Mattison: Defense needs to play Faster

VIDEO: Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison says the defense needs to play faster moving forward as they prepare for more up tempo teams. Read and watch inside.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Michigan is coming off its first loss of the season at Penn State, a four overtime 43-40 back in forth affair that could have a team rattled after being so close to victory.

But the Wolverines have no time to dwell on past mistakes, as Indiana's high tempo offense is coming to Michigan Stadium this Saturday, and their heavy passing attack has the full attention of defensive coordinator Greg Mattison.

"Getting ready for Indiana and getting ready for the rest of our season -- it's playing fast," he said. "You know? The teams we play send a lot of tempo at you, sometimes the ball is off and the next play is on seven seconds. So it's getting guys running to the ball, guys getting back to the huddle, guys getting the signal on the fly. All those kind of things."

The advantage the Wolverines have is their ability to rotate to match up with Indiana's fast paced tempo, which the defense has done all year, said Mattison.

"The good thing is we are working with the rotation all along," he said. "If a guy has to play five plays or if he plays five plays rather than three plays or four plays -- then it's fine. Will get him in and out that way."

First Impressions on Ryan

Mattison said redshirt junior linebacker Jake Ryan had a solid first game back from injury and played with maximum effort at Penn State.

"Jake ended up giving us another rotating guy," he said. "It was his first game in a year or since the spring. I thought he played his heart out. I thought our whole defense played their heart out and played extremely hard. He was one of the guys who did that."

The last defensive drive of regulation at PSU

"When you want to be great defense, that's what you play for. That's the kind of situation. And both the plays, the two plays, you're sitting on the sidelines thinking it's an interception, you know? And the young man that was on both of those has more interceptions and more knocked down balls in camp than any corner we have. It's just a situation where you know? He didn't get the football. As far as the kids playing and executing – I couldn't be more proud."

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