Hilliard Comfortable in Ann Arbor

2015 Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier LB, Justin Hilliard was one of the top juniors in attendance during the memorable clash between Michigan & Ohio State last weekend. By the time the dust settled the Wolverines had definitely made a positive impression on the talented youngster.

Like most other college football observers, Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier standout Justin Hilliard believed last Saturday’s match-up between Michigan and Ohio State was going to be a lopsided affair.  When it didn’t turn out that way he couldn’t help but be impressed.

 “The game was great,” said Hilliard.  “The atmosphere, everything, the game itself…the offense played a great game.  It was a great game. It could have gone either way.  I was just impressed by Michigan’s offense really.  They’ve been struggling this year, but they picked it up.”

“I was looking at both schools (defensively).  They both seem to be in the same boat, depth wise or whatever.  I would say the same thing for both. Both teams’ defenses are kind of young I guess.  They both could be on the upside I think in the future.”

The laundry list of Michigan commitments on hand for the game also “picked it up” on the recruiting front.  They continued with the courtship efforts that began when many of them first connected with Hilliard last summer.

“They were recruiting as much as the coaches,” Hilliard said laughingly.  “I got some type of text from one of the commit, like what is great about Michigan.  I would say that the players were coming at me pretty hard.”

All told, it was another very positive Michigan experience for the four-star linebacker.  It’s clear that there is a great deal that he likes about the Wolverines, but there is also still a lot for him to find out.

“I really like the coaches,” said Hilliard.  “I feel real comfortable.  I’ve become real good friends with some recruits out there.  There is a (comfort) level.  I feel comfortable up there.  I really haven’t been on campus that much.  I probably need to talk to some (current) players.  I had a chance to talk to a couple of seniors and that was pretty cool.  But I haven’t been around campus.”

There will be plenty of time for the Buckeye State star to do just that since the early decision timeline he once had has been amended.

“My plans were to make it before my senior year, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do that with the amount of offers that I am getting,” Hilliard stated.  “I don’t want to rush things and end up regretting the decision.  I’m going to see how it goes until I’m 100% positive of where I want to go.”

“I’ll probably be narrowing things down in the next month or two. “It’ll probably be like a top 12, and (Michigan) will be in it.”

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