Hoke Responds to Predictability, Booing

Michigan coach Brady Hoke responds to the growing sentiment that the Wolverines offensive game plan is predictable and what he thinks about hearing boos from the crowd Saturday.

ANN ARBOR—After Michigan’s 17-13 loss to Nebraska Saturday night Coach Brady Hoke spoke out in support of offensive coordinator Al Borges, the Wolverines game plan, and play calls in key third and short situations or short fields.

Upon further review of film, Hoke hasn’t altered his answer when asked whether or not he liked the play calling against the Cornhuskers.

“Yeah,” Hoke said at his Monday press conference. “There’s not any question about it.”

While fans and other outsiders may disagree with Hoke on that one, none seemed to stir up more controversy than Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory. Gregory, after recording four tackles including three sacks Saturday, said he knew what plays Michigan was going to run before the ball was even snapped.

“He’s wrong,” Hoke said matter-of-factly. “You could say that about a lot of teams.”

Hoke added, “We know what other guys are doing too. We knew when they were in pistol with two tight ends and, we got negative plays. Everybody has that. Everyone, there’s certain things people are going to do certain ways.”

Michigan sophomore linebacker James Ross recorded eight tackles, including one for loss Saturday against Nebraska, and agreed with Gregory as far as defenses having an understanding of what offenses are going to do based largely on the amount of preparation for opponents.

“Our defensive coaches do a great job looking at film all the time, day in and day out, giving us tendencies and things like that, personnel,“ Ross said. “You’re able to recognize if it’s a key tendency, you’ll know what it is before it happens most of the time -- but you still got to play.”

Hoke hearing boos?

The big house was raining boos at times Saturday afternoon as Michigan struggled with offensive consistency against Nebraska.

One of the louder moments came as the Wolverines kneeled the football heading into halftime and after Michigan ran the football on both first and second down with little success to start a drive that began deep in Nebraska territory, resulting in a four play, three-yard drive before a Brendan Gibbons 40-yard field goal.

Hoke said he understands the booing, but would have a problem if they’re booing “the kids.”

“They can boo us coaches all they want,” he said. “Look, I’ve got a harder time at home than I do there, believe me. I mean, my daughter and wife, ‘why aren’t we protecting better?’ Man, you guys are easy compared to them.”

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