Tuesday Chat Transcript

Tuesday's chat transcript dabbles in some 2014 Michigan football recruiting, the improved run game at Northwestern for the Wolverines, what can be expected the rest of the way, OSU, more.

<KyleBogie> Hello and happy Tuesdayyyy evening!

<JTONE1717> Anything new kyle?

<KyleBogie> JTONE1717. Tried fried ice cream for the first time today...pretty good! LOL. That what you meant???

<JTONE1717> Sounds good.  Any thing new in the world of recruits?

<Crowpuppy> It's better boiled.

<KyleBogie> JTONE1717. LOL. Will just be interesting to see how things shake out with 2014 class. Obviously Michigan is looking to nab another defensive end, possibly running back as well. How will normal attrition affect the humbers/decisions as well? Getting to that point.

<KyleBogie> Crowpuppy. Really?

<Crowpuppy> C'mon Kyle!

<KyleBogie> Once the bball team returns from Puerto Rico those weekend visits wil heat up so we'll have a better idea of lists as far as that is concerned too.

<halfwayblaze> Them looking for another de and rb more about depth or concern with what we already have on the team?

<CedGee> Wolverine Nation!!

<Crowpuppy> Kyle, are Enwere and Ballage the only two RBs they're looking at right now?

<goblue101> I'm here mostly to find out what the real reason for the chat being cancelled yesterday. There was quite a bit of speculation in that thread Kyle...can you set the record straight!? haha

<KyleBogie> halfwayblaze. They were content to take Hand and McGDowell if it worked out that way, just believe it's something they'd prefer now.

<CedGee> Hey Kyle... How good is this DE committed to Missouri that Michigan is looking at?

<KyleBogie> Crowpuppy. That's what we've been able to gather to this point but I imagine that will change moving forward, especially once the season ends.

<Crowpuppy> Thanks Kyle

Josh Newkirk has entered the room (hostname: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX)

<KyleBogie> goblue101. Uh oh! I missed the speculation lol. Friend of mine is a football coach in division two, seasson just ended and was in town to catch up after a long fall. My apologies, honestly.

<JoshNewkirk> Kyle, what's the secret behind your hair? It's so perfect

<goblue101> Haha you didn't see that thread!? It was hilarious

<CedGee> I would love for Michigan to grab a good RB in this class.. I want the fire on the tail of our incumbents coming back next year

<KyleBogie> CedGee. My thinking wit Williams is that you can't teach 6-6, 240 with athleticism. Just look at Taco. Need to see more film though.

<CedGee> You can teach how to play football Kyle... lol

<KyleBogie> NEWKIRK!!! It's all aboutt the hair wax man! hwo do you get your glasses looking so fly?!?

<KyleBogie> goblue101. Man, thought I locked the thread haha.

<CedGee> But I getcha

<JoshNewkirk> I just make them look fly. That's how I roll.

<KyleBogie> CedGee. The way Justice Hayes is kind of flipping back and forth now could make it less of a priority, IMO.

<JoshNewkirk> BTW: We finally got access to Derrick Green today.

<JoshNewkirk> He says he is down to 230-pounds.

<KyleBogie> Appreciate you dropping in Josh lol

<JoshNewkirk> He admitted he was alittle too heavy when he came in and has changed his diet.

<JoshNewkirk> No prob

<JoshNewkirk> The ankle injury definetly set him back a little bit back in fall camp.

<KyleBogie> My opinion though, he still should've been getting consisetnet carries the whole season. Think it's ridiculous it took 10 games...

<JoshNewkirk> He also admitted pass pro has been an adventure for him.

<JoshNewkirk> He says Fitz has been working with him.

<JoshNewkirk> He says De'Veon Smith is like his borther.

<JoshNewkirk> brother

<KyleBogie> Good stuff Josh

<JoshNewkirk> I agree he needed to get establsihed earlier in the seaosn, but the offensive line had something to do with that. lol

<JoshNewkirk> But he just looks big in person. Day and night difference between him and Fitz.

<KyleBogie> I agree but theOL still wasn't "great" at Northwestern, Smith and Green ran ball well (more holes , i KNOW BUT STILL)

<JoshNewkirk> We haven't seen nothing yet. Kid is a stud.

<CedGee> I agree Kyle.. Still not on that OL bandwagon at the moment

<KyleBogie> Cedgee. There was improvement, in one game. See what happens this week at Iowa.

<JoshNewkirk> OL is just young up the middle. This experience will pay off for next year. As for right now, it is what it is. If they can get 3.5 yard per carry, that will go a long way against Iowa. That's what i'll be looking for.

<CedGee> I agree with that too.. Just not all in as far as how well they will play going forward..

<CedGee> Sure hope they do of course

<KyleBogie> Its easy to look at the current results and be negative but there is A LOT of recruiting talent up front, time and experience will only help

<rathbone> kyle iyo who is a better back the Ballage kid or the Cal commit

<KyleBogie> rathbone. Eeeekkk. Don't make me choose. I think Ballage has start potential. That's star* potential. And I believe Ballage is the most balanced/versatile.

<krich97> Is the thought that carries will be shared three ways this week?

<halfwayblaze> seems like Shane and Wilton are set up to succeed better then Devin. All the talent will be experienced in skill postions and on the line for those guys.

<JoshNewkirk> It's a three way battle for carries.

<JoshNewkirk> I expect Green to get the bulk. He is clearly the better back.

<CedGee> I'd like to see Green start.. It seems the Oline blocks better when he and Smith carries the rock

<JoshNewkirk> he passes the eye test

<KyleBogie> krich97. Personally, I think the freshmen still receive the bulk. I think the coaches are doing a nice thing to kind of makeing it seem like Fitz hasn't lost his starting job straight up when in reality he has.

<JoshNewkirk> Smith should be the No. 2


<KyleBogie> halwayblaze. That's a very good point. It'll be interesting to see how they can handle protecting guys that can't move once Devin leaves too though.

<JoshNewkirk> Fitz's time is over

<CedGee> Hey Kyle.. Maybe with Green and Smith getting the bulk of the carries can be the turning point for this Oline... What you think?

<krich97> I hope your opinion matches that of the coaches.  I hate to see a Senior lose out, but time to get these young back battle tested for next year.

<JoshNewkirk> When you got a two backs that gets postive yardage it's always better for the O-line.

<KyleBogie> CedGee. I think it gives the OL life, I really do. That even if the holes aren't the biggest or the play isn't perfectly blocked, guys are still out there fighting for yardage, breaking tackles and getting two or three yards regardlesss.

<KyleBogie> krich97. I just see it trending that way.

<JoshNewkirk> The best players play -- Bo said that

<JoshNewkirk> It's time to move on

<JoshNewkirk> a new era

<rathbone> Kyle any word on Dawson and Fox

<JoshNewkirk> Dawson will get a serious look at right tackle next season from what we are hearing

<CedGee> Wow, that's interesting Josh

<CedGee> Didn't know Dawson was versatile like that

<JoshNewkirk> Fox had ACL surgery last January -- So he has been rehabbing most of this year.

<KyleBogie> rathbone. I have no reason to believe Dawson won't be in strong competition at right tackle next year. Fox is just massive, will need some reshaping but looks like he'll be in the mix at guard too

<JoshNewkirk> Dawson will battle with Braden for right tackle.

<KyleBogie> Dawson is very athltic and as though as they come

<KyleBogie> This extra yer of leanring and growing could be huge for Braden. He was VERY good in high school.

<JoshNewkirk> Dawson has good feet. they always stood out to me.

<CedGee> This is exciting stuff I'm hearing right now

<KyleBogie> CedGee. Again, we don't REALLY know anything until we see it all but the staff has recruiting very good talent on the OL.

<krich97> Is it fair to say that even with all the young OL talent that if Funk is forced to coach a scheme that is not "his" but Al's that we may continue to have problems. Same thing with RR and his D coor.  Stop being so prideful and let your coaches do what you hired them to do...coach.

<JoshNewkirk> The line will be ypung next year -- but very talented. And the experience they gain from this year will only help.

<KyleBogie> krich97. Regardless of what the real issue is, having everyone on the same page moving forward will be so imperative.

<JoshNewkirk> My starting lineup from left to right: OT Magnuson, LG Bosch,C Kugler, RG Glasgow, RT Braden

<JoshNewkirk> I do think Kalis and Dawson will have a great shot to earn a spot.

<JoshNewkirk> Bu that's my early guess.

<krich97> Wow shocking with no Kalis. Gonna be some talented people in the two deep for sure.

<JoshNewkirk> He's has to learn how to pass pro

<JoshNewkirk> His struggles are glaring

<KyleBogie> I like where your head is at Josh. I could see OT Magnuson, LG, bOSCH, C Glasgow, RG Kalis, RT Braden

<KyleBogie> I love Kugler, but I think Glasgow has done a nice job at the spot. If Kugler adds significant strength he clearly has the higher ceiling of both.

<JoshNewkirk> I could see that too.

<JoshNewkirk> Kugler's pedigree is what seperates him for me. I think he will handle the play calling with ease and have the stregth to play early.

<JoshNewkirk> It will be one of the stories of spring camp.

<krich97> Josh and Kyle any action for either of you to takeoverplay calling next year.  What say your agents?

<CedGee> hmmmmm.. Can't wait for these guys to mature..

<KyleBogie> HAHA. Don't envision that ever happening.

<CedGee> But question for you Guys? Do you believe in your heart of hearts that Michigan can finish this season off with some momentum going into the offseason?

<CedGee> I'm talking about an upset win vs. OSU!!!

<CedGee> I still think we can beat OSU at home

<krich97> I do not see a scenario where we beat Ohio.  My hope...keep it competive.

<KyleBogie> CedGee. Depends on the bowl matchup. If tey get a Texas A&M or Missouri....no.

<krich97> I expect to win in Iowa.

<JoshNewkirk> I give Michigan a 10 percent chance

<JoshNewkirk> to beat OSU

<CedGee> I disagree with you krish

<KyleBogie> Iowa will be tough. I honestly don't think there's any chance Urban loses a game of that magnitude.

<CedGee> OSU can get sloppy at times.. and the game is in the Big House

<JoshNewkirk> Upsets happen. That's what makes rivalries great. And there has been plenty of upsets in this rivalry.

<CedGee> I'd give Michigan a 45% chance

<KyleBogie> OSU isn't a perfect team but Michigan has had zero consistency against even lo crappy competition this year.

<KyleBogie> This isn't the Michigan of old.

<krich97> Unless Gardners can somehow forget about everything since Halloween gonna be very tough.  He is playing hurt and mentally broken IMO

<CedGee> doesn't mean they can't play over there head like they did vs ND Kyle... Esp at home..

<jsmirman> Kyle, I just realized chat was going on - what was your opinion as to why this team seems so not to be the Michigan of old?

<JoshNewkirk> I look at the game in 69, 85, the three U-M upset wins in the 90s, Tressel's first game in Ann Arbor. So yeah, it could happen.

<CedGee> We may find consistency in THIS game however Kyle

<KyleBogie> ND isn't a great football team

<jsmirman> I found it very interesting that something seems to have happened for Tom in the last four days

<CedGee> Neither is OSU

<jsmirman> He seems to be finally fed up with the performance

<krich97> That said I still think he is the furture and next year will be a much more consitant year for him.  Only reason to not make a change at OC is to not have to learn another new system in his Senior year.

<CedGee> OSU is good

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Can Michigan lineup, show the defense exactly what is coming and get five yards out of it? No. When they can, it'll resemble what I gew up watching

<jsmirman> we sure as hell can't do that, no

<KyleBogie> CedGee. I still just believe the gap i very large.

<jsmirman> Is it your opinion that this is because of youth, recruiting mistakes, recruiting misses, lack of development, or bad coaching?

<CedGee> OSU is a good team, but beatable, esp. in the Big House.. This game being in the Big House is why I give Michigan a chance

<krich97> Kyle do we have to horsed to close that gap in the coming years.

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Combination of everything. I also think the fact that teams aren't intimidated by Michigan anymore is huge.

<jsmirman> I'm just giving my impression of Tom's take, of course, as to the above, but I found his response in the Hoke headset thread intriguing

<KyleBogie> krich97. I definitely think so.

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Share please.

<KyleBogie> The Big House isn't exactly death valley...

<krich97> Me too Kyle

<jsmirman> Tom just seemed to fall on the side of the idea that Hoke not wearing a headset is BS - I was surprised to see him be so blunt

<CedGee> It doesn't matter... The players will come out fired up!!

<krich97> Kyle how do I get one of those sweet jacket you wore in the pregame preview?

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. I personallybelieve the head coach should always have one on. My take.

<KyleBogie> krich97. Can you find a way to get me another one??? LOL. LA.

<jsmirman> Argh, computer just did something funny and was going to post the whole transcript back at everyone

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Thanks for not! LOL.

<jsmirman> Yeah that would have sucked. It won't copy and paste but check out what Tom said in that thread

<JoshNewkirk> Alright people, I'm out

<jsmirman> "I just care about Michigan, and to the world right now... there are issues"

<CedGee> I tell you what.. I win over OSU will cure all the ills of this season for me!!!!! Yoou all should strive for this!

<jsmirman> "To me, the details are beyond us (me), but the product on the field right now is obvious to everyone"

<jsmirman> Hadn't heard Tom speak like that until now

<jsmirman> Btw, Kyle, O$U was never intimidated by Michigan, but there were many many years there where I honestly believed we were physically stronger on both lines.

<jsmirman> CedGee, I can't tell you what it would do for me, I just have a hard time seeing it happening. I waiting, though. Please, world, unexpectedly delight me. I miss the feeling.

<KyleBogie> Thought Tom was just being honest about the headset thing. If Michigan was winning it wouldn't even be discussed.

<jsmirman> But look at those comments - pretty damning on performance, etc. (of course, I agree) - just definitely made my eyebrows shoot up

<KyleBogie> jsmirman. Very true

<jsmirman> It was intriguing to me that he said it after a win - I kind of feel like he wanted to be clear that he wasn't being reactionary, so posting after a win felt right

<jsmirman> But only Tom can answer that.

<KyleBogie> It was a win but a struggle of a win.

<jsmirman> For sure. I confess I still preferred a win there, but yeah, it was quite a mess

<jsmirman> I still did enjoy winning, as improbable and problematic as the game was.

<jsmirman> Just was interested that either a game we won was what pushed Tom over the edge or that he was choosing his timing carefully.

<CedGee> Yeah, never thought I'd be as excitied as i was beating NW..

<jsmirman> A winning season still beats a losing season

<CedGee> This is what it's come down to for me and my perception of this team right now..

<jsmirman> not that this is a bar I'd shoot for, exactly, but it is what it is

<CedGee> But I still think we are on the right path however things look at the moment..

<KyleBogie> Just read the thread o chat getting moved last night...WOW HAHAHAHAH THANKS GUYS.

<jsmirman> I hope you're right. As has been obvious, I have lost my faith that we are, but remain open to the possibility. I'm obviously in the camp that would like to see some changes.

<michwolv1> right now the thing biting hoke in the butt is the 11-2 season expectations are a bitch an be that successful that quick out of the gate set the bar pretty high

<jsmirman> yes and no, though. By any standards, this season has been ug-ly and epically ugly on offense in multiple games

<CedGee> michwolv1 I always thought Michigan overachieved that year.. Never thought we were that good..

<KyleBogie> Thanks for dorpping by people!

<jsmirman> Have a good night

<KyleBogie> Havea good Tuesday. I'll be in Iowa covering the game this weekend.

<CedGee> Kool beans Kyle

<KyleBogie> We'll see if they can build on success at NW.

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