Michigan Goes In-Home with McDowell

Two Michigan coaches sat face to face with Southfield (MI) star Malik McDowell and laid out how he would fit in Ann Arbor amid the changes they have planned for their defensive front.

The pace in Malik McDowell’s recruitment is finally picking up.  According to the youngster’s father, his son’s official visit schedule is almost complete.

“He’s got Alabama coming up this weekend and he’s got Florida next weekend,” Greg McDowell reported.  “He plans on setting up Florida State in January sometime.  The other two are going to be Ohio State and LSU.”

That firms up the change in decision timeline that the four-star defensive lineman first discussed during the season.  He won’t be announcing during the Army All American game, but he isn’t exactly looking to drag out the process either.

“He won’t wait as long as signing day, but he is going to wait until sometime in January after he takes all of his officials,” Mr. McDowell stated.  “That’s his plan.”

For now the Southfield standout’s recruiting focus is on hosting coaches in his home, a process that picked up in earnest this week.

“Actually we had LSU yesterday and Florida,” Mr. McDowell reported. “It’s been great just to see all of them show their interest in him and everything they’re offering as a student and an athlete.”

For the aforementioned schools the in-homes are about getting better acquainted.  For Michigan, which made it in McDowell’s home Wednesday evening, the interaction is about furthering an already well-established acquaintance.

“It was Coach Mattison and Coach Jackson (that stopped by),” said the elder McDowell. “We’ve been connected with them for a long time, especially with them being U of M and being so close to house.  We connected with them early on because they’ve always made themselves available to us as far as sending out cards, always staying in touch with us, and letting us know how much they want him. (We’ve been) visiting (and) getting called down to come see games and just staying in touch with us.  The atmosphere they’ve always projected is a family atmosphere for my son (so he’ll see what it would be like) next year if he decides to come there.”

Mattison also made it a point to discuss what the on-field situation would be like next year as well.

“(Malik) is a key piece to what they want to do as far as having a pass rusher and him being that key piece,” said Mr. McDowell.  “He is down to roughly close to 280.   At the three-technique they want to put the kid from (the outside) last year (i.e. Chris Wormley) and move him to the middle… and then play Malik on the outside.  They’re giving him that opportunity to compete for a starting position.  They’re not talking about holding him back.”

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