Jones on U-M's 2015 QB Radar

Moreno Valley (CA) Rancho Verde dual-threat quarterback Sheriron Jones is among the 2015 signal callers that Michigan is taking a long look at.

Sam Webb:  How is the season going for your team and you individually?

Sheriron Jones:  “Our team is going pretty good.  We are 6-2 right now.  Everybody is starting to get along and we are starting to come together as a team.  Everybody is fighting to the main goal, which is get a ring at the end of a season.  Individually, I’m doing pretty good.  I can’t really tell you my stats because we don’t keep stats here, but if you watch my film you can see it from there.  It will tell you everything that you want to know.”

Sam Webb:  I’ve seen some film, but pretend that you’re talking to someone that has not ever seen you play.  Break down your game.

Sheriron Jones:  “Don’t think of me as a run-first type of quarterback, think of me as looking downfield ready to pass the ball, make plays when they have to be made and stay focused on the game, the whole game.”

Sam Webb:  What is your height, weight and 40 time?

Sheriron Jones:  “6’2-1’2”.  I think I am like 185 right now.  My 40 time I do not know because haven’t run 40s.”

Sam Webb:  Is there a player in college or the pros that people compare you too at all or you try to emulate?

Sheriron Jones:  “Devin Gardner at Michigan, the FSU quarterback (Jameis Winston) and I do not know who else.”

Sam Webb:  Have you watched Michigan very much and if so, what do you think of Devin Gardner?

Sheriron Jones:  “I think they are a dedicated team.  They don’t just give up easy.  I watch them a little bit.  I watch some of the games.  I didn’t understand why Devin Gardner was wearing #98 though.  I’m sure it was something personal.”

Sam Webb:  Do you know off the top of your head how many scholarship offers you have?

Sheriron Jones:  “Four.”

Sam Webb:  What schools have offered you?

Sheriron Jones:  “ASU, Arizona, Colorado and Akron.”

Sam Webb:  You’ve got some spread teams in there.  Are you a guy that wants to play in a spread or are you looking at pro-style?Do you have a preference?

Sheriron Jones:  “It doesn’t really matter to me.  I just want to go somewhere where it is a good program and it is family oriented and everybody gets along with each other and there are no problems.  That’s what I’m looking for.”

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home?  You got a lot of schools out west that is looking at you, but Michigan is clearly pretty far away from home.

Sheriron Jones:  “No not really.  It doesn’t matter how far away I go.  I don’t get homesick.”

Sam Webb:  Tell me what Michigan has said to you.  What coach is recruiting you for Michigan and what have they said to you about their interest.

Sheriron Jones:  “They said they are very interested.  (Dan) Ferrigno is the recruiter out here.  He is very interested in me and is coming back to see me throw pretty soon.”

Sam Webb:  Have they talked to you at all about coming out on a visit and is that something that you think you are going to do?

Sheriron Jones:  “Yeah.  They told me I should come out for a visit.  I think I’m going to do it.  Most likely I might just do it.”

Sam Webb:  When you get ready to sit down and make your decision give me an idea of what the biggest factor in your choice is going to be.

Sheriron Jones:  “How well the coaches are, are they family oriented and do I love the school eventually.”

Sam Webb:  Do you have a timeline?  Are you going to be waiting until after your senior season to make a decision or do you want to get it out of the way before that?

Sheriron Jones:  “I’m going to wait until the very latest.”

Sam Webb:  Do you have a top list of schools or a favorite right now?

Sheriron Jones:  “No I don’t.”

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