Michigan wants to see more of Daelin Hayes

The Michigan coaches had a chance to talk to recruits after the Nebraska game, and Daelin Hayes is one they would like to see more often.

The Michigan coaches had a chance to talk to recruits after the Nebraska game, and Daelin Hayes is one they would like to see more often. The 2016 RB/LB out of Orchard Lake St. Mary's talks to GBW about his visit to Michigan, and why the Wolverines' record will not be an issue on his decision.

Despite Michigan's loss last week to Nebraska, Daelin Hayes doesn't seem feel like that will make a difference in considering Michigan as his school of choice. The young man isn't making a quick decision but wants to make the right choice.

"Michigan's winning record right now has nothing to do two or three years from now when I make my decision," he told GoBlueWolverine. "I am focused on finding the best place for me as far as academics and athletics."

Daelin Hayes has been trying to get up to Michigan to visit, but scheduling conflicts wouldn't allow for it. It was clear when he spoke with the coaches that they were very excited getting him on campus and would like to see more of him.

"Coach Jackson was very happy to get me up for a game," he said. "He was really excited to be able to talk one on one with me. He is a cool dude, real chill-like. It was nice to sit and talk with him. We really just talked and were getting to know each other. He just wants me to visit and be around the program more. My mom went on the visit with me, and she was talking with Coach Singletary -- my mom knows him. They welcomed me with open arms up at Michigan."

Hayes had a chance to see some of the things on his visit that would help him to eventually make a decision on the college of his choice.

"I had a good time up at Michigan. they have really beautiful facilities there. It was good to see James Ross play. James use to play at Orchard Lake St. Marys, and it was good to see him come with some thump in the game. I was looking at the playing style as well as how well the coaches interact with the players. I am looking for a program where guys are like family. I am also looking for a school to see how far their degree will carry me, because football does have an expiration date -- so education is important."

Other schools are clearly involved with Daelin's recruitment, and he is trying to make it up to each school to see how they operate with his own eyes.

"I have already been up to Michigan State four times," he said. "I was able to talk with Coach Dantonio so that was good. I will be visiting Penn State as well as Notre Dame. I will also be visiting Michigan again for the Ohio State game. I am open to all colleges, and just trying to make sure I see as many of them as possible."

Daelin Hayes has time to spare before he picks the college he will be attending for the next four years. For Michigan, they just want to make sure they have the opportunity to see him more, in order to hopefully make a better impression than the other schools that want him as well.

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