Enwere Planning Michigan Visit

Sugar Land (TX) Austin RB Vic Enwere was officially offered by Michigan yesterday, and now the Cal commit is planning to take a much closer look at the Maize & Blue.

“(The correspondence with Michigan) has been over a couple weeks, but it has been small gestures,” reported Enwere.  “Nothing really too big, so I didn’t totally expect (the offer). It caught me out the blue because it’s late in the game and I didn’t feel like anybody else would necessarily offer. I guess they felt from my achievement (an offer was warranted).”

With the Maize & Blue’s seriousness now apparent, Enwere has been quick to reciprocate.

“There’s interest (in Michigan),” he said. “I feel that I’ve taken a liking to them. I plan on taking a visit up there. We talked about it and we’re aiming for December... the same time all the other big recruits are out there… the same weekend with Jabrill Peppers and some of the other guys. That’s what we’re aiming at.”

Despite his plan to explore Michigan’s campus, Enwere still considers himself a Cal commit.  The still makes the Bears the team to beat.

“I’m taking a visit to Cal,” he stated.  “That’s already set in stone. I don’t know when I will take that one. I’m taking a visit out to Missouri. (Other than Michigan) that’s really it.”

At the moment the talented youngster isn’t in any rush to bring his recruitment to a definitive end.  His primary focus is making sure he thoroughly explores all of his options to ensure he makes the best possible decision.

“I will tell you by signing day (which program will win out),” Enwere said laughingly.  “I think that’s every recruit’s (thought process) at this point because you never really know when things will be all done. They say that you’re in the race until it’s over.”

That approach offers him the chance to not only visit the schools on his list, but also to watch them in action.  When he does he’ll be assessing his potential fit much more than he will be how good they are.

“(A team losing) doesn’t really weigh that big with me,” Enwere said. “Of course it does matter somewhat. You still think about it. It’s no getting away with that… that’s just the way humans naturally think and work. But that’s not a big deciding factor for me… whether a team is winning or losing. Yeah, you may look at that somewhat and it may be a small factor in things, but overall that’s not something a pick a school for. Just to go to a winning program? There’s a lot more that goes into it.”

So whether it’s Cal’s 1-9 record, Michigan’s recent two-game losing streak, or any loss his trio of top suitors sustains down the stretch… Enwere will be looking far beyond current on-field setbacks.

“You’ve got to understand that with football there’s always going to be a winner and a loser,” he explained.  “In every game somebody has to win and somebody has to lose. You have good seasons [and] you have bad seasons… good games [and] bad games. You can’t necessarily look at (losses) in particular. If you can be a piece to help get those wins, then why not?  Sometimes you have to build your legacy yourself.”

One aspect of play he does plan to pay attention to is running back depth chart. At the same time, he definitely doesn’t fear competition.

“That’s something you always have to do,” stated Enwere. “The majority of times they’re honest with me and let me know where they need me to fit in because they may have a lot of backs on the roster. But a lot of those guys are special teams guys and they’re lacking a running back like myself; a big running back… a down-hill back that can also make people miss and hit the home runs. No matter the number of running backs they have, they’re missing that category and they know I can be that guy; an every-down back guy. (The number of backs) doesn’t necessarily matter.”

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