Wednesday Hoke Presser: News and Notes

U-M coach Brady Hoke discusses practice, Morris playing at MSU, DeVeon Smith update and more. ***W/VIDEO***

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Michigan coach Brady Hoke said his football team has responded in a "good" way this week of practice, as the Wolverines prepare to take on Nebraska.

"(We) had a very good practice yesterday," Hoke said. "Expect it, they way this group been most Tuesday's have been very good. So it was good. The energy was good. The enthusiasm for the game of football was good. I think preparation we got a lot done."

The Wolverines (6-2, 2-2 Big Ten) lost at Michigan State 29-6 last Saturday in a physical contest, where quarterback Devin Gardner was sacked seven times. Hoke said Gardner has responded with great leadership this week in practice, despite playing with the typical bumps and bruises of Big Ten play.

"I think all the leadership is tested when you have adversity," Hoke said. "He did a great job yesterday, you know, sore. Yeah, I mean, every guy in the game of football across America who is playing is going to be sore. And he went out and attacked the day."

Morris Experience

In Michigan's last drive versus Michigan State, Gardner was replaced by freshman Shane Morris. Hoke said it was a matter of getting Morris some game experience.

"Let's get Shane some reps," Hoke said. "Let's get Shane some reps in that environment. You know and just see how he operates."

Hoke continued on the benefits of playing Morris at MSU.

"I think it's great," Hoke said. "we're going to be up there next year again. So I think that's awesome for all those guys. The three freshman in the inside (of the offensive line.) That's got to be great for them."

Smith's benching

Freshman running back DeVeon Smith didn't make the trip to MSU last week. Hoke said he has responded positively in practice this week since not making the travel roster. However, Hoke said Smith still has a chance to contribute moving forward.

"He's got a chance to," Hoke said on Smith.

As far as what Smith brings skill wise, Hoke replied, "He's a little more of a slicer. He's a little bit more like Drake (Johnson).

"He's very much a downhill physical guy, he's got good balance. I think there is some similarities that him and Derrick (Green) have. But I think there is enough physical traits that they have that make them different."

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