Post-Game Video: Brady Hoke Talks Indiana

Michigan coach Brady Hoke discusses the Wolverines 63-47 victory over Indiana.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Michigan coach Brady Hoke talked to media after Wolverines' 63-47 win over Indiana Saturday. Please checkout the quotes and video below.

Coach, I think I know the answer, but I'd love to hear it from you. With the offensive performance that we had today, what would be more impressive to you, that or the fact that the defense did what they had to do late in the game to preserve the win?

COACH HOKE: Well, you know we needed a couple of stops at the end, defensively, and we were fortunate enough. But offensively, to answer, obviously we were pretty much in-sync. Devin (Gardner) did a nice job, found the guys who were open, ran the ball better, which you look at the film, and we'll see why we ran it better. But that was a big part of it. And we needed to complement each other, the stops at the end helped complement the offense, but the offense kept moving and kept bailing us out a little bit defensively.

Would (Kyle) Bosch have played if Joey (Burzynski) hadn't gotten hurt?

COACH HOKE: Well, Kyle being here since January, I think, has helped his development a little bit. Joey, you know, getting nicked up there, probably got into the game maybe sooner than he would have. But he was the guy that Darrell (Funk), I know, and Al (Borges) really thought was coming along.

I know you'd rather not play a game with 110 points scored, but when you do, is it good to have a guy like Jeremy Gallonon your side?

COACH HOKE: I think so. I think statistically it shows that he's such a great competitor, runs good routes, finds the open spaces. Sure handed. He had one that kind of got away from him. But Jeremy (Gallon) to me, he's a tough guy who really is a little slippery at times. Yards after the catch are usually decent with him. He's a total wide receiver. Because if he wasn't catching it, he's going to be working his tail off blocking.

You mixed in some more spread concepts today, how did that open things up for (Fitzgerald) Toussaint in the running game?

COACH HOKE: I think it depends on how people are going to match you and how they're going to match you up. And if they're going to be a little bit more with a dime or nickel group, depending on who's in there. Some of that maybe took advantage of our angles, leverage wise.

Coach, we saw Devin take a lot of big shots today on the run. And it seemed like Denard (Robinson) used to get injured at times like that. Do you ever get concerned like Devin's health?

COACH HOKE: Always. There's no question about it. You're always worried about how many shots, how many times he's going to run it. I'm trying to think if I've ever seen him slide. I don't think I have. I like it, though, when he gets to the sideline and gets out of bounds. You said you were confident in Al, today would show that?

COACH HOKE: I've had a lot of faith in our coaches. So if that's going to satisfy people, that's fine.

What disappointed you the most about the defense?

COACH HOKE: Well, I think it will be interesting to look at it on tape. But we had some opportunities on some of those balls that got thrown over our head. And we've got to take advantage of them. The first one I know Ray (Taylor) was trying to get the call from Thomas (Gordon), and looked from Thomas, the ball was snapped, and the guy was down the sideline. But, you know, we had some opportunities in there to battle for the ball, and we've got to do a better job of that.

What would you say is the identity of this team through seven games?

COACH HOKE: That's a great question. And so good that I don't know if I can answer that.

As far as Jeremy Gallon goes, he had the 369 yards, obviously, and it seems like one play he would run a streak route for 50 yards for a touchdown, and next a come-back for 15 or 20. Kept the defense on their toes. What were you thinking on the sidelines, thinking the 10-yard push on Gallon and still getting deep down field?

COACH HOKE: There's some double moves that worked well off the boot game. Stay deep and with the double move, he hit two of those, where he double moved the corner. So I think like most corners, to some degree, they get a little gun shy. Then maybe they stay deep with that cushion, and it opens up something else. I've seen our guys do the same thing. And so it was just the timing, I think, and Devin having the ability to step up in the pocket on some of those things are really what helped, obviously, when he had that kind of time.

Devin mentioned that on that last rushing touchdown that he had that there was some miscommunication on the field. Can you take us into what was called and then what you saw him ultimately pull off?

COACH HOKE: Well, the last rushing one he, you know, you check protections. Sometimes Devin does it, sometimes the center does it. And one guy checked the protection one way, the other guy checked it the other way.

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