Lewan Texting Hoke on Penn State Crowd Noise

VIDEO: Fifth-year senior Taylor Addressed the media on Monday - Watch inside

ANN ARBOR -- Michigan fifth-year senior offensive tackle Taylor Lewan addressed the media on Monday.

Lewan on texting Brady Hoke Saturday night to discuss the crowd noise at Penn State: "I know he knew that; I think it's just different because we haven't played Penn State at Penn State since my redshirt freshman year and aside from me, Cam (Gordon), and maybe like one other guy; no one's really had significant snaps there. The noise isn't really that distracting, you have to be on your p's and q's -- you have to know what your calls are going to be. Sometimes we will be standing face-to-face, and I won't be able to hear myself think or hear you talk. So it's a great atmosphere. I am sure it will be a white-out night game. Penn State's awesome; it's a fun place to play."

Lewan on the changes to the offensive line : "Graham's always, since spring ball, been a lot better at center than at guard. As far as Chris goes, I think he played a good first game starting; there's really no excuse not to be perfect when you play offensive line at Michigan, just him doing the things he had to do he got the job done. Fitz averaged 4.5 a carry; we'll take that all year. Obviously, we want more yards every single time, but I think Chris did a good job. I'm proud of the way he played, and if he continues to build off that then a lot of the time we will be successful."

Lewan on maintaining focus in a noisy environment: "We have got a lot of young guys, especially on the interior all these guys are first year starters. This will be (Michael) Schofield's first time playing at Penn State, although he's been through a lot of loud environments, so these guys have to understand that we are still playing football, the width, the length it's all the same. So if we do what we are supposed to do, we should be successful. It is just getting that preparation in and getting better every single week because if you don't get better each week you aren't going to win a Big Ten championship."

Lewan on shifting around the line against Minnesota: "As far as enjoying it yeah, it was fine. I think every play except for two was behind me and that's just taking that responsibility and feeling that responsibility for the game. Coaches' telling me that they are going to run behind me a lot more is, you know you take pride in that, you definitely take pride in that. That's something I really enjoy, my head hurts a little bit today, but other than that it is all good."

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