Monday Chat Transcript

Monday's chat squarely focuses on Michigan's battle at Michigan State Saturday, how the Wolverines can attack the Spartan defense, a note on Da'Shawn Hand, and 2014 basketball recruiting decisions coming down to the wire.

<KyleBogie> Here we go! Big week for Michigan. Bball gets underway (kind of lol) and ummmm a somewhat important game in East Lansing Saturday.

<garnejo1> bogie...blackmon news?

<wolverinebandit> I Liked Leach on WTKA.

<KyleBogie> garnejo1/ My opinion. Michigan could end up with Blackmon and I wouldn't be surprised. Michigan could end up with Booker and I wouldn't be surprised. Michian could take / get neighter and continue after Jonah Bolden and I wouldn't be surprised. Or they could holster it for 2015 and I wouldn't be surprised.

<KyleBogie> I just don't believe there is a solid read on any of it at this point.

<garnejo1> cool..thx

<umjaker> any idea on Dileo's health?

<KyleBogie> wolverinebandit. I had the chance to be in studio when Leach was on the GBW hour earlier this season and it was my first time meeting him. Think he is great on the radio.

<KyleBogie> umjaker/ Hoke said "we'll see" with him earlier today. Ddidn't sound optimisticthat he'll be ready, IMO. Could just not be tipping his hand though

<KyleBogie> Question for you guys: How confident are all of you feeling headig into Saturday and if you're not confident where might this rank in terms of a lack of cnfidnce that you can remember playing against Michigan State?

<umjaker> is Borges callin plays=0 confidence

<frm710> Better than RR era confidence, little less than Carr era confidence...which wasn't great either

<TomBeaver> HI GUYS

<TomBeaver> Had a littel trouble getting in

<KyleBogie> Hey Tom

<frm710> So did I, figured it was being in Boise that was the issue.

<TomBeaver> Rickie Leach is a great guy, a real Michigan Man

<KyleBogie> There were only a few years in my lifetime where it just seemed obvious Michigan was gonna kick MSU. Not many times I can remember thinking the other way around. I don't see it being out of control or anything Saturday but there's a lot that needs to happen for me to see a win. Expecting a close game either way.

<garnejo1> bogie...not confident but it was brutal during the RR not too long ago.. :(

<KyleBogie> garnejo1. Fair enough lol

<TomBeaver> I think the confidence, right now, resides in EL ... doesn't mean they're gonna win of course

<KyleBogie> I know that Paskorz can get in there to block or heck even Kalis as a 6h OL but the Williams suspension has to almost make Michigan use more spread, no?

<KyleBogie> i Agree, Tom.

<umjaker> we need a zak novak pep speech

<TomBeaver> I guess we found out who one of the cowboys was, lol

<hrod1203> I hope so Kyle.  Might be a good thing foot ball wise to force Borges out of two TE sets

<hrod1203> football

<frm710> What is going on with McGary? Has Beilein instituted his own "fort" for information?  seems like little is known on how it happened and how serious it is/isn't

<TomBeaver> Last 3 games U-M scored 40 and 63 ... allowed 43 and 47 ... those numbers are no diff than in 2010 ... that's why everyone is feeling a little iffy

<TomBeaver> last 2 games

<KyleBogie> hrod1203. I mean, no matter which way Michigan attacks MSU that defense isn't going to be easy to move the ball on. I just believe they have a better chance out of the gun with the read option.

<TomBeaver> Te - I simply think we'll see more Butt and Paskorz

<TomBeaver> McGary - my guess is the worry is simply with the length of the season

<hrod1203> I don't think MSU is that great week to week.  You just know they always play their best game against us.

<KyleBogie> frm710. My take on the McGary sitaation: He went three or four months during the off-season, working really hard, doing camps, open gysm and then all of the sudden it flared up in August. I think their concern is that the same could happen if they rush him back and at that time it would be the NCAA tournament.

<KyleBogie> Just my take. I think it is a case of being overly cautious. Hardest part will be getting him back into game shape. His confidence won't be shaken though.

<TomBeaver> So, if in doubt, you sit him ... why mess with it ... heck he's not needed until B1G is , if they are worried about it

<KyleBogie> Agree wholeheartedly Tom. Only needed for the big ones.

<hrod1203> MSU was brutal against Purdue and South Florida and average again Indiana and ND. A little inconsistent like us really.

<KyleBogie> Not a shock he's out the preseason/exhibitions either. I didn't mean for my headline to sound shocking, it was obvious he wasn't going to play.

<TomBeaver> U-M, with McGary, has the horses to win the B1G ... so it's not like they need to build a winning record for the Dance ... not like last year ...pre-conference I mean

<TomBeaver> Heck I'd rest him for a month if they're at all concerned ... why not ... it's Jan-March that they need him

<KyleBogie> The only issue it could present is having a five seed as opposed to a two or something. Definitely want to avoid that Kansas type 1 seed as long as possible.

<umjaker> get biefeldt and donnal some minutes

<TomBeaver> I think, re football, that MSU thinks it's ready ... U-M hopes it's ready

<KyleBogie> umjaker. The Donnal situation will be interesting but I'm of he belief that he will ultimately be redshirted.

<KyleBogie> And to add on Donnal, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. He needs to get in the weight room. I have loved his skill set and ability for a few years now but given the pieces they have I think they can afford to let him develop further.

<TomBeaver> MSU thinks it's ready, U-M hopes it's ready ... and that feels like 2010. But, again, that doesn't predetermine the game .. it just creates anxiety this week

<hrod1203> I'm not a fan of bball redshirts.

<KyleBogie> Then again,m if Donnal proves he can pick up the offense, make good decisions and knock down some shots, all bets are off, as we saw with Caris taking over minutes last year.

<frm710> Game saturday will be brutal from a physical standpoint, they push Lewan all day to get him to do something stupid.

<TomBeaver> Dantonio gave that evil little grin of his after the game last week ... it reminded me of Bo's really - he had an evil grin too

<KyleBogie> frm710. That's ever team, every game though. As a player you just need to be smart and realize why it's happening. Fifth year senior should know better now

<TomBeaver> frm710 - they play thuggish on D, and the refs let them do it ... actually, you can't blame them for it

<hrod1203> I never really hated MSU till Dantonio.

<KyleBogie> hrod1203. Just depends on the situation. That'llbe one that his family will help with as well

<TomBeaver> I guess the main thing I hope is what I used to hope in 2010 ... that U-M didn't have TOs early

<KyleBogie> No need to waste an entire season for two minutes a game

<frm710> I know that,  I think they get under Lewan's skin with the rivalry where other teams don't

<TomBeaver> Bo would like Dantonio, to be honest ... they're kindred spirits IMO

<KyleBogie> hrod1203. Got to admit though, Dantonio and what he's brought to MSU definitely makes the rivalry that much better from an on the field and off the field standpoint.

<hrod1203> Lewan gut under Gholston's skin more than anything

<KyleBogie> frm710. Absolutely.

<wolverinebandit> Tom Gholston?

<TomBeaver> I wish the game were tomorrow ... let it be  game day already!

<TomBeaver> what about Gholston?

<batting500> admit nothing when it comes to MooU. Grew up halfway between A2 And East Landfill and the hatred of MooU runs deep.

<TomBeaver> Lewan of course wants this game badly ... this game and OSU are the reason he came back, to be honest

<wolverinebandit> No his name Tom Gholston, LOL.

<hrod1203> When he punched Lewan after Lewan dominated him all day

<kn212003> Tom - I have 4-5 more days of trolling on Twitter to be done ... Patience

<umjaker> hopefully lewan can bury calhoun or rush

<TomBeaver> I want to see Devin take a step in this game ... if he does, that'll make all the dif

<frm710> bb, on paper anyways, has a ton of options, lot of depth and quality depth

<batting500> Step into the pocket...right Tom

<TomBeaver> batting500 -- yeah, and play with confidence

<KyleBogie> frm710. I completely agree. Mitch just takes them to Elite level. Derrick Walton is going to be just fine.

<hrod1203> Agree Tom, need Devin to play great (which he can) to win.

<batting500> When he steps up and throws he's so much more accurate

<kn212003> Devin plays like ND - We score around 28 and win easy .. IMO

<CMgoBlue1> Devin values the ball = We win.  He turns it over like we did in 10 and 11 we lose.  I think the D can play well this weekend.

<TomBeaver> We all know the whole rest of the season, right up to OSU, depends on this game -- it'll determine whether we are in good moods or are misearble for the next month

<KyleBogie> Concern is the same for me, all about how the interior, nmost the guards play.

<batting500> That's the way he threw last year and last game. The first few games this year not so much

<umjaker> scheming the double lb a gap blitz, need screen/bubble passes in the playbook

<TomBeaver> MSU will go after the guards, you know that

<KyleBogie> batting500. 100-percent correct. It's a huge difference when he keeps his feet moving,steps up into the pickert and delivers the football.

<frm710> Agreed Kyle.  Game will be on the OL

<frm710> as well as how much pressure we can get on Connor

<KyleBogie> The guy I'm looking at is Devin Funchess.

<TomBeaver> As far as Hand goes BTW, we all knew things would tighten up now, as he visits U-M's competition. That's to be expected. It's likely to get very close

<KyleBogie> I just feel that Gallon is going to have a hard time Saturday. But Funchess is such a mismatch. He'll be callenged physically by MSU's corners but if Gardner gives him a chance to go get the football in 1-on-1 situations I think that can be one of the few mismatches Michigan has.

<hrod1203> Yeah they have great corners, but Funchess can out jump them when he's covered

<frm710> pass to the TE like we used to do way back when...Time for Butts

<KyleBogie> hrod1203. Funchess has to be a tough son of a gun Saturday.

<batting500> So maybe dust off the old "throw the ball up to Braylon errrr Funchess" play

<KyleBogie> batting500. I think it could certainly help if they can hit on one or two, especially early. Just don't see the runninf game being consistent enough

<TomBeaver> BTW, if MSU game were at home, I'd not be overly worried

<batting500> Pretty sure they will try to beat up Funchess at the line of scrimmage. Get him frustrated and offf his game

<TomBeaver> It's beyond bizarre that they play in EL again next year ... I assume that's the B1G just messing with U-M

<CMgoBlue1> Going to be putting Gallon in the slot a lot IMO Saturday to keep him a couple yards off the DB's allowing him a cleaner release.

<KyleBogie> batting500. That's my worry with it. And worry with Gallon.

<KyleBogie> CMgoBlue1. I think that's a fantastic idea.

<umjaker> that was a terrible trade getting IU at home for 2013-14

<batting500> I'm afraid to drink on Saturday. May run my head into a wall

<TomBeaver> Well it's ALWAYS hard to win in EL ... but this season we are all already restless, even tho the team is 6-1 ... they haven't looked tough

<TomBeaver> tough


<hrod1203> Depends how the refs call it too. MSU's db's are very physical downfield. Hopefully they can't get away with too much.

<TomBeaver> hrod - I wouldn't count on that

<ToledoWolverine> beqt the crqp out of goons(MSU)...

<KyleBogie> hrod1203. That's how they play and are allowed to play. Prepare to be frustrated, IMO.

<batting500> Maybe the secret weapon is going to be "unleash the Green Bull" RE: Derick Green

<KyleBogie> LOL. Tom and I are on the same page with that one.

<ToledoWolverine> it will be great game

<hrod1203> I know Denard could get called for PI on evry play

<TomBeaver> I thnk it's more likely that Green doesn't get a snap ... pure guess tho

<DOTMAN> thats playing tight then

<umjaker> another 30+ carries for fitz

<ToledoWolverine> I hope Green gets more snap.. we need his bull rushing against MSU

<hrod1203> Whay hasn't Smith got any carries?

<batting500> I do think that is shortsightedness on the side of the Michigan coaches then.

<TomBeaver> IMO U-M will try to play 'tight', play a 27-24 game

<DOTMAN> they wont score 27 playing tight

<hrod1203> If it's that high scoring I like our chances

<TomBeaver> I don't think they want a wide open game

<DOTMAN> Kyle anything on Blackmon?

<ToledoWolverine> i think it will come down to filed goal.. hope fully our kicker does his job

<TomBeaver> Toledo -- hope you're wrong, lol

<TomBeaver> hrod - me too, but I doubt U-M goes that route, or MSU either for that matter

<kcpros> I really think this game depends on the D and the game plan, if our D can play well and keep their Offense to under 20 we will win as long as our game plan is one that allows us to score more then 20.  If we play like PSU, Akron and Uconn we won't score many.  Their offense is not good but our Defense is mediocre.

<KyleBogie> DOTMAN. My man! Honestly, at this point, I could see any scenario playing ot. No real feel for how it'll play out. Wouldn't be surprised to see Blackmon or Booker end up at Michigan, nor surprised if they miss and save it for 2015 or Bolden in the spring.

<CMgoBlue1> If we do not attack Tom that D swallows us whole.  We have the talent to take advantage of them downfield.  Have to push it.

<BlueBMOC> I think the game hinges on our D Line's ability to clog the run lanes

<KyleBogie> I think if the Michigan State offense scores 21 points it'll be difficult for Michigan to twin the game

<BlueBMOC> if they can't run, they are screwed

<ToledoWolverine> i have a feeling it will be ugly the first three quaters and it will go nuts from last 20 minutea

<TomBeaver> CMgoBlue1 - I just doubt they'll do that unless they have to

<batting500> Put the MSU defense on their heals. Go after them. Make them chase us all over the field. WHat happened in Lloyds last game against Florida. Wide open and crushed them

<CMgoBlue1> Then we lose.

<kcpros> I will say this I haven't seen this much pessimism on this board since RR

<DOTMAN> that 2007 team had tons of talent on offense

<KyleBogie> That Michigan team had pros all over the field. Got healthy and changed approach to beat Florida. Michigan doesn't have that right now, at least they aren't playing like it.

<CMgoBlue1> We have the best Offensive player on either side, have to let Devin be Devin.

<TomBeaver> kcpros - well there's never alot of optimism going into EL against Dantonio

<TomBeaver> that's just eh fact of it

<ToledoWolverine> Devin Gardner needs to play his best game.. not turner over... plus no weird sacks

<batting500> Can't play scared either.

<TomBeaver> Toled0 - there ya go ... but MSU will put him under heavy pressure IMO, try to keep him from being able to step up in the poctet ... flush him out

<batting500> Agreed DOT. Still didn;t maximuize it until the last game

<kcpros> I don't just think it is this week, this team is so hard to read from players to coaches.  They are inconsistent in every way imaginable which I never thought I would say with the staff

<CMgoBlue1> Mix it up on the early downs.  That is the time where we can make hay.

<batting500> So short drops and slant routes?

<TomBeaver> CMgoBlue - boy I hope so

<kcpros> I think Tom you said it bestg there is not a game on this schedule that I am sure we win or that we lose

<ToledoWolverine> Devin needs to release the ball quick.. he need to read fast and quick.. can't take more than 4 seconds

<kn212003> You beat MSU's Cover 4 w/ throws to the flats and Double Moves over the top

<hrod1203> Same game plan they've used the last 4 years.  Hopefully we can actually counter it

<batting500> And no turn and throw WR screens that get pick sixed

<TomBeaver> yep ... and of course suddenly NEB and NW look vulnerable ... so imagine how good thing'll lok if they can win this one

<umjaker> we got outcoached last year, Dantonio fake punt

<BlueFan31> Max protect, let Gallon get downfield with double moves.

<CMgoBlue1> If we put ourselves in 3rd and long it will be a long day.  I am not worried about their D-line as much as those LB'ers blitzing.

<rathbone> I like the max protect option

<batting500> Everyone should game plan for a fake fg and punt from Dantonio now

<TomBeaver> 3rd and long, and I go to the fridge instead of watching

<batting500> What does Tom get in the fridge?

<umjaker> pbr

<kcpros> umjaker I not only agree but I think we have been out coached the last 5 years scares me that we can't seem to something different against MSU

<TomBeaver> lol ... just a figure of speach ... actually I head to the popcorn popper, ol, lol

<BlueFan31> I expect Devin to scarmble on 3rd downs. Taylor Martinez absolutely shredded their defense last year with his legs

<batting500> So glass of iced tea and microwave popcorn?

<batting500> LOL

<CMgoBlue1> We have to pick up yards and make it 3rd and short.  We will not run to set up the pass.  Have to pass to set up the run.  Get them off balance and you may run.

<batting500> Gonna be fun to watch I know that

<TomBeaver> sumpin like that ... it's a working day for me remember

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. That's a great point. Was talking to our MSU guy Mike Wilson and he was saying this defnse struggles a bit with the read option. Could work.

<TomBeaver> Bogie - that'd just shock me ... but I'm for it

<DOTMAN> we dont run a real read option

<batting500> I think all they have to do is score more points than MSU that simple

<TomBeaver> DOT - exactly

<KyleBogie> I mean, I'm not expecting it either (which I don't think is smart), but I think it could work better than power against this defense.

<umjaker> seems with the extra bye week we would see coaching brilliance, unfortunately i expect more of the same running into 8 men in th box, and only rushing 3/4 dl on 3rd downs

<kcpros> Hey Tom here is my question, everyone has seen the physical/dirty tactics of MSU and they see that they are coached to commit penalties why do you think the refs don't call it? I can't believe they are intimdated by them

<KyleBogie> It's simply running out of the gun, yeah. Not a spread/blah blah blah. Still can be effective.

<hrod1203> You know they will bring the pressure up the middle like they always do.

<DOTMAN> Kyle are both Blackmon and Booker expected to announce this week?

<TomBeaver> kcpros -- same reason refs let Bobby Knight get away with his crap for years ... or Woody

<rathbone> if Dileo is out that is a huge loss

<BlueFan31> We run the zone-read play and inverted veer, both out of the shotgun and the pistol. They're still in the playbook

<TomBeaver> they DO get intimidated ... Bo intimidated them too

<kcpros> Well I totally get that those guys earned it but not D'Antonio

<DOTMAN> its not a real read

<batting500> Hoke intimidates them with his short sleeves

<DOTMAN> Its a read look with little to no reading

<kcpros> Yep I am still intimidated by Bo and he isn't alive nor have I met them but D'Antonio has accomplished zero

<hrod1203> agree dileo would be huge in the middle of the field they vacate on blitzes

<TomBeaver> well guys, I'm gonna go off and go into a deep sleep until Sat. I want the game to just get here!

<TomBeaver> Until then, time to feed my NEW DOGGIE

<batting500> Later Tom

<DOTMAN> what was Dileo's injury

<DOTMAN> late Tom

<batting500> Watch out for doggie land mines

<BlueFan31> DOT, that's not uncommon.

<DOTMAN> later

<Denali00> K

<Denali00> \l

<batting500> Dot, how does this bball team shake out this year?

<KyleBogie> Dotman. That's the impression I cou...get...wouldn't be surprsed to see both wiat it out to next week though.

<hrod1203> Maybe Norfleet will get some run in the slot?

<KyleBogie> Thanks for dropping by guys. Coordinator presser is tomorrow FYI.

<KyleBogie> Have a good night

<batting500> Bogie, does Spike start at PG for the first few?

<KyleBogie> Should be a fun week.

<hrod1203> Or maybe Jake Butt steps up

<hrod1203> thanks Kyle

<KyleBogie> batting500. That's the impression I get but I personally don't thinkit's for any reason other than not wanting to just hand it over to a freshman. Walton is their guy at the one

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