Enwere's Explosive Season Drawing Attention

Sugar Land (TX) Austin RB Vic Enwere may be committed to Cal, but hasn't stopped a number of new suitors from picking up his scent. UCLA, Tennessee, TCU, Arizona State, and Michigan are among those now showing interest.

When Vic Enwere compares his junior season to the one he is in the midst of currently, the difference could almost be described as a Tale of Two Cities.  The 6-1, 210-pounder has strapped his Stephen F. Austin high team on his back and carried it to within a game of a playoff berth.  He attributes the tangible increase in his productivity to the improvement in his health from one year to the next.

“I want to say maybe the first game of the season I was healthy, and then part of the second game,” Enwere said reflecting upon his junior campaign.  “I had a hamstring and then I hurt my AC joint in my left shoulder.  So all year I didn't really have much of a power running game because the longer I played the more painful it was. I played almost the whole season with it wrapped.  It made a lot of things difficult - lifting my arm.  I also had a lot of ankle sprains and what not.  In the off season I worked to keep everything healthy, solid and ready to go."

“I see improvement throughout (my game) this year,” he added.  “My stamina has improved greatly.  My agility, lateral quickness has improved a lot more.  Ball skills, power running, hitting it downhill… my shoulder pad level is a lot lower.  I’m quicker in and out of hole, quicker in and out of the cuts.  The ability to make guys miss.  Really being a threat in the pass game and also in the kick return game.  (Being healthier) has also helped me on defense.  A lot of aspects of my game have changed.  Just everything looks a lot smoother and just more agile than it did the previous year.  There is a great difference.  You click on the tape and you can just see that it is almost two different guys.  It truly is a lot different."

Enwere’s stats lend credence to that claim.  He has been a jack-of-all-trades over his team’s first eight games.

“Right now I have over 1500 yards already and 30 touchdowns,” he reported.” I’ve been playing some kick returner, playing some quarterback, playing some corner too, sometimes wide receiver. It is going great this season.  I am far ahead of where I was last year."

That productivity has garnered the longtime California commit a great deal of attention from major programs from across the country.

“I've been hearing from a lot of different places,” said Enwere.  “UCLA, Tennessee, Michigan, Arizona State, TCU.  There are a lot of schools along those lines. Oklahoma a little bit."

Michigan is the newest kid on the increasingly crowded block, so his Maize & Blue recruitment is currently at the earliest of stages.

“They just started recruiting me yesterday,” he said laughingly.  “I haven't really been able to look too much into them yet."

Enwere plans to do just that in the coming days and weeks, but the three-star runner made it clear that he still considers himself a future Bear. Still, a curiosity about some of his new suitors has definitely been piqued.

“I am looking into some of them, but not all of them,” Enwere admitted.  “In the next few weeks I will start to see when (visits) are possible.  It is hard to see with the way my season has panned out in the way games are set up to take official visits.  Possibly soon.  I'm not sure about taking all five, but possibly two or three."

“I’m still committed to Cal.  They are not doing as well as they want to be doing, but I understand that it is a unique situation.  At our school, we (had a new coach) when I came here as a freshman.  So it is understandable.  Of course you want to see them win, but the one thing about football, as a player there is something you can do to help that team win.  So it’s not necessary for me to go to a winning program.  There are going to be struggles along the way to get where you want to go.  It is very understandable.  That's part of the game and I'm sure they will come back next year and be solid.  The guys are gaining experience.  When you’re at the bottom, there is nowhere you can go but up."

When Enwere sits down to make his final decision the bar of comparison will be Cal.

“Do they have the facilities or the opportunities that I see at Cal,” he said explaining his criteria.  “As far as academic wise, that did play a big part in (the commitment to Cal).  I think one of the biggest factors will be education. How so I fit into that program?  The location will also fit in there a bit depending on how I feel at the time and where I necessarily want to be.  The climate and things like that do not have too much too play.  More like what I am comfortable with.”

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