Tuesday Chat Transcript

Tuesday's chat focuses on Da'Shawn Hand's decision, football's issues on the offensive line and at running back, basketball recruiting for 2014 and 2015, and the Wolverines' season outlook as they tip it off Friday at Crisler Center.

<KyleBogie> Happy TUESDAY chat everyone!

<kn212003> Hopefully the Big House doesn't look like this on Saturday

<kn212003> Bogie - What day does Hand announce?  Nov 14?

<KyleBogie> Yesssssssirrrrrr

<kn212003> Hoke sticking w/ the same Interior OL?

<KyleBogie> kn212003. That will be interesting too. He was the one guy where befoer the season started it seemd important for Michigan to have a strong season.

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Borges said "oh yeah" when asked whether or not he still has his "five" on the offensive line. Looks like they're going to just keep going and hope it improves.

<KyleBogie> For what it's worth I think Bosch and Magnuson will be very good. Youth is a huge concern, as you all know.

<rathbone> mags at tackle or guard

<kn212003> Magnuson just seems light in there.  I wish they'd just stick w/ either zone or man blocking scheme.  Seems like simplifying for the young OL would help

<kn212003> Hell run Zone Left 40 times a game

<oldmancoyote> where is everyone???

<kn212003> OMC - They are all out on the ledge, they'll be back soon though

<oldmancoyote> haha.

<kn212003> Bogie - Project that OL next year?

<oldmancoyote> my sources are telling me that my food will be arriving soon

<kn212003> If I may my former boss in the insurance industry quit his job and is now a writer for Tuscaloosa News and Bama Rivals site - He doesn't think Hand is going to Bama

<KyleBogie> Mags will be a tackl, IMO

<KyleBogie> I think the plan has been for him to be a tackle all along

<oldmancoyote> my sources tell me that "my food" includes a sub and some mozzarella sticks.  but take it for what it's worth.  i don't claim to be an insider.

<kn212003> Mags - RT and Braden at LT?

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Borges mentioned today that when he was at Auburn they went to Florida with three freshman on the interior and won. Said, did they know what they were doing? No, but at a certain point you just play. I'm wondering when that personal aspect will come into play for this crew, just playing and stoppping their man, or moving him.

<KyleBogie> kn212003. I think it's a little too early but I think Magnuson is the left tackle, Bosch, LG, Glasgow at C, Kalis at RG, AND POSSIBILY David Dawson at right tackle.

<kn212003> I like that

<KyleBogie> oldmancoyote. LOL.

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Still think it's early. I was on the sideline Saturday in East Lansing and Kugler needs to add a signifcant amount of muscle but his

talent is unquestionable, IMO. He'll be in the mix

<kn212003> Anything to read into DeVeon Smith not making the travel roster?

<KyleBogie> sPEAKING OF ME being on the sideline Saturday, it appeared the team knew, early on, that they were having and were going to have issues up front. Taylor Lewan was speaking words I can't repeat to the offensive line in the first half, Devin Gardner imploring the guys as well.

<Denali00> So what's the deal with Green? Why isn't he getting any PT?

<KyleBogie> kn212003. At this point, no. Do I think a mistake was made by burning his redshirt, and even now to a certain extent, Green's, to not give them carries, significant ones or onesi n a blowout? Yeah.

<KyleBogie> Denali00. They continue to point to picking up blockers /linebackers in the passing game. The way Fitz struggled to block any9one Saturday, I'm starting to not believe that. Unsure why they don't just bite the bullet and give it to him more.

<KyleBogie> And that's another thing, with four games plus the bowl practices and bowl left, my opinion is that you HAVE TO PLAY THE YOUNG GUYS. This season is a wash without a big ten title or title game appearance already. Hoke will need to have a big year next year so, sorry, I get the whole seniors thing but for the PROGRAM, gotta get those kids snaps NOW.

<rathbone> Kyle are you hearing rumors of transfers

<KyleBogie> rathbone. It's definitely something to look at. Won't sp, cite, specific areas or guys but I get the feeling it's going to happen to a certain extenet.

<rathbone> kyle is Brad progressing like once thought

<rathbone> Braden not

<kn212003> A lot of players talk about transferring and even get told to transfer .. Then they talk to Greg Harden and become legendary Michigan FB players

<KyleBogie> rathbone. It was thought that he could be a contributor heading into camp. IT didn't happen and given the issues up front for him to not be mentioned is concerning...

<levinas> do you think the loss impacts us negatively with Malik McDowell?

<kn212003> Kyle - Quick favor (asking for a friend) no 2015 BB recruiting predictions even when you are asked to do so

<rathbone> Kyle do you think we take a RB this year

<KyleBogie> levinas. I still believe Michigan is strong with McDowell. I think a lot would have to happen for me to not feel good about that one.

<KyleBogie> Have felt that way about McDowell for a while.

<blueinc> Bogie anything further for spring hoops recruiting?  Zagsblog post makes it sound like we are not recruiting him as hard as four or five other schools, including Louisville, Indiana and UCLA. are we just going to turn to the 2015 class when it's all said and done?  thanks

<kn212003> What's the deal w/ the the DeLaSalle QB visiting?  Walk-on?  TE?

<guthrie> Personal opinion is Deveon tgransfers.  Both of his older brothers committed to Big Ten schools as RB's.  Both transferred.  He isn't gonna sit around on the bench.

<KyleBogie> kn212003. WHEN??? LOL.

<blueinc> Sorry I was talking about Jonah Bolden.  my bad!

<KyleBogie> rathbone. I think the likelihood of that is increasing on the daily...

<KyleBogie> blueinc. I'm still doing some digging on that one. I think you have to cointinue to look at it because he's someone more prepared to come in ad play right away . I think if Stauskas has a big year you might have to look at replacing that and Bolden's value could increase.

<KyleBogie> I know it sounds crazy but there is a possibility Stauskas could bolt after this season...

<KyleBogie> kn212003. Have not had a chance to speak with Gio personally but at this point my thinking is a walk-on candidate at quarterback. Will check with him and Allen on that one.

<KyleBogie> guthrie. Based on nothing other than an opinion, I think it's a possibility.

<zs05wc> It's not surprising if Nik leaves IMO

<kn212003> Well, if I was a back up RB at Michigan I'd look at transferring b/c it's proven that they only play 1 guy

<blueinc> in that case, wouldnt the staff go more for a SG type?  Thats why Blackmon  would have been perfect cuz i think Nik could well declare if he has a big season, which i think he will

<Denali00> Kyle - any word on McGary and his back?

<guthrie> Okay, this has nothing to do with UM or even with football.  But I have to share it because it's so outrageious.  I'm currently working a case (I'm a prosecutor) with a victim who gets shot in the back of the head but doesn't die.  He's then beaten multiple times in the head with a sledgehammer but doesn't die.  He's driven to another city then strangled for what a witness describes as a few minutes but doesn't die.  He's then

<KyleBogie> zas05wc. I agree.

<guthrie>  taken to an alley and shot in the head AGAIN but doesn't die.  He's taken to the hospital and dies

<KyleBogie> kn212003. That's a definitie option for negative recruiting by other schools.

<ljlawdog> Hard to blame Smith if he did leave.  Why even burn his redshirt if he wasn't going to play anymore?

<KyleBogie> blueinc. Bolden is more of a wing anyway and Irvin/LeVert are both versatile enough to slide to the two or even one at times and Michigan can still play Derrick/Spike together.

<kevinbalcom> Guthrie....WOW

<rathbone> if i was Smith i would stay for next year, I have seen nothing that

<zs05wc> Remember, Nik is more than a shooter - Drink.

<KyleBogie> Denali00. We'll get an update with Beilein on Thursday before the opener but again I just think it's all precautionary. No need for him to go right now. That being said, Michigan's offense with Jordan Morgan and Jon Horford on the floor at the same time is a major work in progress.

<guthrie> If I were Smith, i'd wait until spring practice was finished and then decide.

<rathbone> says he wont be the guy next year

<ljlawdog> rath, you mean other than Green getting way more PT than him?

<gomaize13> will we get eber now?

<zs05wc> Why do you want to run two bigs when they're not used in ths offense?  When do they post up?

<rathbone> I mean Green dosent look that great

<zs05wc> At least Mitch offers a highpost option.

<KyleBogie> ljlawdog. The coaches thought they'd be able to run better and get bigger leads on teams in the early season, didn't happen. Now without that experience I think they feel it's hard to just throw them out there now.

<blueinc> very true Kyle.  plus if he did leave that means the team prob had another big year.  If Nik leaves Im sure they will add someone...a sleeper type like Caris  :)

<guthrie> and then next year we get to hear how our RB's are no good because they don't have experience yet

<kn212003> Every Friday Brady says more carries for Green and then the game comes.  That's the frustrating part for me

<gomaize13> why don't we hear anything about braden or bars??

<rathbone> Freddy Jackson hasnt had a big ten back since Mike Hart

<KyleBogie> zs05cw. Glenn is going to play on the perimeter a lot. Part of the deal with hm coming back.

<blueinc> When Mitch comes back, Horford will be the starting 5 and Morgan backs up both when we want to play two bigs......of course we will plenty of Grob at the 4 too.  Max will be the victim in Mitch's return

<KyleBogie> zs05wc. Exactly, impreative to get him back.

<guthrie> gomaize, with all the O-line struggles, if you're an olineman and your name hasn't come up yet then I'd say it doesn't bode well for your future.

<kn212003> Probably more frustrating for the RB's though.  And Freddy J has lost some trust of UM fans since he would play NFL RB Mike Cox

<gomaize13> would wheatley take the rb job if offered?

<KyleBogie> blueinc. See lol in this staff everyone should trust!

<kn212003> wouldn't

<guthrie> according to Dotman, he thinks Wheatley would take it

<Denali00> I hear ya' Kyle re Mitch..just hope to see him soon in game action before the Duke and Arizona games.

<KyleBogie> gomaize13. That''s a really good question...

<KyleBogie> rathbone. I agree with that statement.

<KyleBogie> The OL has been pretty bad though.

<ljlawdog> Tom said a few weeks back that Braden was getting ready to be the LT for team 135 for reasons that can't be discussed on the board.  Don't know what he meant, but I didn't push it.

<rathbone> Sam has said he would listen and he could coach with his son on the team

<zs05wc> Is Irvin still a work in progress in regards to his ability to attack the basket?  He's so big I'd hate to hsee him be just a jumpshooter?

<KyleBogie> gomaize13. NO DOUBT IN MY MIND. Fred has built up too much respect to be the scapegoat though, bigger issues IMO

<guthrie> I've wondered if Braden might have done something that got him in trouble and basically confined himself to the bench for a year.  Can't think of any other reason why he was getting so much time and then can't get a sniff once the season starts.

<KyleBogie> Denali00. I'm more worried about Mtich getting practice action first

<blueinc> Irvin will be all around scorer in time.....for now i think his niche is coming off the bench and getting some 3s and play defense

<KyleBogie> rathbone. I think Wheatley would be a done deal to Michigan iff ever offered.

<rathbone> If we dont that is dumb

<kn212003> Some coach is gonna have to fall on the sword for that MSU debacle, just IMO

<gomaize13> no doubt Fred Jackson has been a great rb coach.. but getting young talented coaches like wheatley to go with roy manning should help

<KyleBogie> zs05wc. I think Zak has been a work in progress in attacking the rim but he made HUGE improvements between his junior year and snioer year of high school. Working with Vall on ball handling will help temendously though.

<levinas> do you think mike hart is a realistic replacement for jackson now?  in the next few years?

<levinas> or is wheatley just a better option?

<KyleBogie> rtm1955. I just don't think he's big enough to compete at this lvel. Never thought he would be for this offense since last season...

<zs05wc> Irvin should work on a post up game, you could get some serious matchup problemsw with him.

<rtm1955> I think Fox may be a surprise next year as an OL !

<KyleBogie> zs05wc. I think that'll all come in time. Look at the difference players in this program have made from freshman to sophomore year...

<gomaize13> how are the other young offensive linemen improving?

<rathbone> kyle do you expect changes on the staff

<zs05wc> Snce the biggest improvement is allegedly made between sfresh to psophmore year, is Levert as his ceiling or will he get better with more size?

<gomaize13> i think borgess has done a good job consedreing we cant run the ball.. that kinda limits your play calling. and besides the msu game we have scored points even with out a run game

<KyleBogie> rathbone. I think the final four games will determine tht. Wait, cancel that, I think the Ohio State game will decide that.

<rathbone> Borgess has 1 td in eight quarters against MSU, something to think about

<KyleBogie> If the Buckeeys come in here and drop a bomb on Michigan, which could happen if they're 11-0 and on the outiside looking in on the national title picture, I think someones head will have to roll. No idea who or how it would work though.

<KyleBogie> rtm1955. FOx is HUGE. LOL.

<rathbone> what does the fox say

<guthrie> ring ding ding ding ding ding ding

<rathbone> ha

<guthrie> what time is the Nebraska game, if anyone knows?

<KyleBogie> zs05wc. Spoke with a scout today who said "Caris LeVert can play in the NBA" if he can sustain this of cousre.

<rtm1955> 3:30

<KyleBogie> 3:30 kick for Nebraskas.

<guthrie> thanks

<kevinbalcom> I picked  the wrong time of year to try and stop drinking....

<KyleBogie> kevinbalcom. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?! Kidding of cousre LOL.

<Denali00> Kyle - any new word on 15' bball recruiting/

<KyleBogie> Denali00. It's time to look at it closely. Still too far from things looking clear. Big thing will be getting them on campus for games this winter.

<kevinbalcom> Kyle...BAD timing...LOL. There's always the New Years resolution. HA!

<KyleBogie> New word though'? Not at this point.

<guthrie> Kyle, is Kennard now a long shot or still a good shot for UM?

<gomaize13> kyle, how do we stand as far as mikey weber

<KyleBogie> guthrie. I know for a FACT, the Kennard's were paying attention to how the Devin Booker/James Blackmon situation played out. Are they afraid of competition ? No. But they're going to be smart.

<guthrie> good

<KyleBogie> I still think Michigan is in that one with Kennard. More than that, I WON'T SAY. Kentucky will still be a monster there.

<KyleBogie> gomaize13. Honstly, I just don't see him going to Michigan.

<gomaize13> kyle, do you think the offensive line problems are more youth or funk?

<KyleBogie> gomaize13. Can't really say that and don't know that anyone can REALLY say that cause we're not in practice. While I do think it's hard for a true freshman to play on the OL, there is a redshirt sophmore, another redshirt sophomore and several redshirt freshmen there so what's the issue?

<KyleBogie> Ok everyone, I'm gonna run!

<KyleBogie> Appreciate you all dropping by with questions and interest.

<KyleBogie> I'll do some investigating for the questions I wasn't able to ansewr on the spot!

<KyleBogie> Hang in there, Nebraskas Saturday folks!

<gomaize13> thanks kyle

<KyleBogie> Have a good night. everyone

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