Monday Chat Transcript

In Monday's chat we take a look ahead to Michigan's next test at Michigan State on Nov. 2, how Devin Gardner could be used moving forward, the offensive line position battles, and some thoughts on football and basketball recruiting as they currently stand.

<gobluewalls> oh i feel so privileged!

<KyleBogie> First one here gobluewalls! How do you do??

<gobluewalls> quick question, in my eyes worst case scenario would be 8-4 with losses to osu and msu, what impact if any would it have on '14 and '15 recruits?

<gobluewalls> im quite well how bout yourself

<TomBeaver> HI GUYS

<KyleBogie> Fantastic.

<gobluewalls> Good to hear it

<KyleBogie> I think 8-4 would and should be the worst case scenario. With so many guys already committed for 2015 I dont necessarily see it being HUGE but that would mean next year needs to be wayyyyy better lol.

<bigcox7> Any news on Froholdt?

<TomBeaver> If U-M loses to MSU and OSU ... well there's still a bowl game, hopefully the'd win that (in your scenario). To me, all losses make things harder, each loss incrementally harder.

<TomBeaver> So, does that mean anyone would decommit? Probably not. It's more with future/remaining recruits

<TomBeaver> Froholdt - Allen thought he'd be able to talk to him, dunno if he did. Allen gave the brief postgame up date of course

<gobluewalls> I'm sure were getting negatively recruited on all fronts, are there any (without divulging specifics) that are starting to listen to the dissention any more than others?

<gobluewalls> Like Conley last year for instance

<TomBeaver> Every recruit listens to everything, that's a given

<gobluewalls> Not to feed on the negative, it's just my personal worry that if we continue bringing in the talent we'll be more than fine going forward but that a couple hiccups this year will throw the progression off track

<TomBeaver> The message for D-recruits would have to change ... from "come join a great D' to "come and make a great D" ... that's a new message that'd have to be sold - not that it couldn't be

<gobluewalls> Especially with someone as gamechanging as Jabrill

<bigcox7> Do you think the staff visits Settle and Hand this week? Any chance Settle gets offer soon or KLS

<TomBeaver> I don't think Settle gets offered

<gobluewalls> this weekendor in the future?

<TomBeaver> will they visit Hand? Dunno - but I would, lol, if I were them

<gobluewalls> things stll looking bright for Nov 14th?

<bigcox7> It seems to me the staff must really like Pallante since they offered him so early to take that one spot. I hope they are right!

<TomBeaver> Jabrill ... I think the commits are all pretty darn committed ... the worry is more with non-commits - to me that is

<KyleBogie> gobluewalls. I fee l like if they were going to offer Settle it would've nhapened. Still doesn't mean it won't eventually but just my take

<gobluewalls> Fair enough. Hopefully the pull of a small class will help alleviate that

<TomBeaver> Pallante - he's undersized but he's a Michigan Man type, and they like the wrestling thing

<gobluewalls> More based on perceptions of Froholdt or based on style/size concerns?

<bigcox7> So do we expect either KLS or Minrah soon then?

<TomBeaver> Hand - to me, with two visits remaining, anything can happen ... Florida was considered the competition of course, and they got beat Saturday

<KyleBogie> Froholdt is pretty darn impressive.

<TomBeaver> they like Froholdt

<gobluewalls> FLA even over Bama? interesting

<TomBeaver> KLS?

<bigcox7> Kyle is your stance the same for Burrell as it is for Settle?

<gobluewalls> Lucier-smith

<gobluewalls> =KLS*

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. I think Burrell is someone that will be right there but in my opinion part of it is because you can't bput ALL of your eggs in the Sterling Jenkins basket.

<TomBeaver> Ah ... I don't think they've spent much time looking at new recruits, frankly. I think they've been focused on the season. Of course, they could go scout those guys if they wanted to this week

<TomBeaver> they have to decide if Burrell can play tackle

<gobluewalls> How is sterling looking after the PSU debacle?

<TomBeaver> right now they have lotsa interior guys, few tackles, fewer huge tackles

<gobluewalls> And assuming JBB at tackle? or Chris Bryant esque roadgrader?

<bigcox7> Anything new on Brian Cole? He seems like a difference maker on either side of the ball

<TomBeaver> Jenkins - good example of a hill that certainly got steeper, at least a little

<KyleBogie> gobluewalls. Int talking to him earlier this season I got the impression the family is pushing PSU VERY HEAVILY. But my feeling is that Michigan and his relationship with guys in Ann Arbor or on their way are important to him.

<bigcox7> Also, since Glasgow now has to get a schollie for the next few years isnt that throwing the numbers off for the next few years

<TomBeaver> I don't think there's anything new on anyone, because they havent focused on recruiting since the season started, with just a couple exceptions such as Hand and Froholdt, and McDowell

<gobluewalls> haha so onto basketball then?

<BigJes> Lots of talk about what if UM loses a bunch.  Tom- what if UM wins out, any effect on recruiting?

<TomBeaver> Glasgow would certainly get a schollie going forward ... he's a fixture

<gobluewalls> any camp news other than the tidbits Sam dropped the other day?

<TomBeaver> BigJes -- lol

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. Not sure what to make of the Brian Cole situation. Had the offer for a while. Wants to play offense or defense? MSU a big player? i'M NOT even sure he knows what he's looking for just yet. Still early.

<TomBeaver> MSU has been considered to have the default-edge with Cole ... so honestly I don't think about him much

<gobluewalls> I don't mind Cole dragging out, thelarger a sample size comparing MSU-UM the more it almost has to swing towards us

<TomBeaver> similar to U-M having a default-edge with McDowell, MSU does with Cole

<cwoodum24> Is it safe to say that, based on this past weekend's performance, the offense will feature a large dose of spread?

<TomBeaver> woodum24 - well not actually spread

<KyleBogie> cwoodum254. They will never call it that lol

<TomBeaver> QB running, if that's what you mean

<gobluewalls> but hopefully not stubbornly going back to PSU playcalling?

<TomBeaver> but more from the pistol than from the spread

<cwoodum24> Yeah that's what I meant

<KyleBogie> The read option has to be featured against MSU and more shotgun for Devin in the passing game. Plain and simple he isso much more comfortable doing it and it gives him more time with a developing OL

<TomBeaver> they have to have good run-pass balance on first down ... I'm sure they realize that

<TomBeaver> 2nd and 6 or 7 makes all the diff

<BigJes> Well Kyle, the deep passes will be much wider open if UM can run from under center, just look at the IU game.  Most of the passing damage was from under center.

<TomBeaver> I think the next game is huge ... HUGE ... for U-M. They must not get 'handled'

<KyleBogie> Playbook completely opens up that's for sure, Tom. Believe it was 9 passes on first down Saturday?

<gobluewalls> Physically i say its bound to happen. MSU has dominated physically since 08. Is Brady willing to take the "Man-ball" hit in the "Man-balls" an keep things IU opened?

<TomBeaver> well MSU isn't Indiana

<KyleBogie> gobluewalls. That's the big question. We all know WHAT Michigan wants to be as a program. But they aren't there. Have to do what's best for the current team you have and clearly doing more of what we saw Saturday is better.

<KyleBogie> Will it be a prid ething though?

<BigJes> Tom, the point is that the pass can open up the run but the flipside holds true too.  When UM is under center and the defense expects run that's when they'll be the most vulnerable.  Gotta make the play though.

<KyleBogie> Will Michigan try to go up there and be under center and run the ball 50 times and look to control field position blah blah blah? If they do, MSU will have their wy with them, IMO.

<gobluewalls> well ND esque then. While They aren't as talented as MSU I think the ALLOUT attack of the ND D early is a good gameplan that MSU will replicate. short passing early

<cwoodum24> I think the WR and RB screens will be a key to keping the MSU pressure off balance -- Borges mixed them in well last game.

<gobluewalls> Pride is the scariest thing with these coaches. IU my brother and Ikept waiting for the coaches to go OK now we'll go back and pound it, That'll show em.

<KyleBogie> I think we'll know early and often waht the plan will be.

<KyleBogie> Key to the game. Aside frm the Michigan D keeping the MSU O limited

<gobluewalls> Kyle, is Walton still going balls to the walls?

<gobluewalls> is the room broke or is no one talking?

<cwoodum24> Has it been just by luck that Chessun hasn't been seeing the ball much lately?

<skuzzim> two friends,  who i assume get their information elsewhere, feel that blackman is ky and booker is mizzu. please clarify

<sosublime> I think chesson should be getting the ballmore. With the D keying on Funch and Gallon

<gobluewalls> How hurt is Dileo?

<cwoodum24> We must not be asking the right questions, gobluewalls haha

<gobluewalls> haha somethin

<BELLO> Is Sam still confident with Blackman

<kcpros> There were some earlier rumblings during Cys post about some cowboys have you heard anything?

<KyleBogie> On Walton, great question haha I think she's going to be great for this team

<Dameespacio2> Yes, but what about Mr. Walton?

<skuzzim> kyle.  which point guard is most likely for u of m in the next three years

<KyleBogie> he's*

<KyleBogie> whoops!

<KyleBogie> skuzzim. Recruiting?

<kn212003> Kyle - Any of the 2015's BB recruits likely to commit anytime soon?

<skuzzim> kyle, yes recruiting

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Timetables indicate nothing will happen for a bit. Still think Michigan wants to sew up the 2014 class first anyway (this all probably means a 2015 kid wllcmmit with ithin            the month)

<zs05wc> So who ends the 2014 class?

<TomBeaver> Sam is an optimist, don't forget that

<gobluewalls> WRT Walton?

<TomBeaver> Dileo - he'll be back for MSU, Hoke said that IIRC

<KyleBogie> zs05wc. Right now the more likely candidate is Blakcmon. Still time though

<TomBeaver> Chessun - I think Jeremy has come one and is much more sure-handed, IMO

<gobluewalls> Any denouement regarding the Booker Recruitment? Seems odd for the length of time we've been on him

<rathbone> what is sam optimistic on

<TomBeaver> cowboys - it's just that no kids like to not-play ... and I think Green has to learn what it takes to succeed at a college level (personally, that's my opinion)

<TomBeaver> rathcbone - BELLO asm, asked re Blackmon

<gobluewalls> Work Ethic wise?

<TomBeaver> sure

<rathbone> ok

<kn212003> I heard Sparty writer interview last year that was interesting about Jabari Parker, said that MSU lead too long for Parker w/out getting a committment from him, meant he was still looking for "that feeling"

<gobluewalls> Any cowboys looking to move on that we need to worry about? obviously without naming names?

<kn212003> Feels the same way w/ Booker

<TomBeaver> Booker - well Sam has never really though U-M'd land him, not for a while anyways ... but if Blackmon'd pick Kentucky, that'd help

<zs05wc> I just wish one of them would pick Kentucky to force the other's hand, possibly.

<TomBeaver> I think MSU will focus on Devin, I don't mean injuring him, but hitting and hitting him ... and i I were them, that's what I'd do

<zs05wc> I can't believe I just said I want a kid to pick Kentucky.

<gobluewalls> Id rather Booker pick UK, as him picking Missouri would mean a goose egg for us IMO

<TomBeaver> And the MSU O should be pedestrian, but IMO they'll power-run it as much as they can, test the U-M middle

<TomBeaver> walls - agree on that one

<TomBeaver> just that that'd be the worry

<kn212003> MSU will stack box, blitz and man up in the secondary, Funchess has to have a big game going up and getting the ball imo

<TomBeaver> walls -- cowboys moving on ... well, there is always attrition, isn't there

<skuzzim> what do other teams do that prevents msu from blitzing as much as they do against us?

<zs05wc> One thing about Sparty is they are good for several personal foul penalties, take advantage of that too.

<gobluewalls> to me, theres "attrition= Players buried on the depth chart or 5th year seniors moving on", than there are Transfers= Players who are discontented or impatient WRT to playing time

<TomBeaver> zs05wc - I think that's a deliberate tactic, to intimidate

<gobluewalls> which should we worry about more?

<skuzzim> would they be confident enough in their (msu) corners to forgo deep safety help with funchess

<TomBeaver> walls - neither are a worry

<gobluewalls> swell

<TomBeaver> it' like people being more worried about what a 5-star guy being benched is "feeling" about it, than they are about the guy who beat him out ... that's a big LOL to me

<TomBeaver> you recruit the best team you can, then you see who rises to the top .. simple as that

<zs05wc> I don't get the big deal about giving the experienced guy the ball.

<gobluewalls> Referring to Kalis zs

<TomBeaver> I wished they'da found the best OLinemen earlier ... but it is what it is

<TomBeaver> zs05wc???

<gobluewalls> Gameday has an odd way of shaking out the movers from the shakers

<TomBeaver> walls - yessir

<kn212003> Bosch to me looked much better than any of the options tried before him ...

<skuzzim> are we sure that the new ol are better or that indianna made them look better

<TomBeaver> kn212003 - agree

<gobluewalls> Any news or info regarding our Top 10 national runnerup BBall tteam?

<zs05wc> I thought they were talking about Green V Fitz.

<gobluewalls> 5 star being benched was Kalis

<TomBeaver> zs05wc - no, it was all the concern about how Kalis feels about being benched ... I found that amusing

<TomBeaver> he was not good enough to keep his spot

<TomBeaver> Funchess - I'd love to see a true breakthru game by him

<TomBeaver> He hasn't had one yet

<zs05wc> I'd like to see a good balance between Fucnhess and Gallon.

<gobluewalls> Without knowing absolutely anything about O-line play was Kalis' issue something that can be corrected, tentativeness or something similar or just lack of ability?

<TomBeaver> hoops - the thing everyone is anxious to see of course ... is how is McGary's back ... will it hold up. And I don't think we'll know that until we see it

<kn212003> Derrick Green is also starting to look healthy and more fit ... He hit the hole much better on Saturday

<kn212003> Of course it was IU

<TomBeaver> walls - Kalis  - he was just learning slow rather than fast

<TomBeaver> Bosch - learning fast

<TomBeaver> Mags - learning fast

<TomBeaver> I think that's the diff

<bhollen> Michael Cox doesnt look bad at all

<LoopaDope> Fred Jackson...

<gobluewalls> fair enough

<snic2u> neither does wheatly bhollenlol

<LoopaDope> Mike Cox good enough for the nfl but not the university of michigan

<TomBeaver> Green -- he had a huge opportunity, and he didn't step up as-yet ... he's overweight and out of shape

<TomBeaver> simple as that

<kn212003> Bosch may not have pancaked everybody like Kalis tries to do, but he hit his target almost every time

<TomBeaver> kn212003 - there ya go

<snic2u> tom any idea what gibbons problem is?

<BlueFan31> Green needs a "Come to Jesus" moment this offseason like Monte Ball had in 2010. Line in the weightroom and drop 20 lbs.

<snic2u> some of it looks mechanical due to the lowness of his kicks

<BlueFan31> Live

<rathbone> woiuld love to see Freddy Jack retire

<TomBeaver> gibons - well it's always been a between the ears thing for him - not intelligence, he's smart ... but confidence, nerves, etc

<TomBeaver> BlueFan - there ya go

<kn212003> Also when Bosch got beat by the DL in pass pro a couple of times, he managed to push the DL past Devin instead of just getting beat and watching a sack

<snic2u> so your telling us he needs to think bout blondes now?

<LoopaDope> lol

<TomBeaver> snic - I knew that wouldn't work forever, lol ...

<gobluewalls> Has wile continued practicing FG's or did Gibbons come-on move him strictly to placekicking and punting?

<TomBeaver> rathbone - yeah, the unknown next guy syndrome ... gets us every time

<Geoff67> it lasted for a school record number of kicks, tho

<TomBeaver> the unknown next guy is always better

<TomBeaver> Geoff - yep, agree

<snic2u> not long enough for us to win at state college though geoff....there in lays the problem

<raiderswolverines> It doesn't sound like they gave up on Green. He's second in depth and still getting carries. You'd think Smith would be #2 if that was the case

<gobluewalls> I got to school with a freddy J nephew who has said he doesnt forsee a retirement imminent

<TomBeaver> raiders - they haven't given up on him, definitely not. And IMO the carries he does get is because: what if Fitz gets hurt?

<Geoff67> he needs to hit a 45 yarder early in a game, get the mojo back

<TomBeaver> Wile practices place-kicking

<snic2u> he needs not to miss 3 in the same game

<TomBeaver> We guys ... gonna go cook dinner ... but MSU worries me, as you've seen.

<TomBeaver> Hang in there! And THANKS!

<gobluewalls> Gracias sir

<snic2u> iagree tom but i still predict a win

<snic2u> i may be wrong BUT lol

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