it's Bosch ... ouch

<TomBeaver> So let's hope Bryant is ready

<WestCblue> can anyone really say wat bryan't injury really is?

<KyleBogie> returntoglory11. Maybe a little different but not necessarily weird because there's practice and didfferent thinngs going on for him.

<WestCblue> Is it an ankle or knee?

<TomBeaver> WCB - I think both ... one leads to favoring the other, etc

<CedGee> That's why you put him in motion WC.. You get one of those guys out the box and create a mismatch..

<DOTMAN> WHo are the guys who can cover or is the defense concentrated on somethign else?

<WestCblue> tahnks.

<TomBeaver> plus 30-40 too many pounds

<WestCblue> cedgee, if it works, I'm all for it!

<WestCblue> :-)

<umjaker> georgia has 8 true freshman in the two deep

<umjaker> Ole Miss has two true freshman starting on the egdes

<returntoglory11> well i guess now no one is questioning signing so many olineman past few years....

<TomBeaver> I've always though Georgia's HC was a smart guy, tho he's not well liked down there

<CedGee> Actually I've seen Funchess in the slot some over games.. either motioning or lining up.. so michigan has been using at WR some..

<returntoglory11> tom...who is the 2nd coach you think of for Texas you mentioned?

<umjaker> talented youth can overcome

<TomBeaver> you know who...

<CedGee> Yeah, I like Mike Richt.. He's a good coach IMO

<returntoglory11> LOL..A big ten coach?

<TomBeaver> could be...

 WestCblue Member has chosen to keep email information private

<umjaker> Fitzgerald

<TomBeaver> Texas will NOT put up with TXAM being the better football program

<returntoglory11> South of Toledo?

<WestCblue> It's urb you crazy guys.

<WestCblue> Saban or Urb.

<CedGee> Agree Tom

<returntoglory11> Saban was the first..

<returntoglory11> Urb the 2nd

<returntoglory11> thanks tom...

<WestCblue> Saban has to be front runner.  They would pay him $7 MM

<WestCblue> and not blink.

<DOTMAN> This is not a check of Hoke but any idea who would be the UM coach if Hoke hadnt been hired?

<returntoglory11> 61 years old...could be....but..take a couple of years to rebuild...

<CedGee> I believe Saban and Urb will stay where they are.. IMO

<ljlawdog> Alabama would match that. And not blink.

<DOTMAN> I have no clue

<jsmirman> If you've ever been to Alabama's stadium, I just do not see them ever losing their coach

<returntoglory11> I still think Brian Kelly fits...

<DOTMAN> heck HOke came out of no where

<TomBeaver> So ... I wish the last 2 weeks (3 weeks) woulda gone better ... but fact is -- it's this Saturday that they have to look better, HAVE to, or they could get shocked

<TomBeaver> I'd guess Minny's beat both Akron and UConn

<WestCblue> I'd just like to see the basics.

<returntoglory11> Couldnt agree more Tom....big week

<TomBeaver> Minny'd

<WestCblue> 4 yards on a run, not -1

<WestCblue> a simple 7 yard pass.

<WestCblue> moving the cains

<WestCblue> chains.

<WestCblue> game management.

<WestCblue> blcoking

<jsmirman> Are we ever going to not be soft? We have just seemed so soft for like forever. It's really distressing.

<WestCblue> nothing special.

<WestCblue> Are we every going to be not SMALL on DL?

<WestCblue> every?

<CedGee> Yep Tom, but I think we are going to play a clean game and clean Minny's clock this Saturday!!

<WestCblue> every

<WestCblue> every

<WestCblue> ever?

<WestCblue> IOf I heard understizedon

<TomBeaver> CedGee -- well we'll all feel alot better if they do

<KyleBogie> DOTMAN. Les Miles.

<WestCblue> understized one more time, I'll paing myself red.

<BlueFan31> DOT, Brandon tried to get Harbaugh and Pat Fitzgerald before settlinhg on Hoke. Teddy Greenstein confirmed the Fitzgerald thing.

<CedGee> But the question of consistency will remain however.. So just because we blow them out doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet

<returntoglory11> Tom...or Kyle....Would it take an act of god..or just a few turnovers for Shane to see action?

<WestCblue> acyt of god

<WestCblue> or a blowout

<WestCblue> which might be teh same ting

<WestCblue> a joke? did you get it?

<KyleBogie> returntoglory11. I just don't think that's the right thing to do. Can't putll the rug from under Devin. They never did it with Denard did they? Wouldn't do it to Devin either IMO.

<TomBeaver> If Shane comes in in a close game .. I turn off the TV

<WestCblue> I can't backspace right now.

<bluejacket12> lol

<returntoglory11> Couldnt be any worse that Nebraska when Devin got hurt...

<WestCblue> We just need the basics, build oup confidence.

<TomBeaver> WestCoastBlue - do you have an Apple computer?

<CedGee> Yeah, I don't want to see Shane unless it's a blow out!!!

<umjaker> shane will only come in if Devin is hurt

<WestCblue> don't say that regurn

<WestCblue> yes why?

<returntoglory11> Denard i meant

<TomBeaver> me too, Kyle too ... we can't backspace either

<WestCblue> ahaha

<WestCblue> OK, glad it's not just me.

<TomBeaver> ergo all the typos

<jsmirman> I don't know. I mean, I'm not giving up on Brady, and we can always improve during the year, but right now, it feels like Harbaugh was the only one who could have brought this program the toughness it needs

<WestCblue> I'm stumbling like it's my first day of HS typing gclass.

<TomBeaver> returntoglory -- wouldn't have to be any worse ... as worse would do

<TomBeaver> would do

<CedGee> or if we have the game in hand umjaker.. I'd like to see Morris get some snaps

<jsmirman> But I'm feeling very negative, so there's that

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. He definitely would have (Harbaugh that is) but only for THREE YEARS. Was always going to the NFL.

<WestCblue> Please let's get teh game in hand.

<KyleBogie> Still deserved a phone call though.

<jsmirman> Kyle, I think that is really correct. I agree.

<returntoglory11> I am sorry but after watching Harbaugh on the sidelines...he makes Kelly look like a saint on the sidelines

<WestCblue> Do you guys remember the Joke on the Board about Harbaugh ?

<jsmirman> i was thinking the same thing as I was typing that.

<WestCblue> apparently a poster reported that someone told him that Harbaugh was meeting in a hotel in the Bay Area.

<WestCblue> with the 49 er mgmt.

<TomBeaver> OK guys ... sorry I got in late, but still have to cook dinner ... and am going to be operating out of a suitcase for the next week ... I'll be around tho

<jsmirman> We could use some of that toughness on the sideline

<TomBeaver> THANKS for everything!

<CedGee> I don't see Harbaugh yelling at his players like Kelly does.... lol

<jsmirman> Goodnight all, gotta walk the dog, anyway!

<WestCblue> and they heard a York say, "'ll bring us #6!"

<umjaker> take care tom

<returntoglory11> thanks Tom

<WestCblue> and another poast er said,

<WestCblue> "...How di you know that they weren't ordering off a HChinese menu?"

<rgarg1> Kyle..honest question..would Harbaugh have done more with this team at this point as Hoke has?

<WestCblue> I thought tat was hysterical.

<WestCblue> rgarg.  who knos?

<jsmirman> Well, he looks like one hell of a coach, damn

<WestCblue> A BCS win in year 1 was great.

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. Harbaugh's track record speaks for itself.

<jsmirman> His teams are so physical

<WestCblue> I don't like the injuries Hoke spits out trying to make the team tough.

<WestCblue> does no one remember that joke?

<rgarg1> WestBlue..agree with you man..just thought out team would have been real tough at this point

<returntoglory11> Any chance Harbaugh takes Texas?

<WestCblue> Why would Texas awant him?

<umjaker> nope

<jsmirman> I still want to believe, though. But the last weeks have been shocking.

<jsmirman> Harbaugh is doing exactly what he wants to be doing and killing it

<CedGee> Harbaugh has a better job than the Texas gig.. Why would he leave SF for Texas??

<returntoglory11> one thing  about the last few weeks....I believe Mattison will fix the D for sure....the o we will see

<KyleBogie> Feel like I say this a lot but if I were a college coach and got the change , chance, to go to the pros in any capacity, I would take it. Don't have to deal with recruiting.

<WestCblue> Returntoglory, I don't even like to think anymore.

<jsmirman> I don't know ced. It's the craziest thing I've heard in a while, lol

<WestCblue> I just wait.

<WestCblue> because I'm susually wrong.

<umjaker> 2011 we came off the bye and destroyed Minnesota 56-0

<CedGee> Don't put your money on it jsmirman

<returntoglory11> True Kyle...but your average life span in NFL what 3 years?   lol

<WestCblue> UMjaker, from your mouth to DGod's ears.

<WestCblue> In 2011, I was somoking a lot of pot.

<WestCblue> Does that help?

<returntoglory11> lol

<WestCblue> I was anlso sniffing glue.

<WestCblue> This is a bad week to quit.

<WestCblue> LMAO.

<returntoglory11> ha ha

<umjaker> yes, i smoke dope just to cope too

<returntoglory11> better than sniffing pot and smoking glue....

<WestCblue> ahaha

<KyleBogie> returntoglory11. Get a job somewhere nd yu'll landsomewhere else.

<CedGee> So what's up with this Damario Jones talk??? Is it true he'll be getting some snaps in the offense??

<WestCblue> dbout it.

<WestCblue> He's just another distraction.

<detroitbry1> Ok, who was the Shhhhh recruit/

<CedGee> Kyle what say you?

<umjaker> sounds like a deep threat option, but chesson is the guy

<CedGee> I'm talking about in multiple receiver sets umjaker

<returntoglory11> wonder how much we are miss Amarah

<CedGee> not about jones starting or anything like that

<KyleBogie> cedgee. I think it's premature, just another name he floated out there and someone followed up on it but I don't think it's imminent or anything.

<CedGee> ahh ok.. Thanks Kyle

<returntoglory11> That is true Kyle...Nfl kind of Faternity

<KyleBogie> I'm gonna take off as well y'all. Thanks for dropping by!

<returntoglory11> thanks for hosting Kyle

<KyleBogie> Will the basketball team have acommitment by our next chat?

<KyleBogie> We'll see. I won't predict anyting though, don't worry! LOL.

<KyleBogie> Have a good one, everybody. Enjoy these chats every week!

<returntoglory11> LOL...lets hope booker...if so

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