Rush Forging Fast Bond with U-M

Michigan dropped in on 2015 Cary (NC) TE/DL Anthoy Rush recently and afterward the Tar Heel State star said the interest is definitely mutual.

Sam Webb:  First tell me how things are going on the football field for you this year?

Anthony Rush:  “They are going pretty good individually, but team wise not going so well. I think we are three and six.  I have three touchdowns on the year.  I don’t keep up with tackles and stuff.”

Sam Webb:  I know you are a versatile guy.  There are some teams that like you at tight end, some teams that like you at defensive end.  Do you have a preference for which position you play at the next level?

Anthony Rush:  “Naw.  I’ll just play wherever my team needs me.”

Sam Webb:  Pretend for a second that you are a scout in the stands and you are watching Anthony Rush on the football field, break down your game for me on both sides of the ball.

Anthony Rush:  “He can run around.  He is huge.  He has #25.  I play all across the defensive line.  I play linebacker as well. I go out and catch the passes as well.”

Sam Webb:  Who do you have offers from so far?

Anthony Rush:  “I got one (last week) from North Carolina.  I have one from North Carolina State.”

Sam Webb:  So the instate schools are you showing you a lot of love.  What positions are they recruiting you for?

Anthony Rush:  “Either or, offense and defense.  Tight end is what they offered me.  They said when I get there I can play either side, doesn’t matter.”

Sam Webb:  I know Michigan made it down by your school recently.  Give me an idea of what Michigan has been saying to you lately, how heavy have they been on you?

Anthony Rush:  “I think they are pushing towards an offer, but they haven't offered yet.  Coach Manning said all the coaches like what they saw on film and academics are going well, and all that good stuff.  I think they are going to give me one soon.  They would have given me one sooner.”

Sam Webb:  What position is Michigan looking at you for?

Anthony Rush:  “Tight end.”

Sam Webb:  What about Coach Manning, what is the vibe like with Coach Manning?

Anthony Rush:  “He is a cool dude.  He is professional but at the same time laid back.  Do you know what I’m saying?”

Sam Webb:  Yeah.  As far as you getting out to visit schools, what schools have you made it out to see so far?

Anthony Rush:  “State and Carolina and Wake Forest.”

Sam Webb:  Do you have any plans on making it out to any other schools this year?

Anthony Rush:  “Yes.  I’m planning on going to Michigan at the end of spring.  Then when the season starts, I’ll go up to a game up there was as well.”

Sam Webb: When you get ready to sit down and make your decision what are going to be the things that play the biggest role?

Anthony Rush:  “Academics and then the football fans, stadium.  I just want to feel like I’m at home when I’m there.”

Sam Webb:  You mentioned home, what about distance from home, is that something that is going to plays a role in your decision making?

Anthony Rush:  “Naw.”

Sam Webb:  Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

Anthony Rush:  “No.  I’m the type that would watch games and say this team is going to win or that team is going to win.”

Sam Webb:  What about timeline?  Do you anticipate waiting until your senior season or after your senior season to make a decision or have you even thought about that?

Anthony Rush:  “I was going to make one after this year, but now that I’m getting a lot more, I’ll probably wait until after next season.”

Sam Webb:  Aside from Michigan, what are the others schools that you feel like are close to offering or are going to offer eventually?

Anthony Rush:  “Clemson and Indiana and Duke.”

Sam Webb:  Give me an idea of what you know about Michigan at this point?  What do you know, what do you like, what do you need to find out now that the school is starting to get in on you now?

Anthony Rush:  “Coach Manning broke everything down for me.   Before he talked to me I knew they had good academics and they call their stadium ‘the Big House.’  That’s a lot of people in that type of setting.”

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