Schofield says O-line needs to get better

VIDEO: Fifth-year senior Michael Schofield talked to the media on Monday. ***Watch inside***

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Michigan fifth-year senior offensive tackle Michael Schofield talked to the media on Monday. Here some notable quotes from Monday's press conference. Plus, you can watch the full video form the press conference below.

On what the line has to do to improve:

Schofield: "I think this week specifically we need to focus on getting better at one thing every day, whether it's run blocking and taking your first step correctly or pass protection and getting a solid punch, everyone individually needs to focus on one thing and get better every day."

On the difficulties of being a redshirt freshman and playing on the line:

Schofield: "As a young freshman everything's a lot quicker and as you move on and get more reps, see more blitzes and things, the game just gets more natural. That's what's going to happen with these guys; reps are going to help them as much as anything could."

On what it's like to see the run game struggle:

Schofield: "Well, it's painful, especially in a loss like that. We just have to take what we can from that film and learn as much as we can and improve. We can't let Penn State beat us twice, like coach keeps saying. We have to come out next week ready to go."

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