Muse Planning Michigan Visit

After picking an offer from Michigan recently, 2015 Belmont (NC) South Point S/LB Tanner Muse wants to get to know more about the Maize & Blue.

Sam Webb: Let’s start out talking about that Michigan offer. Did you see it coming?

Tanner Muse: “Yes, me and Coach Manning talked about it… I think it might have been that Tuesday night before. He kind of hinted that they were going to watch my film as a staff and get back to me on Friday, and he kind of hinted that I was going to be receiving one.”

Sam Webb: Let’s talk about your season thus far. How are things going for you on the football field, first as a team and then individually?

Tanner Muse: “We’re 9-0 right now. We just beat the number two team in our conference 39-34, and we did pretty good. Individually, I feel like I’m doing better than I was last year. I’m more aggressive, and I think that’s really what has stood out on film to all these college coaches that were just looking at me at first, my sophomore year, and that are offering me, and that I’m getting a lot of attention from."

Sam Webb: For people who haven’t seen you play, kind of describe your game.

Tanner Muse: “Well, I like to be aggressive when people come across the middle when I play free safety.I just come down as hard as I can, and try to (make an impact) when I do get there. I just try to make myself known as a guy that you better watch out if I come through, or if you come through the middle, you’re going to receive something. “

Sam Webb: What’s your height, your weight, and your 40 time?

Tanner Muse: “I’m 6’3”, 6’4”, probably usually, and then 205-lbs, and then my last hand time that I ran was a 4.32, and then my last laser time was a 4.37.”

Sam Webb: So for all the schools that are offering you, are they all recruiting you as a free safety?

Tanner Muse: “Some of them. Some of them want me to be like a strong safety, a rover, and then Michigan, I think they said they wanted me to be an outside linebacker.”

Sam Webb: I know you have a while before you have to make a decision, but is that something that’s weighing heavily? Do you have a preference for position at the next level?

Tanner Muse: “I don’t really have a preference. Wherever I’ll be able to get the most playing time, and wherever I’ll be able to be in the game as soon as I can, and where I’ll play.”

Sam Webb: Give me kind of how many offers you have, and some of the bigger ones you’ve received thus far.

Tanner Muse: “I think I’m at 12 or 13 right now, and the previous ones were Michigan, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt, and Northwestern were the last four I received.”

Sam Webb: Did you grow up a fan of any particular school? UNC or NC State? You grow up rooting for any particular school?

Tanner Muse: “No sir, I’ve never really had a favorite growing up.”

Sam Webb: As far as the interaction with Michigan, was that really something that they initiated, or did you have interest in Michigan first? How did that whole relationship kind of start?

Tanner Muse: “I received a little mail them, and I talked to Coach Manning previously my sophomore year. But I hadn’t really talked to him really heavily, and then it really just kind of went off this year.”

Sam Webb: What have your impressions of Coach Manning been so far? What’s the interaction been like with him?

Tanner Muse: “I really like him. I really like the kind of guy he is, just laid back, but, he’s real straightforward, and that’s kind of how I am. I really like talking to him.”

Sam Webb: Has he talked to you at all about possibly getting up on a visit yet?

Tanner Muse: “Yes, sir, I’m either – I think I’m going to try to get up there either for the Nebraska game or the Ohio State game.”

Sam Webb: Have you been on any other visits to any other schools yet?

Tanner Muse: “I went to the Clemson/Florida State game this past weekend, and then the weekend before I went to the Ole Miss/Texas A&M game.”

Sam Webb: Pretend for a second that you’re getting ready to sit down and make your college decision. When you do that, what are going to be the biggest factors in that choice?

Tanner Muse: “Probably how I fit into the school after I take the visit, and my relationship with the coach, and then playing time. I’ll have to look at the depth chart and how soon I’ll be getting a shot to play, and that sort of thing.”

Sam Webb: What about distance from home? I mean, do you want to play in the ACC or SEC? Is that going to be a factor for you?

Tanner Muse: “No sir, I really don’t have a preference. I mean, I’ll go wherever I need to go, where I feel like I’ll be the best player I can be.”

Sam Webb: Do you anticipate waiting until your senior year, or after your senior season, to make a decision?

Tanner Muse: “Yes sir, it’ll probably be late before I make a decision, so I’ll know for sure where I really want to go.”

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