Holloman Reflects on Michigan Experience

Avondale (Mich.) 2015 athlete Joshuwa Holloman discusses his latest visit to Ann Arbor and more.

Avondale (Mich.) 2015 athlete Joshuwa Holloman is quickly becoming one of the most talked about players in the state and was on Michigan's campus last weekend when the Wolverines took on rival Ohio State.

And despite Michigan losing 42-41 to OSU on a failed 2-point conversion attempt, Holloman says he has better understanding of the rivalry after his visit.

"I understand the rivalry now between Ohio (State) and Michigan," Holloman said. "When I went to Ohio's game they don't even say Michigan down there. They say team from up north. But seeing the rivalry, you could have a bad season, but the game is always pretty big. But other than that, I like the experience there."

On his visit, Holloman said he had opportunity to catch up with the Maize & Blue coaching staff.

"I talked with Coach Mallory and met Brady Hoke," Holloman said. "After the game I talked with the coaches who are recruiting me. Other than that, I got some good feedback."

Known for his track speed, Holloman is the defending Division I 100-meter champion, and while he doesn't have any offers at the moment, he says he is finally starting to generate interest around the country.

"No, not right now," Holloman said on having nay offers. "I have been kind of new to peoples radar during the season."

Holloman has already been on game day visits to Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State. He also noted that Notre Dame, Alabama, Pittsburgh and Nebraska have shown some interest.

As far as what he is looking for in a program, Holloman says, "I am really just looking for somewhere where I can play. Right now I don't really know, that's why I am taking these visits to see what it is that I like. I am trying to experience these colleges and see somewhere I can play for sure."

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