U-M Showing Interest in Veal

Charlotte (N.C.) Ardrey Kell OT Mason Veal is now on Michigan's 2015 radar. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the Tar Heel State star to get the latest on his recruitment, his interest i Michigan, and more.

Sam Webb:  Give me an ideal of how things are going for you on the football field both individually and as a team.

Mason Veal:  “Individually things are going pretty well.  I think this past Saturday I definitely played one of my better games of the season, but my team is five and four right now.  We are looking at a playoff spot.  We got to win one of these next two to get in.  The season is going pretty well.  We definitely can see improvements game to game especially the last few weeks.  I’m sad it is coming to an end though.”

Sam Webb:  Pretend for a second you are a scout in the stands and you are watching Mason Veal on the field…break down your game for me and give me a scouting report.

Mason Veal:  “I’m “6’6”, 285. We run a zone read, so if we’re going inside to the left and if I have a guy on me, my favorite thing todo is just put my hand in the dirt and go at him.  Also pass protection is solid.   The area that I’ve been trying to work this season is getting out in space, getting the linebackers and getting to the second level, trying to finish them and get my hands on them and keeping going through that.”

Sam Webb:  What is your height, weight and 40 time?

Mason Veal:  and I have not run a 40 since the spring but it was a 5.2.”

Sam Webb:  Kind of look ahead for me, are teams recruiting you more at offensive tackle, are they looking at y each eye as guard, what position are they looking at you for?

Mason Veal:  “I haven’t had that conversation with any school at all.  Actually, the only school that brought that up was Michigan when they came by last week.  They said they definitely saw me as a tackle for the 2015 class.”

Sam Webb:  What scholarship offers do you have on the table at this point?

Mason Veal:  “Currently I have Clemson, South Carolina, North Carolina, NC State and Virginia.”

Sam Webb:  Michigan made it by your school recently.  What have the Wolverines’ said to you about their interest thus far?

Mason Veal:  “I really just started talking to Coach Manning. He wanted let me know that they definitely have their eye on me and they want to build that relationship and they are definitely interested in me for the 2015 class.”

Sam Webb:  Do you anticipate down the line visiting Michigan or is that something that you still have to think hard about it?

Mason Veal:  “Possibly.  Proximity to home is a big deal, but if there really is somewhere like Michigan or anywhere else that I felt was a really good fit for me, I am going to go there.  So just because a school is far away, I’m not going to rule a school out.  If I build that relationship then I feel like I need to check them out and go up there I definitely will.”

Sam Webb:  Pretend for a second you are getting ready to sit down and make your decision. Aside from proximity to home, what are going to be the biggest factors in your choice?

Mason Veal:  “Definitely coaching staff is going to be up there, can I see myself playing for a coach and staying with them all the time, a family atmosphere around the team and around the team is a big deal for me.  Also, what I want to study in with academics at the school.”

Sam Webb:  Timeline wise, do you anticipate waiting until your senior season or after your senior season to make a decision?

Mason Veal:  “I’m really not sure right now.  At least this fall, I’ve been trying to focus on my season.  I’ve taken a few visits, but I’ve definitely put off thinking about a decision.  Probably after this winter and this spring when I take some more visits I’ll find out when I want to get everything done by and when I want to make a decision and move on.”

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