Settle's Classroom Growth Gets UM's Attention

Michigan became the latest traditional power to extend 2015 Manassas (VA) Stonewall Jackson DT Tim Settle a scholarship. GoBlueWolverine caught up with's top ranked defensive tackle to get his reaction to the news, discuss where Michigan stands on his list, Da'Shawn Hand's impact on his recruitment, and much much more.

Tim Settle may be a man of few words, but the news that he received a Michigan offer Friday got him to share a few more than usual.

“They came (Thursday) and Coach said (Friday) for me to call them,” Settle recalled.”  When I called them they offered me. It feels great. I knew it was going to come eventually.” 

That patience likely comes as surprise to those observers wondering if Michigan’s recent entry to the offer party harms their chances in the race for his services.  The talented has fielded questions of that ilk for a while now ad his answer has always been the same.

“I wouldn’t say so,” said. I’m still thinking to where I’m going and stuff.  I really haven’t put that much thought into it.  I’m just trying to figure everything out.”

Settle’ mentor John Harris has been instrumental in helping shape Settle’s recruiting perspective.  It was he that brought his mentee up to Ann Arbor along with Da'Shawn Hand’s family and Matthew Burrell.  During that visit the Michigan coaching staff reiterated their stance on not offering at that point.

“Obviously it’s an offer he wanted because he wouldn’t have gone up there on the visit if it wasn’t,” said Harris.  “But I don’t think it’s a thing where he felt slighted.  He is not one of those kids that expects everything to come to him easily.  I don’t think that was that big a deal to him.  To be honest with you, I think that’s one of those things that adults take more seriously than kids.  It’s December of his junior year.  That’s not really late.  It’s not like its next year.”

“Tim looked at (Michigan not offering earlier) as, ’man I’ve got to get my grades up to come here’,” Harris recalled.  “And he did (get his grades up).   So it was really more of a challenge. Michigan doesn’t just offer any old (academic risk). So for him to get his grades up… and I mean he really got them up… (It’s a sign that) he is really taking school a lot more seriously than he did as a freshman.  It actually made him work a little bit harder in the classroom because he understood that schools going to get turned off by (his GPA).  But now it’s up and he kind of upped the ante as far as his classroom (focus).  That’s really how he took it.  He didn’t take it as ‘they don’t like my football ability. They’re looking at it like can I graduate from here.’  That’s something he had to kind of look at himself with… and he did.  So I’m proud of him.”

The offer from Michigan is proof positive that its coaches were equally pleased.  Now the Brady Hoke and company will go about the task of trying to distinguish themselves from an impressive list of suitors that doesn’t currently have a leader.  Settle insists he is a long way away from establishing a leaderboard, but the Wolverines may have a slight leg up on their competition in one key category.

“(Settle) had a ball (on his September visit to Ann Arbor),” said Harris.  “One, he really liked (Chris) Singletary. It was genuine.  He really liked him. Of course he likes Roy (Manning), but all of the young guys like Roy. He also got to put on the wings.  You’ve got to remember, man, these kids don’t know the tradition so when they hear it for the first time (it’s impactful).  Imagine how you felt the first time you heard about the tradition of Michigan and all that stuff.  It was eye-opening.  He was like ‘whoa!’”

“He has been to UVA, UNC, and Virginia Tech, but he had never seen what he saw at the Notre Dame game.  He’d never seen 115,000 people screaming, the whole Beyoncé’ thing, and Eminem up there.  For him it was like going to a rock star concert (laughter).  And for him to go with his boys… it had an impression on him.  It made the experience even better.  A lot time when he goes on trips it’s like a full court press on him, and that’s not necessarily what he always wants.  He wants to feel wanted, but he doesn’t want the pressure yet because he is still at the phase where he is trying to figure out who is who and what’s what.  So for him to go up there and kind of just have fun and enjoy himself…. I’ve heard him say that was his best trip.  But again, he hasn’t been too many places yet.  I’m to the point now where I’m going to start trying to get him to some more places.”

There is considerable speculation that that Alabama will rapidly move up Settle’s list thanks to Hand’s presence.  However, that continues to be a notion the young man himself scoffs at.

“I’m Tim,” Settle said matter-of-factly.  “Da’Shawn is Da’Shawn.  We have different mindsets.”

“They’re going to be friends either way,” elaborated Harris.  “They play at rival schools now!  It’s a friendly competition. I’m not going to sit here and say just because Da’Shawn is going to Alabama that Tim is going too.  For one thing Tim is not a follower.  It’s not a thing where Tim is a disciple of Da’Shawn.  That’s not the case.  They’re friends.  They’ll be friends wherever Tim goes.  Their recruiting is just totally different.  They want different things out of life.  Tim wants to get into coaching and Da’Shawn wants to be an engineer.  That’s just two totally different paths in life that they’re taking.  They don’t have to go to same way to get there.  Tim has got to do what’s best for him.  Think about it.  He has got friends that are going to Virginia Tech; he has got friends that are going to UVA.  He is friends with Wilton Speight.  It’s not like he has to follow somebody because that’s not his nature.”

In other words having friends on a college campus will be but one factor on a longer list of important considerations.

Said Settle, “I have to have a great visit, they have to show me the academic center, I have to make sure they have my major and I’ve got to love the coaches.  I’ve got to love my teammates too.”

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