Michigan Surprises Cole

The Wolverines suffered another loss Saturday, but in the process they seemingly gained some respect in the eyes of many observers. That was certainly true of 2015 Saginaw (MI) Heritage star Brian Cole.

To say that Michigan is disappointed in the aftermath of its latest loss at the hands of its hated arch-rival would be an understatement.  It was a disappointing conclusion to a disappointing regular season, and yet there exists a tangible feeling of positive momentum in many that watched the epic battle.  The recruits on hand were certainly no exception.  Saginaw (MI) Heritage star Brian Cole was unquestionably impressed by the fight he saw from the Maize & Blue.

“It was really surprising,” Cole said.  “I thought Ohio State was going to come in there and whomp on them.  A rivalry is a rivalry, so it is anybody’s game in a rivalry… no matter what the record is.”

“It was a good experience.  It was live.  Real live.  There was even a little fight.  It was real fun to be there. “ 

The game-day experience wasn’t the only positive takeaway.  The four-star athlete has forged a strong rapport with the staff in Ann Arbor, and that was once again on display Saturday.

“All the coaches treat me like family,” Cole stated.  “Basically when Coach Jackson comes up, he’s always joking, talking about man why didn’t you call me this week, blah, blah, blah…always getting on my head.  Coach Jackson is funny – he’s a character.  He’s like family already.”

Despite that strong view of the Maize & Blue the four-star athlete isn’t ready to anoint Michigan his favorite.  The same is true for the program he was rumored to be on the verge of committing to last summer, Michigan State.  As a matter of fact the talented youngster wants to make the status of his current leaderboard abundantly clear.

“Everybody is even right now,” he said emphatically.  “I don’t have any top (school) as of now.  I’m just chilling.”

While neither the Spartans nor the Wolverines can currently be classified as the favorites, they are certainly in the running for the distinction

“I like every team right now,” Cole reiterated, “but the Spartans have the #1 defense.  They get after it and I like Coach Barnett, the DB coach there.  What I like about Michigan State the most is that if I go there then I would want to play defense for Coach Barnett.  That’s it, point blank.  They’ve got the #1 defense.  They’re going to have a good defense for quite a while now.  If I went to State I would want to play DB.”

“At Michigan I would play the offensive side of the ball, like receiver or running back… I would want to be a utility man.  They wanted me at receiver at first but then Coach Jackson told me that he likes me at running back.  The choice is mine pretty much. I just want to be used to the best of my ability, like Jeremy Gallon.  I would want to be that person. I like their offense.”

Time will ultimately tell which path Cole will take… and he plans to take plenty of it in order to figure which route is the best one.

“I don’t know when I’m going to narrow it down,” he said.  “I honestly don’t know.  That’s in god’s hands.  I just have to pray on that.” 

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