Maurice Ways: "The future is bright"

2014 WR commit Maurice ways is quite happy with his commitment to the University of Michigan, let's get that out of the way first! Maurice talked with GBW about his thoughts on THE game this past weekend and the future of Michigan football.

Maurice Ways WR out of Detroit Country Day was a bit restless for the game last Saturday. Ways thought that his Wolverines could win for him, and the game couldn't start soon enough for things to play out.

"I was anxious that was my vibe," he told GoBlueWolverine. "I really wanted to see how we would play. I thought coming into the game that we would win."

Ways was impressed with how Coach Hoke had the guys ready to play in this game. Despite the season Michigan had, he was happy that they left it all on the field.

"This game was a testament to Coach Hoke and the players. Coach Hoke had the guys ready to play and they played hard. The players didn't give up. I was good to see how they showed up. I was proud of the guys for the way they played. It has me very excited to play in the game next year."

As with everyone who either watched at home or on the television, Ways had an opinion about the last play and his Wolverines going for two.

"I thought it was a good call to go for the win. To me it showed the confidence that Coach Hoke had in the offense to get it done."

What was also clear to Ways was how things looked going into next year. With the players that are coming back, he feels Michigan should do well.

"I am excited about Michigan football -- the future is bright for us as a team. You look at Devin Gardner and what he did this year when he has time to throw -- he gets the ball to his playmakers. DeVeon Smith and Derrick Green are big Michigan prototype backs that are going to be bruisers, those guys run hard; they get hit and still get yards after contact. Like I said I am looking forward to next year, because I feel like Michigan will be on the come-up very fast for next season."

There has been quite a bit of chatter concerning the status of many of the recruits Michigan has committed to them. Maurice feels confident things will work out, and gave the reason why he is so committed to Michigan.

"We (recruits) talk all the time, and not just about football, and none of us have wavered in our commitment to Michigan. We have a united front as to what we are trying to do up at the University of Michigan. Coach Hoke is a huge reason why I committed, and it has a lot to do with his realness. He cares about me off the field, that is what brought me closer to him. I believe in the system we have in place there, and I like the direction that we are headed in."

Maurice Ways is a young man that seems to be a spokesman for the University of Michigan football recruits. I say that because when I talk to recruits and their parents his name comes up and they all talk about what a cool and terrific young man the is.

At times Ways -- above the coaching staff and players -- is the one name mentioned the most when recruits come up to Michigan and visit. He is a personable young man and always willing to talk to anyone that wants to talk about why he committed to Michigan ... and not just for football. The Wolverines are getting much more than a football player in Ways -- they are getting a leader and a good representative for their university. I would say the future is bright for Ways -- both on and off the field.

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