Reflections with Damien Harris (Part 2)

In part two of our chat with Berea (KY) Madison Southern RB Damien Harris, the 2015 Michigan commit the firmness on his pledge, his bond with fellow commit George Campbell, the possibility that he will enroll early, and more.

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Sam Webb:  A lot of people assumed that when Michigan started losing that all the recruits would begin having second thoughts. Did you ever waiver? Did you every think, 'I don’t know if this was the best choice?'

Damien Harris “No.  I’ve never had a thought or doubt in my mind, did I make the right decision, should I have waited?  I’ve never had a doubt in my mind.  Even though we haven’t played the best season, I know things can only get better here.  The talent we have, all the other commits that we’re bringing in and the people that are still going to be there when we’re going to get there.  We’re really looking at a great team that we could potentially build in the next couple of years.  There was never a doubt in my mind if it was the right decision.  I never questioned it or wavered and thought, maybe I should go look at other schools.  It has always been very consistent, this is the place I want to be, this is where I want to play my four years of college football.”

Sam Webb:  What was it like being with the guys again, all the commits?  What was that atmosphere like with guys that are going to be your future teammates?

Damien Harris:  “It was just great.  We get to bond.  We get to spend time together and work on building that brotherhood that we’re going to be in the next four years of our life.  We talk all the time on a consistent basis.  We all have a group chat.  It is different talking to the guys versus actually seeing them in person, getting to hang out with them.  It is a great part of the game that doesn’t happen on the field, the brotherhood that you build.  The people that you meet that will become your best friend for the next four years and maybe even for the rest of your life.  It is just great to be able to spend time with those guys and get to know them, build that brotherhood that we’re really going to be in.”

Sam Webb:  Of the guys that were there... I know you are connecting with all of them... but who are you tightest with?  Who are you closest to that was up there on the visit with you?

Damien Harris:  “If I had to pick somebody it would be Jared Wangler our outside linebacker commit, or George Campbell.  Me and George are part of the same class.  It was just easy for us to talk about our future plans together.  We’re going to go in at the same time and probably leave at the same time.  Me and George are pretty tight, but like I said I’m really close with all of them.  It is like we’ve already made ourselves a family without even being officially in the program yet.”

Sam Webb:  What is the vibe like with George?  That’s one of the guys that fans are talking about too. Florida, Florida State and all those schools still coming after him. How is he feeling about things right now?

Damien Harris:
  “I think he is just like me.  I think he is wanting to be a Michigan man no matter what happens this year or maybe even next year.  He knows that the future is bright for Michigan football and I think he wants to be a part of it just as much as we do.  I just really think that he has bought into the program, the coaches, the school and I think that is where he is going to end up.  I don’t think he wavered with his decision just like I haven’t.  I think he is pretty consistent with his decision.”

Sam Webb:  Last one for ya. Are you going to try and be a mid year guy? how is that going to work for you?

Damien Harris:  “Well, I actually talked to Coach Borges about enrolling early.  It is definitely something that I want to do.  It is not that I don’t want to stay in high school, I don’t want to rush myself.  I feel like the sooner that I get there, the sooner that I’ll learn the playbook, the protections, start working out with them and the sooner I’ll get on the field.  It is just kind of one of those decisions that seems good, but at the same time it will have repercussions.  I’ll be so young and I’ll only be 17 at the time, going off to college.  Being 17, there is a lot of adversity that comes with that.  It is just a lot for a 17-year-old.  Me, myself, I think I can handle it.  It is kind of like you are trying to get into the swing of things, all the hard work that college is along with football.  Trying to do that whenever the season starts is going to be really hard trying to balance all that.  If I finish out my high school year and then go before my freshman year, if I enroll early I can start balance out school and football without having happening whenever the season gets there if that makes sense.”

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